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Shaving Q&A #1 – Runny Lather

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2 thoughts on “Shaving Q&A #1 – Runny Lather”

  1. Well exactly my problem with my new purchased Ogallala soaps. I allready have experience in lather making with both soaps or cream, but Ogallala is the first to give me issues. It seems, as I've read online, that this soap requires a different water ratio (much less water) than other. I had to work it very hardly, and the lather was great on th first pass but watery on the second… Result : severe razor burn ! What an insult for an experienced wetshaver like I am ! I'm good to wait at least two days to let it heal…but I can't wait to experiment once more. To wait and do my test, I'm codemned to lather on my arm…What a sad world, heh, fellow wetshavers ?

  2. Great video! I have been having this same problem. I guess I have been pressing too hard with my brush.

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