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The State Of The Wet Shaving Business World With Brad Maggard

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Last month I traveled to Adrian, Michigan to attend the annual Maggard Razor’s meetup.  This was their largest meetup yet, with about 20 vendors and about 300 attendees.

I was able to sit down with Brad Maggard just before the meetup started, to discuss his views on the wet shaving market.

00:25 Brad discusses his largest meetup ever.
00:45 What has changed for Brad’s business over the past year?
01:35 Where does Brad see the niche’ wet shaving market heading?
02:25 What about the broader wet shaving market?
03:25 How does Brad determine the types of products he wants to carry?
04:10 What does Brad wish customers knew more about before buying?
05:15 What is coming up in the next year for Brad?
06:30 What is happening with the straight razor side of Brad’s business?
08:05 What is changing with the Far Eastern razor imports?


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