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Shaving In A Short Time?

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Eric writes:

“I have a bit of a ‘shaving dilemma’ and wanted to ask Mantic for some advice. I have about 20 minutes to shave in the mornings and I usually shave 3 times a week (Mon/Wed/Fri). I find that I have time for a few minutes of hot water splashed on the face, a 2- pass shave and post shave cool water/aftershave balm.

“I have been using a Merkur safety razor for my shaves but find that it’s not particularly close, especially on the neck area, I actually switched to a Gillette Fusion a few weeks ago and get a much better shave given my constraints above (20 mintes/2-pass shave).

“I’d really like to go back to safety razor shaving for a number of reasons but was wondering if there are any changes I can make to get just as good a shave as I get with the Fusion.


Have you seen my 10 minute wetshaving video?

That might give you some ideas.  Also, have you considered shaving before going to bed at night instead of when you get up in the morning?
Have a time-saving traditional shaving idea?  Post ’em here!


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16 thoughts on “Shaving In A Short Time?”

  1. I am not ashamed to say it takes me around 30 minutes to shave that includes preparation. I can complete the job in 10 minutes with one pass if I really need to (wife: “hurry up or we’ll be late!”). Basically I’m a morning shaver but occasionally I shave at night depending on the schedule. Not to sound off kilter, but my shaving arena is my sanctuary. I consider my Merkur 180 and Edwin Jagger DE89lbl nothing short of jewelry, seriously. I started de wet shaving I guess 2 months ago after seeing a commercial for the Micro One razor. Several lessons later I now have a routine that works best for me, much thanks to Mark H and others. Who would ever think shaving is so much more of a passion and gratifying experience than swiping a plastic, overpriced multi-blade razor just to get the job done? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going wah wah here but it’s great to have what amounts to a new hobby like de shaving with precision instruments rather than plastic over marketed stuff. Last I checked too, multi blades run about $3 per blade!!

  2. When I need a no-fuss, easy, quick shave, I fall back on my Schick Injector and a nice cream like proraso or TBS Maca Root. The rigid blade delivers a close smooth shave and the smaller head makes it easy to trim around the nose and throat.

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  4. When I was in the military and had to shave daily. I found the Gillette fusion worked the best. For speed I dry shaved. Just put the razor under hot water and the let lotion on the razor itself make the glide easier.
    When I wasn’t in the barracks I shower shaved. Saved so much time.
    However, Now that I am out I have a rather nice beard and haven’t shaved in quite a while.

  5. I am a morning shower shaver. When I’m on the road I won’t pack a wet brush, so for my return to home travel day I become a Cremo Craving Convert. With just a hot towel in 8 minutes I can achieve DF to BBS
    It may not be a relaxing and contemplative experience like I usually enjoy with a brush, but the fact is Cremo gets me better shaves and isn’t that what it’s really about? Especially when time is short.

  6. My quick-shave takes 10 minutes. I skip the shower, wash my face and esp. stubble thoroughly for at least a minute with warm water and Musgo Real Glyce Lime Oil soap, rinse afterward. Lather from a can of Proraso foam. Shave two passes with a Merkur HD or slant with Feather blade. Don’t rinse the razor too often. Don’t do a third pass. Usually I finish up the second pass by doing a quick XTG on just the cheeks and chin. Rinse with cool water and put on some Coral Skin Food. It may not be BB smooth but is plenty to get me through the day feeling well-shaven and looking fresh.

  7. My morning shave is roughly 12min (if you exclude shower time), or around 20min including shower. I do all my face prep in the shower (including washing), so when I get to the sink, I just do a couple of splashes with water, quickly put on some trumper’s skin food, another splash, and the move into lathering. I do two pass, plus finishing. I start with WTG and then ATG. for my finishing pass, i typically go XTG for the moustache area, clean up anything I missed on the face XTG (usually not necessary), and the focus on blade buffing the upper neck, sometimes j-hooking or rolling over along the jaw-line. I finish with a warm rinse, cold rinse, alum block, cold rinse, after shave, moisturizer sequence, but I often multi-task (i.e. put stuff away, clean razor, after applying the alum block, before rinsing, start getting dressed while the aftershave is absorbing, before moisturizing, etc.). I do that, still feel pretty relaxed and enjoy it as I go, without any timing issues. I would also say that since switching brushes, my time has come down (now using EJ Synthetic Silver Tip), since it loads/lathers faster, and I have never had to go back to the bowl for more lather, there’s enough in the brush for at least 3 passes…. (not to mention, that in the lather process, I seldom have to re-wet the tips of the brush). I would say 4/5 shaves using this approach are BBS (with the 1/5 DFS coming on a morning, where I’m probably sleep shaving…).
    As with any change to the routine, you’ll probably be a bit slower the first week or two, when making the change, but the time will come down quickly, once you get into the groove.

  8. You should be able to do a 1.5 pass dfs shave in 5 to 6 minutes with shaving soap, a brush and a safety razor… If you start shaving daily. When you shave daily, your face gets accustom to it in about 2 to 3 weeks.

    1. Going to try this method as well (although I think I can shave every other day with as slow as my stubble comes in).

      1. Great news, Eric. The only “right way” is the way that works for you. Glad to hear you are making progress.

    2. I second shaving everyday. I do so and am able to get a DFS on 2 passes from a 10 min. shave. My facial hair grows slowly, but I still cut it everyday.

  9. Thanks to Mantic and the reader comments I’m back to shaving with a safety razor, a few weeks ago I actually switched from the Merkur to a Muhle R41 (another Mantic suggestion/video) and I get a much better shave with it. Last week I tried showering before shaving and that also gave me a much better shave than trying to shave without showering first.
    Appreciate it greatly fellas! 🙂

  10. For me personally, I find DE shaving a relaxing time – and really don’t care how long it takes (I’ve never timed myself so I really have no idea). I shave just out of the shower, every day. I tend to kind of organize my day in my head and prioritize things so I’m ready to go when I get to the office. Almost multi-tasking I guess. To me it’s sort of like my meditation – I can set my brain to about half – power and use the other half to relax and get things done.

  11. Eric, you might want to consider giving shower shaving a shot. I find it saves time on the prep and cleanup, as both happen rather naturally in the shower. If you are worried about water usage (a fair concern) many showerheads now have shut off valves and/or trickle settings that can dramatically reduce the water waste while you are shaving.
    Brushless creams are certainly an option, but I’d rather shave with a Fusion than give up the brush (your mileage may vary). My suggestion is to give face lathering an easy to lather cream (such as Body Shop Maca Root, Art of Shaving, Biotique Bio Palmyra, etc) a try. I think you will find you can easily do a three pass shave in the time you are spending now with your shower and two pass.
    Shaving at night is an option for some. But if you shave only every other day, that second day you may look far from “clean shaven”.

  12. Another vote for “nightshaving”. In fact, I shower and shave (in the shower) before bed so I am not competing with others for hot water in the morning.
    Alternatively – If I have to shave in the morning and I am short on time then I will do one WTG pass to get me through the day.

  13. +1 on night-shaving. If you absolutely have to shave in the morning, then just wake up 10 minutes earlier to give yourself a full 30 minutes. Once your technique is mastered, you’ll probably be able to do a 3-pass shave in about 20 minutes.
    Other suggestions would be using a lather-less cream like Cremo or Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter. This will save you a good amount of time as well. And both of these “creams” actually perform quite well.

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