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The Shaving Room

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Back in November I was contacted by members of The Shaving Room UK forum to see if there was anything they could do for me in appreciation of my shaving videos.  Coincidentally enough, I was considering doing a UK-centric video similar to my “Where To Find Wetshaving Products In The US” video.  I asked them if they would send me some commonly-found, inexpensive wetshaving items–things available from places like Tesco, Boots, and chemists–that I wasn’t able to obtain here in the US.  I offered to pay for the purchase and shipping of the items.

These people proceeded to go WAY “above and beyond.”  The postman just delivered a huge shipment of shaving goods, in time for Christmas!  Not only did I receive many “common” razors, creams and soaps, but also some artisan or difficult to find products: Monsavan shaving cream from France, a MINT condition British-made vintage Gillette Aristocrat razor, a pack of the famous “Swedish” Gillette blades (no longer in production), Nanny’s Silly Soap (custom-formulated for me since I’m sensitive to the clays used in many artisan shaving soaps), Henk’s after-shave balm, and a shaving brush from New Forest!  And the entire shipment was “gratis” to me, as a thank-you for my videos.

I very much appreciate this very kind, generous gesture.  Thank you Pigcat, Damian Murphy, MoodyMick,
AJP, Proinsias, Yellow Jim, Henk, Hunnymonster, Trainman, Mikael, Factormax, Sunburyboy, Audiolab,
RB73, Urban Hermit, Prof Blighty, Heroblob, Rev-O, Dermotological, Nanny, Fido, Vic Flange, Pedro083,
Arrowhead, Pete, Aberimp, Antdad, Chicken Neck, Alton Bee, French Blade, Tazzbaby, Kevin, Quattrojames, Lagaffe, Slash, Hando, Dipesh, AndyjReid, JaseB, Matt31, BSA, Simmo, Sonny, Jeltz, kev, dodgy, and anyone else involved with this gift.  Special thanks to Tony, “antdad,” who coordinated a lot of the purchases and the shipping.


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8 thoughts on “The Shaving Room”

  1. I am very curious if you can get a decent lather out of the Vergulde Hand soapstick. I'm not able to it seems, although it's a popular soap here in the Netherlands. I normaly use creams. But your ten-minute-shave-video made me eager to try a soap. But I haven't found the right one for me yet. So make my day 🙂

  2. I just got some soaps from Nanny's (Exotic and Ice and a Slice), they've so far been great, though I have noticed they dry out sometimes. That's prolly more my making a good lather than the soap however. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for something a bit different.

  3. I prefer to have my shaving room In all light shades and ventilation. I appreciate to have read this summary.

  4. Great to hear you'll be doing a review of UK products. I'm especially interested in what you make of the Boots items.

  5. Wow, that is really impressive and generous! I think everyone who has seen your videos would echo the feelings of gratitude that they have demonstrated. Thanks Mantic!

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