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The Beach: A RazoRock-HTGAM Collaboration

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Douglas at How To Grow A Moustache and Joseph at Italian Barber have collaborated for an unusual shaving soap: Synergy/RazoRock “The beach.”  It’s a shaving soap that smells like, well, the beach!

“The Beach” Back Story

I asked Douglas and Joe how they came up with “The Beach.”  Douglas says:

“When I first mentioned The Beach scent I had been working on to Joe it had been purely just a joke. I’m not sure how many of you know this, but the guy’s a real beach bum w/ a serious proclivity for all things scented coconut!

“I expected to get a laugh out of him upon mentioning this but instead there was a long, dramatic pause, I even pulled the phone away from my ear to see if we had lost connection. Sometimes silence is the sound of the wheels turning, and turn they did…for about 20 seconds. Just when I was about to ask if he was breathing Joe boisterously blurted out:
“‘The Beach! Yes we have to…for Kramer!’
“I thought he was joking, he was not. I had no idea what Joe was going on about not being a huge Seinfeld nut like he is. So before I knew it we were collaborating on a new soap based on a fictional cologne…righteous!
“How does one recreate the scent of the beach? There is no real way to formulate this out on paper but only through lot’s of trial an error. Many batches of The Beach were made and then “thrown back” before we settled on what finally became the soap we just released. The scent profile of the beach is massive! It’s not just one thing like salt or tanning lotion but a blend of ozone, sand, organic matter, an ice cream truck, Bo Derek, a cocktail, even the sounds of Sade’s “Smooth Operator” blasting out of the stereo system of the cabana. This was much more than Synergy, this was Synesthesia…and it’s all in there!
“Luckily for me I too am a ‘would be’ beach bum, I have spent the last 15 years surfing many beaches in the USA, South & Central America…so I am no stranger to this special effluvium that all beaches emit.”

The Scent and Performance

It really does smell like a beach!  It’s hard for me to describe the individual elements though.  Seawater and “maritime” notes to be sure but there are hints of things I can’t quite pin down. An earthy, “sandy” or “rocky” note perhaps? A very vague hint of something that suggests a dock or boardwalk (wood and tar?  Not objectionable at all). Something that reminds me of seagulls?  It’s amazing.  And as you would suspect from a collaboration of these two artisans, the performance is excellent.

Don’t Take My Word For It

Through the generosity and courtesy of Douglas at How To Grow A Moustache, Sharpologist will be giving away 5 tins of “The Beach” to lucky readers.  To be eligible for a tin you need to be a subscriber to the Sharpologist email newsletter.  If you are not yet a subscriber, sign up HERE (and get our free ebook “30 Days To A More Enjoyable Shave” if you’re not already a subscriber).  Five subscribers will be chosen at random at Noon Eastern Time on Friday, April 25, 2014 and notified by email.
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8 thoughts on “The Beach: A RazoRock-HTGAM Collaboration”

  1. I’ve been using it for a little over a week and it’s one of my favorite sents, and when I say sents I mean plural. The first time I lathered up my nose exploded there is just so many scents there its amazing. I live in Florida so I’m accustomed to the beach and I don’t know how they fit all the beach sents in this soap but they do. I love Synergy soaps thats all I use for the most part love the huge pucks awesome for lathering. If you love the beach check it out.

  2. This combo from RazoRock/Synergy[HowToGrowAMustache] ‘The Beach’ shaving soap is nothing short of astounding. It has the scent, I’ve been living just 3 miles from white sand beaches for nearly 20 years, have camped at many and seen many. It’s a fantastic shave soap too, lathers easily with a slick, protective layer. Too much good to say, you just need to try it!

  3. Enjoy and look foward to your observations of shaving from brush to blade. Do not see any activity with Leisure Guy???


  5. Gotta put in a gratituous “plea” for one of the random giveaways – my birthday is this Thursday, so winning one of these on Friday would be a sweet way to celebrate! I’m hoping my family will pick up on the “hints” I’ve been dropping for a Merkur Slant and a Simpson brush. Just returned to wet shaving after a decade-long hiatus (blades and warfarin don’t mix!) and I’m trying to slowly update and upgrade my arsenal.
    Mark, I love your blog and your videos. Can’t tell you how much I’ve learned and re-learned about shaving from you and all the commenters on the site. Thanks for doing what you do and sharing what you share.

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