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The Evolution Of Parker Razors Demonstrated: The 90R

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The 90R’s

I recently posted an article discussing the “evolution” of Parker razors.  I mentioned the first Parker razor I bought in 2006, the 90R.  As I was working on the post Howie Woda suggested I compare my 90R with a current version as an example of how the razor has progressed, and he was kind enough to send me one.  There have definitely been some changes: the new version is noticeably heavier ( 2.7 oz. vs. 2.1 oz. ), a fraction longer (4.625 inches vs. 4.5 inches total) and the TTO mechanism has obviously been beefed up (Howie says the metal is three times thicker in the new version).

Old vs. New

Here is a close-up of the old version (left) and the new version (right):
The difference between the two for a shave?  The heavier head gave the newer model a balance that worked better for me.  The newer head also seemed to give me a more consistent cut.  The aggressiveness was about the same between the two, though the newer model might be subtly less aggressive…hard for me to say.  Both give good shaves but I would have to give the nod to the newer model.


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6 thoughts on “The Evolution Of Parker Razors Demonstrated: The 90R”

    1. I can’t give you an exact specification in mm but subjectively I would say it is ever-so-slightly more aggressive than average. I’ll see if I can get an exact gap distance for you….

      1. Many thanks for you interest Mr. Mark.
        I have one Gillette Super Adjustable Black Beauty, And usually i try use this 9 levels to get one correspondence between another SR´s. I have one Gillete Monotech produced here in Brazil too and i feel that the 90R maybe have one similar aggressivity. I think that maybe one good idea create here in portuguese one list to compare the actual SR´s. This thing can help the new user of SR to choice the ideal SR to him. From mild to aggressive 🙂
        Thank you again and excuse-me for my bad english 🙂

  1. Michael Ham (Leisureguy) has posted similar findings in his blog (Later On) after reading this I think I’ll add a Parker Razor to my wish list, I’ve avoided the brand until now because of adverse comments in many of the forums and congratulations to Parker for improving the product without increasing the price a a significant amount.

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