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Supply Provision’s Single Edge Razor

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There’s a new kickstarter that’s generated a lot of buzz in the shaving community, Supply Provision’s Single Edge razor.  And luckily I got an exclusive first look and shave with it!

More Than An Injector Clone

The Single Edge razor by Supply Provisions bears a passing resemblance to the PAL injector razor of the 1960’s.  Injector razors where Gillette’s main competition up through the 1970’s and still available into the late 90’s.  You can still find them on internet auction sites…but that’s another article.

Anyway, the Single Edge razor has updated the concept.  The main feature of the razor is the interchangeable base plates that are available.  That lets you adjust the type of shave you want.  It’s not continuously adjustable but the idea here is to find the level of closeness you’re looking for most of the time and use that base plate.  It’s similar to a past Kickstarter razor of the classic double edge design.

Swapping out a base plate involves loosening a small set screw on the head.  Due to it’s low profile it might be a little difficult to grasp if you have chubby fingers but the screw head is knurled so a quick twist with a pliers will loosen it easily enough.

Changing blades is very easy.  If you’re not familiar with Injector razors, the blades come in a magazine that is designed to mate with the razor and replace the blade without touching the blade edge with your fingers.

But How Is The Shave?

Remember, this is a prototype razor and my comments are my impressions of using it for only a short time.

This razor is heavy.  Almost 5 oz. heavy.  That might be a concern to some but I find the balance to be exceptionally good and it does not fatigue my hand.  And although the razor handle is smooth I did not have any problems gripping it or having it slip from my hand.

The weight of the razor and the thicker, stiffer Injector blade make shaving through thick, coarse stubble easy.  In fact, in terms of the act of cutting hair, this might be the most comfortable razor I’ve ever used…it’s almost like the razor just wipes away hair.  The flip side is that because of the Single Edge’s mass it provides less feedback compared to other razors–you just don’t get the same sound and feel so it’s easy to over-shave and end up with razor burn or nicks, even with a milder base plate.  I had to adjust my shave technique accordingly.  However I suspect that the final product will be slightly lighter, which should improve feedback.

Supply Provision’s Single Edge razor Kickstarter has already reached its first funding goal so I will be watching the project’s progress with interest!


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9 thoughts on “Supply Provision’s Single Edge Razor”

  1. It is a great shave, the blades supplied were unmarked and I’m still using mine 3 months, they last me about 4 shaves. Price is good for a SS razor.

  2. Patrick Coddou wrote an article for The Good Men Project about this razor that was published just a few days ago. I asked him about the screw, and he says the design is being tweaked. I’m really interested to see what happens; I got started double-edge shaving a few years back with your instructional vids and articles at The Art of Manliness.
    Thanks so much for such an informative article.

  3. Mark,
    Thanks for the review. Regarding environmental friendliness, what happens to the empty injectors? Are they refillable/recyclable/degradable?

  4. Great review Mantic59 – your perspective is always helpful when evaluating new products. Pretty awesome that you actually got to try out the prototype!

  5. I’m looking forward to this razor coming out. The stiffer blade sounds like it would have more of the benefits of a straight razor while maintaining the safety razor benefits as well.

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