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Shaving Like A Hobo In The 1930’s – Including A DIY Brush Made Of Rope!

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I happened to come across a video about what shaving was like for the hobo of the 1930’s and I thought it would be interesting for Sharpologist readers (particularly a DIY shave brush made from rope!).

Here is the video about making a rope brush:


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4 thoughts on “Shaving Like A Hobo In The 1930’s – Including A DIY Brush Made Of Rope!”

  1. So why dod the Hobo not us the standard WWI issue DE Razor as Gillette insisted the US Army allow e soldiers to keep the issued razors. As did the British and Commonwealth troops as they were also mostly supplied by Gilette.

    1. Gem razors, were secondary standard. In other words. Uncle Sam wanted to give you a Gillette. If they were out of stock, here’s a Gem. Or the hobo may have been an officer, who had to buy their own.

  2. I would have liked to see him lather with the brush. He showed the brush in his kit, but then proceeded to make a thin lather with his hand. I’m curious to see if it would work, but not curious enough to make one.

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