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Shaving And Swimming?

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Wow, this is a new one on me.  Can anyone offer some advice?

I wanted to tell that there is something that is annoying me. Everytime I go swimming, which I love to do, I notice afterwards some of my stubble grows back! I don’t want to shave twice a day, so I wanted to ask you if there anything I can do to stop this from happening? I like my face to stay smooth for 12 hours. thank you in advance.


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6 thoughts on “Shaving And Swimming?”

  1. I usually do the same thing with cold water and since I’m doing it I also have more ingrown hairs.wich I did not know why now I guess I know.

  2. If it's a chlorinated pool he is *not* getting moisturized. Tautness and cold water effect, most likely. Combined with extra skin sensitivity and normal growth (if he's swimming first thing in the morning, he'd just shave after swimming, so he's probably swimming mid-morning or later) it's just the illusion of hair growing. Lotion up and wait for the skin relax and see if the illusion persists.

  3. If it's cold water and he's not in long enough to saturate his skin and cause it to plump then it's likely a result of constriction. I've used this effect to get an extra close shave after an icy cold shower. However I paid the price with ingrown hairs.

  4. I'm guessing the writer's face gets extra moisturized, and/or the cool chlorinated water tightens up the skin, basically making the stubble stick out more noticably.

    I know when I swim outside, it's toning to the skin (or at least feels like it). Either that or they are exfoliating pretty harshly when they scrub dry?

    Curious, and intriguing…

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