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Aside: Shavapalooza!

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I’m back from my trips to Chicago and Milwaukee!  It was an amazing experience: surreal (in  good way), tiring, flattering, humbling.  I’m still trying to “process” it all.  Give me a few days to catch up with emails and comments, and collect some pictures, and I will post a longer article.


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3 thoughts on “Aside: Shavapalooza!”

  1. Do you have any plans in the works for other events? Texas wants one too! A Mantic and Charles Roberts event would be a show NOT to miss! Just a thought. (:

  2. Thanks again for a great event at Stag in Milwaukee. I put some of your tips to use on Monday morning (mostly: don’t press so hard!) and I gave myself my best shave ever. Hands down. Second only to the professional work of the lovely Sarah at Stag, of course.

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