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That Cool Razor Stand

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“In your video shave gear I noticed that on the sink you have a razor holder for 4 razors. Could you please tell me where I could purchase one? I have 3 maybe 4 DE,s and no where to store them.”

Its a toothbrush holder from Walmart!


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14 thoughts on “That Cool Razor Stand”

  1. I went this same route a couple months ago…but I managed to find one that holds 4 and also has a bigger center hole that works just fine to hold my brush.

  2. Hey Mantic –
    So, I'm, ready to dive into this DE Shaving thing…and I just ordered a Merkur Futur, after watching several of your videos and deciding this might be a good choice. Then I saw a link here on your blog to an article about hte aggressiveness of a whole host of DE razors. The Merkur was at the bottom of the list. I'm not sure if that means is the most or least agressive. Did I make a good choice?

  3. Anon- Oh! OK, I just wipe off the razor with a towel after shaving. Every six months or so I will run it through an electronic jewelry cleaner (or soak it in a diluted white vinegar solution) to keep it clean and shiny.

  4. I am not refering to the blade, I am talking about the razor. Your grandchildren might not be ablle to enjoy it.

  5. Anon- I have never had a problem with rust on a blade storing the razor for short periods of time.

  6. Interesting, but if you do not open the safety razor and clean it and the blade wouldn't it get rusted in time because the water will not properly evaporate in time??

  7. Anon- Yes, I will keep a blade in the razor if I know I will be using it the next day. If I'm taking the razor out of my rotation for some reason then I will remove the blade.

  8. [quote]
    I’m from Portugal.
    Where can a get a razor like that?
    I don’t even know how to search for it…

    Just found a
    “Wilkinson Sword Classic DE Razor” + 5 blades wilkinson in a old traditional store 😀

    Nice work..
    Thank you for the tutorials, in particular the lather ones!
    My skin is very thin, and it becames hard to shave properly without the perfect lather.

  9. Hello!
    I’m from Portugal.
    Where can a get a razor like that?
    I don’t even know how to search for it…

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