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Stirling Liquid Soap

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Stirling Soap Co., known for their excellent shave soaps, have launched a line of liquid body soap.  I have been using a pre-launch sample of it for several months now.

Stirling Liquid Body Soap

From the Stirling website:

What’s the difference between body wash (or shower gel or any of the other names they use) and liquid body soap? I’m glad you asked. Body washes and shower gels aren’t soap. They’re a detergent-laden, sulfate-ridden, skin-stripping, dryness-inducing, itch-causing bottle of awfulness. The FDA won’t let them use the word soap on the label because it isn’t actually soap.

Liquid body soap is just that: soap. Just like our wonderful bath soap bars, they are made by mixing oils

The scent strength on this product is not as strong as AXE or similar body wash. It is a natural product and is not intended to linger on the skin after rinsed. If you are looking for something you can “wear” throughout the day, please look for another brand of liquid body soap.

My Experience With Stirling Liquid Body Soap

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A few months back Rod from Stirling gave me a sample bottle of the soap to try (he was still waiting on various bits to come together for the official launch) and it immediately became my go-to product in the shower.  I use one of those nylon soap puffy things (AKA a “pouf” or loofah) in the shower and I find that the Stirling soap lathers quickly, cleans thoroughly, and rinses cleanly.

As mentioned earlier I find the scent moderate and it does not linger.

But most impressively it also rinses quickly out of the puff!  After I have showered, a few squeezes and the lather is gone.  It seems like I’m forever rinsing the puff if I am using another “liquid body wash” type of product.  Also think about a natural body wash for men that use plant-based ingredients (extracts like oils) that are good for the skin and are better then the mainstream “liquid body washes” that irritate the skin.  Quality natural body washes also are more gentle and hydrating than their mainstream counterparts.


If you are a fan of Stirling’s scent profiles you will be pleased to find that their liquid body soap is available in many of their popular scents.  The price is right, too: I’m still using the sample bottle I was given which appears to contain about half the amount that is in the regular bottles, so I think this is probably a pretty good deal on a “per ounce” basis.  West Coast Shaving is also stocking Stirling’s liquid body soap.

In any case…I love this stuff!


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7 thoughts on “Stirling Liquid Soap”

    1. Brian Fiori (AKA The Dean)

      Funny thing is, some products make sure to tell you they AREN’T soap, as soap is known for drying and leaving residue. (Not my claim, but the claim I’ve read/heard from other products. Most notably Dove “Beauty Bar”.) So which is it?

      I suspect the truth is claims like this are just your standard marketing drivel, as I suspect both true soap, and non-soap cleansers can be drying or moisturizing, depending on other factors. But to further taint the marketing nonsense with fake legalese claims is really disgusting, IMO.

      With that said, the product may be just fine.

      Mark, have you ever tried bath/shower gloves? Man those are nice.

        1. Brian Fiori (AKA The Dean)

          Mark, after posting that, I did a quick websearch as I’m due to replace mine and got this listing.

          The interesting thing about that is, this product was on the same page. Have you ever used, reviewed—or even heard of such a product?

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