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Site Construction – Pardon Our Dust

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A note to our readers, Sharpologist will be moving to a new host and making some minor cosmetic changes this week.  Please bear with us and “pardon our dust” for a few days.  🙂


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3 thoughts on “Site Construction – Pardon Our Dust”

  1. Looks good, Mark. I’m guessing it isn’t quite done yet, but I’ll add a suggestion. There didn’t seem to be a link to view the most recent articles, or some way to go in chronological order. Then I just happened to hit on “Blog”. I thought the site was a blog. Anyway, maybe something a bit more descriptive would help. Just a suggestion.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion–yes, I’m still making minor tweaks here and there. I’m planning to add a lot of functionality over the next few months so “blog” might be the correct term eventually but you’re right, I may have to change a few things temporarily. 🙂

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