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Shaving Brush Care

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“I was wondering what one needs to do for brush care. I have seen stands where the brush hangs with the hair down. I have seen brushes sitting on the counter with the hair up. What is best? Do you need to dry the brush as much as possible after each use or can you just rinse and leave it?”

Yes, I am planning brush (and razor) care video. For a brush, basically just rinse well with warm water, give it a gentle squeeze (bristles downward), a quick shake, then rub the bristles gently on a dry towel. You may have to “fluff” it a bit so the hair doesn’t stick together. How you place the brush depends on the brand: some prefer bristles up, others down. If the manufacturer does not say, you can set it either way. Just be sure NOT to store it in a closed, air-tight cabinet–it should have some air circulation to dry.

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7 thoughts on “Shaving Brush Care”

  1. Anon- It all depends on how you use the brush and how well you maintain it. I've had name brand brushes "crush" on me after only 3 years (usable but not quite as effective) while others are still going strong after 5 years.

  2. I bought i a pure vulfix a couple of years ago and now the hairs are coming rapidly. I took good care of the brush. How long does a brush last?

    1. I’ve shaved with mug and brush for 40 years. Except when on vacation.
      The companys wont you to put your brush on the handle so the water will gather at the root hair and form mold and mildew and start eating at the hair and it will start falling out and you have to buy another one sooner. I turn my own handle on a lathe with a rounded handle on the end so you have to at least lay it down on the side so the water can run out. But rinse out the soap then shake out the water then lay it on it’s side. Hope this helps you out some.

  3. I soak my brush in Boraz in a cup of hot water. I let it soak for about an hour or so, rinse it thoroughly, shake and hang in stand. I do this about every three or four months. Really leaves my brushes nice.

  4. I stand all my brushes on their base to dry, and that seems to work. I do recommend, however, that the warm-water rinse (to get all the lather out of the brush) be followed by a cold-water rinse, with the brush then well-shaken before standing up to dry.

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