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Your Comments Requested: A Shave Of The Week Video?

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While I’m shaving I often think of random little things I should mention on my shave videos but I don’t seem to include them, so I’m trying a “shave of the week” where I kind of do an ongoing narration. There are other Youtube shavers who do this already (like nickshaves and paulhfilms) but I thought I would give it a try. Is a video like this something you might find useful? Want me to try one as a live stream? Your comments needed! Please rate and give me feedback.



Shave tutor and co-founder of sharpologist. I have been advocating old-school shaving for over 20 years and have been featured in major media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and Lifehacker. Also check out my content on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!View Author posts

83 thoughts on “Your Comments Requested: A Shave Of The Week Video?”

  1. Hi Marc,
    I like your videos and always look forward to them. I would like to see something for us daily shavers who can’t skip a day or two during the work week. Not a daily report but perhaps a midweek and endweek recap on a blade/razor/soap combination that you can evaluate for us.

  2. I really enjoyed the video Mark and would welcome more like it. On another note, I was able to pick up some St. Thomas colognes & a/s on a recent trip there. You should try their Island Spice cologne, I find it very intriguing.

    1. Hi Frank, thanks for your comment. As a matter of fact I’m working on an article about Bay Rum products (including St. Thomas colognes) right now….

  3. I suffer from extream time-poverty.
    14 minutes is wayyyyyyy too long for me.
    Absolutely think your articles are some of the best articles I’ve read on the topic.
    Also would like to read something along the lines of, “If Money is of No Concern” and “If Money is “THE” major Issue.”

  4. I think this will be very helpful. I have enjoyed your videos for years and I am still learning from them. These will be a continuation of that fine series with updated info.

  5. Different styles do different things, and there is a place for it all. I think of the kind of chatty “shave of the week” style you are trying out here, as entertainment, killing time, and not much more. But there are plenty of videos like that out there already — points in case being the gents you mention yourself. I personally don’t need more of that. I would rather see more of the kind of focused “tech” stuff you have done some of before, on specifics such as “buffing”, “J-hooking”. One other remark extending from this: I see so many “review” videos, of soaps, brushes, razors, etc. Most often, reviews are of “newly received” items. Only more rarely do I find solidly based reviews, based on longer and thorough testing. Say, tell me what you think of a soap or razor, after one year of regular usage and testing. That would be useful, and different. Just my 5 cents…

  6. Hi Marc.
    I like this format and would watch it on a regular basis if you move forward with it. Like Ray, who wrote the first comment, I would like to hear more stories of upcoming meetings, articles and products. You probably want to prepare some topics beforehand. Maybe you could even focus on a specific topic in each episode.

  7. Hi.
    I like this. Nice if you keep up with it. It could even be more anecdotes, not so much tec-talk. People you meet, stuff you think about while shaving. Lets say the a shaving philosophy session…

  8. Good start. I think a weekly video with each video having a title and specific topic would be great. A live video could be interesting but would require control of interaction to stay on subject.

  9. I liked your shave of the week- learned something from your technique that will try to my quite different long stroke approach ie re- applying new coat of soap/lubricant before back grain re-do.
    Look forward to seeing how you use different razors and soaps.
    Incidently, can you give me the reference resource for the speciality handle for the Gillette Mach 3 blades ?

  10. seemed like a much more relaxed video which I personally enjoyed. got to see a little more of the things you actually use as part of the shave as well as the particulars of the shave. good job, I think you’re on to something.

  11. I enjoyed the video. Always pick up little tips to improve my shaving. I like the comments on the various products. I think weekly or biweekly would be great.

  12. I enjoy the idea of a Shave of the Week. Keep them coming. Try using different razors and different types of razors. Have some tutorials for new wet shavers.

  13. I like that shave of the week idea.
    But the bathroom doesn’t have space enough for your cat.
    An idea for future :
    an economical shave (with students in mind) with the less expensive brush, razor, soap etc.

      1. I really enjoyed your new weekly video, studying your technique carefully. I have a tendency to make several passes each time, which might be upsetting my skin. I like being able to watch your videos via YouTube as I have a difficult time watching live streams, having a day job (getting up at 3:30 AM and getting home at 4:30 PM) and being so busy with other stuff. Keep up your great videos.

  14. Mark,
    Good informational video and a format that is easy to watch and learn from.
    Bi-weekly or monthly would be beneficial.

  15. Great to see your shave video, yes at least once a week. Over the years you and your videos have made a huge impact on my shaving habbits. Thanks and keep inspiring us. Also, the oneblade looks great but it’s too high priced up front and blade replacement for slugo’s like me.

  16. Yes, keep the information coming. I dont’ watch shaving videos for the sake of watching someone shave, but am always interested in information & opinions on products or techniques that I haven’t tried.

  17. I’d like to see more. The tip you gave in this test video about reducing over a couple of days was helpful to me!
    Please do more!

  18. I say “go for it.” You are such a knowledgable guy and I always learn something from your videos — even watching them several times, a I learn something new each time.

  19. Hello Mark, Liked the idea and the initial presentation. Weekly/fortnightly?
    Whatever you have time for. Maybe beginner, intermediate and advanced thoughts would keep all and sundry happy. Thanks for all your work for the shaving community.

  20. I liked the “off the cuff” format. I liked the comments and thoughts especially about up coming products. I don’t think you would need the two camera angles so that would save time editing. Overall I liked it!

  21. I dunno, like you said- shaving videos like these are all over YouTube. I mean, how many times do you need watch a guy shave? I’d prefer to see something more original.
    That said, I do appreciate your contributions to the shaving community. Thank you for all the advice, reviews, etc.

  22. I enjoyed this video and think you should continue “Shave of the Week”. I think I have learned more about wet shaving from you than from others. I like your presentation and hope to see more.
    Would also like to know more about the single blade razor you used.

  23. Great video .
    Love the idea of WEEKLY …
    Much appreciation for the tips and shaving ideas …
    Especially regarding lather building and homemade scents

  24. Christopher Kavanaugh

    KISS principle ( keep it simple shaver) If you try to cover to many subjects the audience may lose focus on the main subject of the video. If a viewer is curious where you bought your rubber duckie in the bathtub a followup email asking for it to be discuassed next week gives the shaves continuity.

  25. Hi Mark,
    Great video. Very helpful. Like others, we seem to like hearing about what products for you.
    The other thing I like is hearing about budget products that work beyond their price range.
    I also wanted to say a massive thank you for your service to the wet shaving community. I, in particular would not have travelled down the DE and lather path if it wasn’t for all of your help guides for beginners.
    Thanks again Mark.

  26. I enjoyed the video and would definitely watch a weekly installment. Streaming is less important to me, but a space for questions and comments is essential. Please mention each product you use and what you like about them.

  27. Hello Mark!
    It’s a good idea that you will be showing us your shave of the week. I’m sure that you will get a good audience, it’s great when you are sharing your vast knowledge with others (i.e. great little thing about bay rum scent I have learned today). I would like to see you using various products (razors, blades, soaps, aftershaves, etc.). And maybe please make a few videos later on with your favorite soaps, or longest lasting aftershaves or something like that like TSE (Chris Bailey) has been doing. All the best and I’m looking to see on a regular basis (preferably on youtube)!

  28. ShavingByTheNumbers

    Good job! That was a really good test! I really like your idea of shave-of-the-week videos! Please do them! 🙂
    Here is my feedback for even better shave-of-the-week videos that would really stand out compared to the rest of the field:
    1. The view from above is a REALLY GOOD difference between what you did and what others do, but I’d like to make a suggestion to improve on it: THE VIEW FROM ABOVE SHOULD BE THE PERPECTIVE OF THE VIEWER WHO IS FACING YOU AND THEN LOOKS DOWN AT WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Right now, the view from above is as if the viewer is looking down from your right shoulder side. Then, the viewer is back to the front view as if he is facing you. This changing back and forth can be interpreted as disorienting. That’s how I found it, although it took me a little time to become aware of it.
    2. The front-view camera is a bit too zoomed in, probably due to space restrictions, such that your forehead and hair or the top of your head is the shot and your face is below the frame. A “vertical video” from the same distance would fix this, but it would cut off your sides from the frame, so I wouldn’t advise it. If you can increase the focal length a little, then I would recommend it. Nevertheless, the framing is good when you are looking ahead. It’s not like you are off in the distance like in some others’ videos.
    3. If you have an extra camera and want to really outdo everyone else, I would set up a SECONDARY FRONT-VIEW CAMERA FOR TIGHT CLOSE-UPS. The secondary front-view camera would be pointed near your mouth and be “zoomed in” relative to the primary front view. You could then turn your head from side to side and up and around for zoomed-in shots of your face (unshaved, being shaved, and totally shaved) that you could edit as desired, just as you are doing with the overhead camera. NO ONE IS DOING THIS from what I have seen.
    4. I believe that the OneBlade uses a special Feather blade, but you didn’t seem to mention what the blade was and how many times the blade has been used or if it is new. These are details, but it is always good, I think, to mention the details of all equipment being used.
    5. As long as you keep the dialogue going and interesting, and keep the shave time down, there would be no need to fast-forward the video like Nick does on YouTube, but you could always fast forward at times like he does to cut down on runtime. It is a very effective editing technique. Most guys have videos that are too long because they don’t use this technique, which complicates editing, but you’re already splicing two camera views, so I’m sure that you can handle it. 🙂
    Thanks for everything that you do and please keep up the great work!

  29. Like the video and would like to see more. The fact that I learnt something tells me that this was worthwhile. It sounds like you are going to complement these occasional videos with articles as a balance and thinking about it, I believe that it a good approach which allows searching (not something you can do if everything is in a video) for information. Live streaming doesn’t work for me as I don’t reside in the US and time zones would make it impractical (for me anyway).

  30. Kypros Christodoulides

    I do like the commenting, I only wish you talked more in depth about each razor you are using, also it would be a good idea to do comparative reviews of the different razors. I would like to see for ex. a comparative slant razor review with a final winner. This way it makes it easier to choose a new razor.

    1. Really nice video Mark. Not too long and very informative. I would like to know more about the OneBlade razor and what kind of blades it uses. Did I misunderstand you in the video, I thought your said that the head pivots. Is that right?
      Good job.
      And Yes, more please!

  31. Yes, I would like you to make more of these. You do it very well and always keep it interesting. It is a combination of your shaving expertise and your audio video background in my opinion. Lots of home made videos I see are really not that interesting or informative. Just self indulgent. Yours are really good. Keep it up. Joe

  32. Great idea. Not only does it confirm to me things I’m doing right but give me all those little tips which hopefully make my wet shaves better then ever.

  33. I like to idea of doing this The only suggestion I can offer is that is the comments for the video (I realize it can’t be done for live stream) would be to list the products you use in your shave.
    I look forward to the article on Bay Rum when it comes out. Maybe during your shave if it strikes your fancy would be to devote the whole shave to a topic such as the Ray Rum conversation.
    Anyway I like to idea!

  34. I think I could take more than just once a week.
    I like that you show what goes on in the basin. As far as I know no one else does that.

    1. I actually might try 3 cameras next time: one on the face, one on the basin, and one from the side (or maybe the rear looking to the mirror).

      1. I liked the video. It might have been a little long. I also use a warm water rinse before a cold so I think several folks could find this comment helpful.
        I like the fifties aspect of shaving so I don’t know or care what a live stream is, but many might. I also think power brushes are an insult to a wonderful tradition.
        Best regards, Ron

    1. Yeah, I kinda struggled with that. I wanted to let everyone know what I was using and in a couple cases how it related to some future articles. But I could see how it would come off as promotion (which is why I mentioned it wasn’t a sponsored video).

      1. Brian Fiori (AKA T he Dean)

        It really didn’t come off as a promotional video, to me. Any decent shave video talks about the products in use. It’s really the only reason I watch an occasional video, anymore. I’m not learning technique—I have that down. But I know many are, especially people just getting started with DE shaving.
        I agree this was a bit too long, but I think that’s because you were toying with a few things, and the setup took some time, too. Like I said, I don’t watch a lot of these videos, but yours are as good as it gets, IMO.

      2. Brian Fiori (AKA T he Dean)

        Oh, one more thing. Live Stream? What does doing it live bring to the table? Are you going to be taking comments and replying, while you are shaving? That seems pretty preposterous, to me. An properly produced, and well edited video is the best presentation for a shaving video, IMO (of course). There’s one guy (can’t recall his name) who makes 20-30 minute shave videos, while telling looong, sloooww, stories (with many intentional pauses). I know some like his folksy way (and I do, in the right venue), but for me it doesn’t work in a shaving video.

  35. I would love to see a shave of the week. As it allows me time to watch when I can. it’s also a good idea to have new views and tips from different shavers. my personal take is I always find something new to try from differing shavers, and between them they have got me a way of shaving that seems to work well. So, please do the videos and give me ideas for the future.

  36. I enjoyed the video and I’d watch a new one each week but my attention span wont go for 15 minutes. Could you teach me something in 7 to 9 minutes? I hope this helps.

  37. HI MANTIC,
    Very good video as usual.i think as mentioned by others i would watch anything you produce,i think a video every other week would be good,and the live stream would be interesting also.thanks keep up the good work,regards tony

  38. I liked the video and the chitchat. Would not like live streaming as it is too time dependent. Don’t need another inflexible time commit. Video I can view when I can. Don’t subscribe to your concept of beard reduction. When I shave, which is not every day, I don’t leave until I’m baby bottom smooth in all directions. I think I’ve finally evolved to the best cream/blade combo to effectuate this sans irritation or blood producing.

    1. Brian Fiori (AKA T he Dean)

      Saul, I’m not sure you understand what is meant by beard reduction. I assume you don’t get a BBS shave with ONE SINGLE pass, do you? If you do more than one pass, you are using a beard reduction technique. I’m guessing, but I think you may have confused his comment when he said “reducing the beard instead of eliminating the beard…”. He continued with “…all at once.” The reduction method doesn’t suggest you shouldn’t remove all of the beard, eventually. Just not with a single pass.
      Now, I don’t use the facet technique. Tried it. Don’t need to do it. Just complicates my shave. But it might help some folks. Different techniques work for different faces, beard types, skin types, etc. I consider myself lucky, as I no longer have to go to any great extremes to get a great shave. When I was young, my face/skin/hair was much different, and getting a great shave was a real struggle. I grew a full beard, and kept it for 25 year, or so. Easier, for me, than going through all the trouble. (I’m lazy—a path of least resistance sort of guy.) :#)

  39. I like the idea of a weekly or bi-weekly video. Yes, others do it, but everyone has a little different take. Some are much more reliable and easier to digest than others. You would knock it out of the park.

  40. Absolutely, top tip shave of the week. I believe your insight would be beneficial on not just products but also the benefits of shaving in the shower and the convenience of different shaving systems including holders for your gear.

  41. Absolutely think you should do a “Shave of the Week” video. You are the reason I started traditional wet shaving almost 5 years ago, and to have the master posting his expertise in a weekly video would be great.

  42. Thanks for this video. Receiving shaving videos from respected shavers is always helpful. Please continue. Shaving tips and personal preferences of products are both interesting and useful.
    Best regards,

  43. I love the idea, but the close up camera angle was a bit dizzying for me.
    When I started DE shaving about a year ago I treated your “What’s the best…” articles as a textbook for getting into the hobby. As I got more experience I started to wish that there was a bit more detail or reviews about specific products. The articles have a ton of info and are great intro guides.

    1. Yes, I’m trying to figure out the best angle & distance for a face shot. Maybe I’ll try shooting from the back, towards the mirror. That creates other problems though. I may have to do more experimenting with that. Thanks.

  44. the daily shave video is a nice idea. I’m a big fan of yours, but I’m not sure if an unproduced video is the way to go for your. there is quite a bit of dead air, and a lot of “uh” going on. Your edited videos are great, so maybe that is your forte. Best of luck. I’ll probably watch whatever you do anyway.

    1. Yes I am not as comfortable with an “unproduced” video as I am with a fully edited, topic-driven video. 🙂

  45. Mr. Mantic, you are an institution if not “the institution” in the wet shaving community. Those other gentlemen, with all do respect, are very good entertainers, but I would never take their advice seriously as I have taken yours for the last three years.
    I enjoy reading your articles and reviews. Personally, I don’t need to see another man shaving, but that’s me 🙂
    Whatever you decide, I will continue to follow your articles, reviews, and recommendations, as I believe they are the best in the business.

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