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Shaving Tip/Trick

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“Mantic! You know how I sent you a message about how my horrible experience with shaving against the grain?I found a (slightly odd) but very effective way of shaving against the grain without getting ANY razor bumps or ingrown hairs! Basically, I did the usual 2 bulk reduction passes, then (here comes the weird part), I cut off a small portion of my Nivea chap stick with a spare blade and used that on my face. Then I lathered up, and verrry carefully and gently shaved against the grain. I woke up today, fearing I might have razor bumps or ingrown hairs on my face as before, but to my surprise, there was NONE!!! Just thought I’d let you know of my weird yet very effective method of shaving against the grain.”

Very cool. Sounds like a variation of the trick of using a shave stick or shave soap puck directly on the skin.


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2 thoughts on “Shaving Tip/Trick”

  1. I REALLY want to know the thought process behind this one…whether it works or not, how does one come to the decision to smear chapstick all over their face?

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