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What Is Your Shaving-Related New Years Resolution?

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A straight-up question!
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9 thoughts on “What Is Your Shaving-Related New Years Resolution?”

  1. My New Years shaving resolution is to stop buying every new soap that comes out. I have more soaps than I’ll be able to use in several lifetimes. Sorry, soap artisans. I love you all, but if I don’t stop, the wife will throw me out of the house I’m sure.

  2. To keep enjoying this necessary pastime. I have enough soaps/creams for a couple of lifetimes and more razors and brushes than I need but will focus on tallow based soaps and anything new regarding brushes and razors, eg, my current favourite razor and brush are both a relatively new purchase, Colonial’s General S/E razor and the Phoenix Atomic Rocket synthetic brush so who noes what new product may emerge in ’18!

  3. I will stop buying shaving brushes. Too many. I will not take a sabatical year but I will put my hands on some soaps and aftershaves !
    Also I will rotate more often my boar brushes.

    1. I’ve been wet shaving for a couple of decades, but DE/SE shaving for about 5 years now.
      I had only owned one boar brush in my life before June 2017 and it was just a cheap Walmart brush that probably cost me $3.
      In those days, I had no idea how to properly use a shaving brush and it never occurred to me that there’s a “break in” period for quality boar brushes. There was no Sharpologist, shaving forums, or YouTube videos to rely on for some education and guidance.
      About 6-7 months ago, I decided to try a quality boar after reading many forums and recommendations and I now own 4 of them: 3 Semogues (620, SOC, and 2000) and 1 Omega (Pro 48).
      I have a few badger brushes and a couple of synthetic brushes in my den, but none of them work nearly as well as my new Semogue boars.
      The Semogue 620 is my favorite for face-lathering and the Semogue Owners Club is my runner-up.

  4. Before 2018 ends, I’m going to take the plunge and learn how to use a straight razor.
    I’ll most likely opt for a Feather Artist Club disposable straight, which uses the same blades as my current daily driver – the SE Mongoose II SS.
    I don’t know the first thing about honing or stropping a straight razor properly, so I believe my best bet is to purchase a “straight razor with training wheels” and learn with that and go from there.

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