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Testing: Gillette Guard

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Thanks to “Pauldog” on the shavemyface forum, I recently got a sample of the Gillette Guard razor.  This is a single-blade razor specifically made for “emerging markets.”  Its currently sold only in India.  I’ve only used it a few times but I must say…I’m impressed. Its very light, but I think any DE shaver will quickly find the right grip and (mild) pressure to make this little fellow fly. The pivot action is very good and the handle grips well even with its light weight.  If P&G altered the handle slightly for the “western” markets and sold it for under $1 under a non-Gillette name they’d make a mint.  Meanwhile, I think this will become my new travel razor (as long as I can find replacement cartridges).


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19 thoughts on “Testing: Gillette Guard”

  1. I bought this razor and 5 refills for $6.78 including shipping. At 5 shaves per cartridge that is $0.226 per shave! This is by far the best razor I have tried. It gets me a lot closer than even a DE razor. Definitely worth the small investment!

    1. If you like these razors (I think they are the best disposable cartridge razor out there) the best place to buy in bulk from India is through Ebay. For instance, I have bought 100 cartridges for UK £21. Also 10 handles +1 cartridge per handle £8. Not bad for two years+ shaving. As usual with EBay, don’t snatch the first offer, shop around for the best bargain.
      Single blade gives a great shave and no irritation. I am a DE shaver, but this would be my first choice if I were to return to plastic razors

  2. Bought 2 razors (with blades) and 16 replacement blades on eBay recently and they arrived today (26th October). Posted in India on 10th October so shipping was pretty fast. Already shaved today so will try the Guard tomorrow and report back.

  3. I have used the Guard several times. I got a few refills from ebay. This is by far the sharpest single blade cart razor I have ever used. It shaves better than the Sensor and just as good as Mach3, which for me is a baby-butt-smooth shave!
    Give it a go, it’s really cheap (50c/refill) and lasts about 5 shaves. Great for a quick shave or a travel razor.
    My usual involves 7’OC Super Platinum (black ninja) blades in a Muhle R89 or Schick Krona.

    1. They have replacement cartridges in stock for $.50 a piece. I use it too. Typically I use either a 1959 Gillette Super Speed, 1948 Gillette Rocket, 1967 Schick Krona or a Parker Straight razor with Wilkinson Sword blades, but I find this one to be good. It’s the only cartridge razor I have, and it gives a good, quick shave. I use primarily for travel or when I don’t have 15 minutes to shave.

  4. Someone asked about Gillette "reviving" the double edge razor. Gillette still sells these razors, mostly in Asia. They're mostly plastic, but at least one has a metal head. The cheapest one is all plastic, with a head that flips up on one side to take the blade. These razors generally make the Wilkinson Classic look like a high-end model.

    By the way, I've been arranging with someone in India to send me a bunch of Guard razors and blades in trade for an adjustable Gillette razor. I don't know his city yet, but he just wrote to tell me that his local stores no longer have the Guard. I don't know if this is a temporary problem, a local problem, or if it means that something of greater significance is going on.

  5. It a very basic plastic razor without any lubricant strip or any other such stuff. I'm so pleased to have drop by on this post.

  6. Nice mini-review. Now I'm a little curious about the razor.

    To anyone interested in sourcing one, they're available on eBay from a few sellers – most or all India-based.

  7. Anyone reading this and living in India would do me an enormous favour if they'd send me some of these razors. Of course, all purchase and shipping costs will be paid so whoever does it won't be out of pocket.

  8. "Emerging market", huh? That's interesting. I've been wondering if Gillette would resurrect or revisit the classic DE razor. I personally feel that there is a good enough market for it. Has anyone written to the company to ask concerning possibilities here?

  9. Personally, I really like the rear single "touch-up" blade on the Fusion. Perfect for under the nose and some other hard to reach areas. In fact, I use it for my final "buff" after I use my DE.

  10. That's very interesting. Will you be doing a more in depth review, or possibly a video, later on? I too wish that we could get these in the states. I would like to give it a try as a possible travel razor.

  11. My favourite travel razor is BIC Metal-onle blade razor with metal guard.Beautiful shaver.Another favourite travel razor is Wilkinson Sword Classic:)I love this black plastic/metal stuff

  12. Hi,

    Was gonna email you about this. i have been using this razor since last 2 weeks now and i find it to be one of the best razors i have used till date.

    It a very basic plastic razor without any lubricant strip or any other such stuff. It has a simple pivot arrangement. Cartridges can be replaced just by squeezing the upper part of the razor.

    Best part is that it's also one of the cheapest that i have used. It sells here for about 15INR and the replacement cartridges are sold individually for 5INR each.

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