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Why Straight Razors Are Making A Comeback In Men’s Grooming

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Why Straight Razors Are Making A Comeback In Men's Grooming

Straight razors, renowned for their precision and effectiveness, are starting to make a comeback in men’s grooming routines.

This article delves into why these classic shaving tools have regained popularity, from providing cleaner shaves to being more environmentally friendly.

Key Takeaways

  • Straight razors are regaining popularity in men’s grooming routines due to their ability to provide closer and more precise shaves.
  • The resurgence of straight razors is driven by a return to traditional grooming practices, as well as growing awareness of environmental and sustainability considerations associated with disposable razor blades.
  • Incorporating a straight razor into a grooming routine requires learning the proper technique, investing in essential shaving products and accessories, and considering professional barber services. Embracing the art of traditional grooming allows for an elevated shaving experience.

The History of Straight Razors and Its Decline

vintage straight razor

Straight razors have a rich history, initially serving as a status symbol among men in early civilizations. However, their popularity declined with the advent of safety razors and electric shavers due to perceived safety concerns.

Early versions as a status symbol

Straight razors emerged as a luxury item and status symbol in high society during the late 1600s. Crafted with precision, these early versions reflected one’s wealth and position in society.

Owning one signified not only affluence but also dedication to grooming and personal care. The straight razor evolved over centuries, from its original form as a handy grooming tool to an artifact of historical significance.

Eventually, it paved way for the invention of safety razors by bringing shaving into everyday life, influencing modern men’s grooming habits.

Advent of safety razors and electric shavers

Safety razors began to appear in grooming kits of American men following World War I. This new invention featured a design which allowed only the blade to be replaced, making them long-lasting and economical.

They rapidly overtook straight razors as the preferred shaving tool during the post-war period.

The mid-20th century marked another significant development: electric shavers. Manufacturers introduced these innovative tools with their simplicity, safety, and speed in mind.

Alongside this evolution was also seen in familiar faces; straight razors became “shavettes.” These held the traditional pivoted design but featured disposable and replaceable blades, adding convenience without compromising on precision.

Perception of safety concerns

straight razor shaving safety concerns

The decline of straight razors occurred due to rising safety concerns among users. The sharp blade, capable of giving the closest shave possible, also carried with it an increased risk for cuts and nicks if not handled with precision.

Many swapped their cutthroat razors for safety models which promised greater protection against common shaving accidents. Misconceptions spread about straight razor usage, genuinely amplifying the fear of these tools as inherently perilous.

Despite this perception, skin irritation often associated with other types of razors was less prevalent in those who used a properly maintained and skillfully wielded straight razor.

An ill-informed switch left many men grappling with new issues such as ingrown hairs and rougher shaves; factors that added fuel to the current resurgence in traditional grooming practices using straightforward blades.

The Resurgence of Straight Razors

Men are returning to traditional grooming practices, opting for straight razors for a closer and more precise shave.

Return to traditional grooming practices

Men’s grooming trends have shifted in recent years, with a noticeable return to traditional grooming practices. Gone are the days when disposable razors and electric shavers were the go-to options for men.

Instead, there has been a resurgence of interest in classic shaving methods, particularly the use of straight razors. This shift towards traditional grooming is driven by several factors.

Firstly, many men are seeking a closer and more precise shave that can be achieved through old-fashioned techniques. Additionally, there is growing awareness about environmental and sustainability considerations associated with disposable razor blades.

Desire for a closer and more precise shave

man shaving with straight razor

Men today have a strong desire for a closer and more precise shave, which has sparked the resurgence of straight razors in men’s grooming. Unlike electric razors or cartridge systems, using a straight razor allows for an incredibly close shave that leaves the skin feeling smooth and free from stubble.

Men who have made the switch to straight razors claim that their shaving experience is not only more effective but also better for their skin. With its single line of contact with the skin, a straight razor can easily navigate facial contours and achieve unparalleled precision in removing hair.

This growing appreciation for a proper shave has led to the comeback of traditional grooming methods using straight razors.

Environmental and sustainability considerations

Straight razors have seen a resurgence in popularity not just for their traditional appeal and precise shaving, but also for the environmental and sustainability considerations they offer.

Unlike disposable razors that end up in landfills, straight razors are eco-friendly as they can be used for years without needing to be replaced. This makes them cost-effective and reduces waste.

In addition, using all-natural shaving products alongside a straight razor further contributes to an ethical and eco-conscious grooming routine. By embracing sustainable practices like these, individuals can enjoy a closer shave while minimizing their impact on the environment.

How to Incorporate Straight Razors into Men’s Grooming Routine

Learn the proper technique for using a straight razor, invest in essential shaving products, and embrace the art of traditional grooming – read more for all the tips you need to incorporate this classic tool into your routine.

Training and learning proper technique

To incorporate a straight razor into your grooming routine, it is crucial to train and learn the proper technique. Shaving with a straight razor requires precision and control. Hold the razor at the correct angle for optimum results.

Use short, controlled strokes to ensure a smooth shave. One effective method is called slicing, where you draw strokes at an angle – specifically down and diagonal towards your razor hand.

The position of the razor in your hand determines the blade’s angle during the shave. It’s important to note that comfort levels may vary from person to person when using a straight razor.

Essential shaving products and accessories

To achieve a smooth and effective shave with a straight razor, there are several essential shaving products and accessories that you’ll need. Firstly, you’ll need a high-quality shaving soap or cream to create a rich lather for lubrication and protection.

This helps the razor glide smoothly across your skin while reducing any irritation or redness. Additionally, investing in a good shaving brush can help apply the lather evenly and exfoliate your skin at the same time.

Another important accessory is a strop, which is used to maintain the sharpness of your razor blade. Regular stropping ensures that the blade remains honed and ready for use every time you shave.

For the straight razor itself, here are a few brands (in alphabetical order) that are among those considered to have the most consistently-positive reputation among enthusiasts:

  • Böker
  • Dovo
  • Ralf Aust
  • Thiers Issard

If you would like a more in-depth review of one example of a good straight razor, click/tap here to read Straight Razor Kit By Cut Throat Club – A Curated Set Of Products For Shaving Success

It’s also crucial to have a proper storage system for your straight razor, such as a protective case or stand, to prevent any damage to the delicate blade when not in use.

Seeking professional barber services

Skilled barbers play a vital role in incorporating straight razors into men’s grooming routines. With years of experience, these professionals have mastered the art of gentle razor techniques, ensuring a safe and comfortable shave.

While the demand for straight razor shaves has decreased as more men opt to shave themselves, seeking professional barber services allows individuals to benefit from expert advice and guidance.

From pre-shave consultations to precise razor handling and strokes, barbers provide the necessary expertise to enhance your grooming routine with traditional shaving methods.


Embracing the art of traditional grooming

Embracing the art of traditional grooming means incorporating the use of straight razors into your men’s grooming routine. Using a straight razor provides a high-quality shave that can’t be matched by other razors.

It’s more than just a way to remove facial hair; it becomes a ritual and an experience in itself. Although there is a learning curve associated with using a straight razor, especially for beginners, the rewards are worth it.

The art of traditional barbering embraces the use of straight razors, allowing you to elevate your grooming routine to new heights.


In conclusion, the resurgence of straight razors in men’s grooming can be attributed to a desire for a closer and more precise shave, as well as a return to traditional grooming practices.

Men are seeking out the art of traditional wet shaving and embracing the nostalgic experience it provides. Additionally, environmental sustainability considerations play a role in the growing popularity of straight razors, as they eliminate the need for disposable cartridges.

So, whether it’s for their effectiveness or their old-fashioned charm, straight razors are back and here to stay in men’s grooming routines.

About The Author: Otto Wright is a wet shaver and freelance author.

Otto Wright

Otto Wright

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2 thoughts on “Why Straight Razors Are Making A Comeback In Men’s Grooming”

  1. I first got into the community due to concerns over redness or chin irritation plus sensitive skin over the rest of the face. Began with a straight and graduated to safeties. Even with the straight it improved things tremendously. I now am on to the Feather Artist Club, but that’s mostly because I can’t seem to re-hone a razor myself and it is getting pricey to have someone else do that. Especially when there’s a several razors to sharpen. For the longest time I was pretty content with a Rolls (which is basically a straight held like a safety) but even those are worn down to needing honing.

    Cuts are always an issue, even after over 20 years of this, but that’s more due to skin problems than anything. Even with occasional nicks and cuts, my face doesn’t itch or scab over like it used to by switching to straights and SE/DE blades.

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