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Shaving Discussions

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Sometimes discussions about shaving (and my videos) pop up in the most unexpected places:

[EDIT] When it rains, it pours. Here’s another one:
AR15 (Rifles) Forums

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6 thoughts on “Shaving Discussions”

  1. Hello Mantic,
    Thanks for the information. Thought I submitted a comment thanking you for that yesterday, but I must have forgotten to publish it.

    Got the parker razor yesterday and tried it out this morning with a Merkur blade. Exceptionally smooth, except for the 1 inch gash on my upper lip that looks like I made passes at a sabre-toothed tiger. Must… not… think about women when shaving…

  2. anon “G”- I’ve never used the Body Shop synthetic brush but I have used the Omega “Syntex” synthetic (about $17 from among other places) and I like it. In fact its the brush I use when I travel. I also have the Men-U synthetic but its a bit too stiff for my taste.

  3. Hello Mantic,
    Just wanted to let you know that I liked your stuff on youtube, and found them informative, enjoyable, and humorous. I have one question for you: I do not want to use a badger hair (or boar hair for that matter) brush. What is your experience on a synthetic shaving brush ? I am considering purchasing one from The Body Shop (~$10.00). I went ahead and bought a parker razor and a set of merkur blades. I have Origins “Bladerunner” shaving cream that works excellently as a lubricant for an electric razor in the shower…. Eager to see how it lathers up with a brush and a DE safety razor.

    thanks a lot,


  4. Well, christian men try to imitate the Christ manners, but we don´t always like to wear his full beard ;-).

    Anyway, it’s not usually found a post like that in a chistian forum.

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