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Taking The Plunge

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The things I do for you people. Ever since I started making shaving videos I’ve had requests to make one (or more!) about shaving with a straight razor. I’ve resisted those requests because, frankly, I didn’t really want to mess with it. Straight razors are expensive, fussy to maintain (IMHO), and difficult to learn (comparatively speaking).

But the requests just keep coming. So I recently went over to Straight Razor Place for some advice. And to make a long story a little shorter, I found a relatively inexpensive “beginners kit” I can use to play with and–perhaps–learn enough to do a video. Don’t expect anything tomorrow though. I plan to take several months to learn and practice. A decent video is probably a year off.

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9 thoughts on “Taking The Plunge”

  1. Are you still using the Gold Dollar, and has it been the only straight you have used so far?

    If so, I could loan you something really sweet while I am out of the country, just so that you have something to compare (and write about :).


  2. Thanks for the info… I just got mine in the mail and I plan on taking it nice and slow as well…

  3. James – Its been a slow process: I only work with the straight razor on weekends, and even then only when I have time. I think the RupRazor kit is a good way to "dip my toes" into straight razor shaving without spending too much, but I don't have much to compare it to.

  4. Mantic, before a video using a straight razor, some videos about special razors like Merkur Slant and Gem 1912 would be nice. Thanks ^_^

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