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Shaving Brush Buyer's Guide: Truefitt & Hill

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Truefitt and Hill Shaving Brush

Welcome to the third installment of my shaving brush buyer’s guide (part 1 covered Vulfix and part 2 covered Simpsons).  Over the next few weeks I’ll be looking at shaving brushes from different manufacturers.   At the end of the series–just in time for the holiday gift-giving season–I’ll update the entire list and create a large, sortable table and also make the data available in a “CSV file” for importing into your favorite spreadsheet or database program.   This post looks at Truefitt and Hill (North America. Truefitt and Hill in the UK may be slightly different).

Truefitt and Hill North America

Truefitt and Hill North America, based out of Chicago, is actually a separate company from T&H in the UK.  However they are the exclusive source of products in North America.  If you see Truefitt and Hill in a high-end boutique or on a small web site in North America, the products came from these guys.  Some of their shave brushes may look like they come from other manufacturers but they are actually made slightly differently, to Truefitt’s specifications.
What are your experiences with Truefitt and Hill shaving brushes?
On the table below I’ve listed the major specifications for the brushes currently being manufctured.  “Model” refers to the model number of the brush.  “Loft,” “Knot,” and “Handle” refer to the the dimensions, in millimeters, for the height of the hair, the diameter of the hair at the base, and the height of the brush’s handle, respectively.  “Hair” indicates what kind of hair is used, along with a “Grade” (if any).  The “Shape” of the hair refers to whether it is a fan-like shape or a bulb-like shape.  Finally, price refers to the Manufacturer’s list price in US dollars.  Although I have excersized care in researching these statistics I cannot guarantee they are exact.



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  2. Mantic59, Looks like a permissions problem with your tables. I noticed you used Google Docs to do this and tried to access the page directly.
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  3. Love the new site! Thanks for all your informative videos as well. Just some feedback, I’m also having trouble with all of your brush tables. I’m using Safari on a Mac. Seems like other people are too. Something must be off, cause the rest of the site works fine without resetting anything.

    1. Some but not all are sourced from Vulfix and Rooney but to T&H’s specs. A T&H brush may appear similar to a Vulfix or Rooney brush but they are probably made to a slightly different specification (knot, loft, hair grade, etc.).

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