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How To Shave With A Straight Razor Using "Training Wheels"

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Learning to shave with a straight razor can be a challenge.  You are in absolute control of the blade and if you don’t have all your (dubl) ducks in a row (humor!) you can be in for a difficult time.  One particular challenge is how to hold the blade at the correct angle.  I think I have found something that can help–“training wheels” for a straight razor!

Binder Clips

My straight razor “training wheels” are binder clips (sometimes called office clips).  They are widely found in office supply stores and even department stores and “mega-marts.”

I recommend using ~3/4 inch (~2cm) clips as they seem to be the best size for most straight razors.  However if it does not work well for you try a size smaller or larger.   The key point is to find one that will fit about halfway down the blade of the razor while still being able to create an angle between the clip handle and the blade edge.

Use it by resting the clip handle on the skin when you position the straight razor.  Then slowly shave while maintaining contact.
Admittedly this method won’t work well with every stroke and curve of the skin, but it should help you develop that muscle memory for effectively shaving with a straight razor.  Give it a try then leave a comment with your observations!

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3 thoughts on “How To Shave With A Straight Razor Using "Training Wheels"”

  1. I started using a Feather AC razor at 72, a year later and I am still alive. I must admit that blood red was my morning color for the first week or two, but now I just go by a nick name.

  2. It seems to me the first two essentials for surviving a cutthroat shave are:
    1. Remember 911. Put it in your cell phone memory.
    2. A good tourniquet.

  3. Looks like a neat trick. Think I’ll definitely still be sticking with my safety razor though… every time I see a straight razor all I can think of is Sweeney Todd.

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