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Shaving Creams and Nut Allergies

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Awww, Nuts.

Chad writes:
“Antonio Centeno at Real Men Real Style suggested using Jack Black beard lube to get a better shave.  I was all set to buy them when I noticed that one of the main ingredients they use is macadamia nut oil and I have a severe allergy to nuts.  He said you would be the person to ask about what other product would work well.”
There are a number of products that are available to you.  Certainly the relatively widely available mid-scale and up-scale lines like Anthony LogisticsBaxter Of CaliforniaKiehl’s, and even the lower-end Kiss My Face Moisture Shave will give you fine shaves and as far as I know don’t have nut oils.  Another less well-known but otherwise excellent alternative is Cremo Cream.
All those products are “brushless”–you don’t need a shaving brush to use them.  If you decide to try a shaving brush a whole new world opens up to you, from very inexpensive soaps like Van Der Hagen (found in many drug store chains like CVS and Walgreens, and even large grocery stores) to upper-crust British gentleman’s shave creams like Taylor’s of Old Bond Street, Truefitt and Hill, and Trumpers.  If you browse the reviews you will see a wide variety of products (most with the ingredients listed).


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4 thoughts on “Shaving Creams and Nut Allergies”

  1. Shea Butter “can” (not always) but an allergen for those allergic to latex. I know the topic is nut allergies, but I thought I would mention that as well since it can be an allergen for some.

    1. Being the purchaser for Joseph Barber & Company, I noticed that a few products out there contain honey which can also cause an allergic reaction. Having a little niece with this sensitivity this jumped out at me…thought I’d mention it for others with allergen concerns…

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