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Soaps Vs. Creams?

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“Shaving soap versus shaving cream…what’s the real difference? And the tube
cream versus the cream in a container…same company same cream?”

The answer to your question about the difference between traditional shaving soaps and traditional shaving creams can take several paths. Obviously, soaps are hard and creams are softer 🙂 . Soaps generally produce a slightly closer shave while creams generally give a little more “cushion.” Some say soaps work better in warm weather and creams better in cold, but I think the difference, if there is one, is very subtle. Creams usually have a stronger fragrance than soaps. But it all boils down to personal preference. I have both soaps and creams in my cabinet. And yes, cream in a tube and cream in a tub is the same product.

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2 thoughts on “Soaps Vs. Creams?”

  1. Soaps are basically creams with the water taken out. Essentially you add the water yourself to the soap. This also means a longer shelf life and possible rotation/collection for soaps and no need for added preservatives. Since I’m not shaving for speed, the soap is what I prefer because I have the whole brush setup. I also like lathering up on my face – right now the strop shoppe is what I like. However, Mike’s Natural, Mystic Waters, and QCS are all up there.

  2. Cream in a tube and in a tub may be the same product, but take a look at the price: in my experience, the same cream costs twice as much per ounce in the tube as in the tub. Some creams, of course, only come in a tub, but if the cream comes both ways, you save money by buying the tub.

    I started out liking creams more than soaps—in fact, I had trouble getting lather with soaps. But then I learned how, and now I strongly prefer soaps to creams, although you’re right, creams do have a stronger fragrance, generally. But soaps (from makers like Honeybee Spa, Mama Bear, QED, Em’s Place, and others) have a much greater RANGE of fragrances.

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