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MOvember Update, Shaving Links For 28 Nov

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We’re coming down to the wire with Sharpologist MOvember campaign!  Please consider donating to a worthy cause.  And after MOvember has been completed I will be making a shaving video about taking off my MOvember mustache, along with some advice on how to get a decent shave in the under-the-nose area.  Meanwhile:

Shaving Links

How “No Shave November Can Benefit Your Skin (Dr. Bailey Skincare) with some discussion on skin problems you can get from shaving.
What Internet Fueled Startup Are Really Selling (Fast Company) with some interesting discussion of the “why now?” aspects of the resurgence of traditional shaving.
Shaving on the Edge (Both of Them) (NY Times) is another article about the return of traditional shaving.
Introducing the Art of Manliness Line of Shaving Supplies (Art of Manliness) just in time for the holidays, AoM introduces it’s own branded line of shaving gear (mostly manufactured by Edwin Jagger).
Double edge safety razor blade gap explained (Shaving Shack) a good visual explanation of what blade gap is and how it affects the shave.


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2 thoughts on “MOvember Update, Shaving Links For 28 Nov”

  1. Will try to go the whole November without shaving this year! Said this I have my beautiful safety razor waiting for me on December 1st at 8am 🙂

  2. Great links as always … there’s going to be a lot of guys looking for grooming solutions with the mos that they can’t bear to part with these days!

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