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Video – How To Shave Your Face Like A Diamond

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Most shavers know the concepts of beard reduction and stubble grain.  But what about a more subtle concept: shaving along the skin’s facets?  Rather than take long, sweeping strokes with the razor, take shorter strokes that follow the flattest parts of the “shaving terrain,” like shaving a diamond.  I think you’ll find that shaving with the facets results in a more consistent shave–even if you use a razor with a pivoting head.

A Critical Look At Your Face

The first step to facet shaving is to take a critical look at your face.  Much like determining the grain of your stubble, it may help to map the area out, something like this:
Face Diagram
Of course this will depend entirely on the shape of your face.  For myself, my side facets generally go from my upper cheek to where my upper and lower jaws meet, from where the jaws meet to the lower jaw, from the lower jaw to the top of the neck, then the neck itself.
My front facets include the mustache area, from the lower lip to the top of the bottom jaw, from the jaw to the chin, and so forth.
face2_segmentaYou get the idea….

In Practice

So when you are shaving your “reduction passes” on your face you are now paying attention to not only the grain direction but also the facet.  I find it useful to present a clean edge (a rinsed razor) to each facet.  I think this way of shaving may be a more efficient technique as well, since you may be less likely to repeat strokes in a relatively small area.  You may actually find your shaves take less time too.
Give this technique a try and let me know if it improves your shave!


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7 thoughts on “Video – How To Shave Your Face Like A Diamond”

      1. Sorry
        Mantic but your views seem to be so old fashioned. Lets stop giving past and actually redundant and needless advice to wet shavers!

  1. That system works best for “long faced” individuals who have lots of flat (euclidean) facial surfaces, but not so well if you are apple” faced (like Spanky)

    1. Actually I think it *simplifies* the process. Yes, you’ll have to take a critical look at your face up front to determine the facets but after that I think you can shave very efficiently, with fewer repeat strokes.

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