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Rockwell 6C And 2C

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[Note from Mantic59: a recent survey of Sharpologist readers indicated interest in more product reviews.  Your wish is my command! Rockwell, Amazon, and links are affiliate.]  Rockwell Razor’s flagship razor, the Rockwell 6S, has gotten most of the buzz here.  But the value-oriented Rockwell 6C (and the 6C’s little brother, the 2C)? Not so much.  Let’s change that with a review.


Sharpologist has highlighted Rockwell Razors a number of times in the past, watching it grow from crowdfunding startup to a small business with a number of products (and some growing pains).  The 6C and 2C razors are made in the spirit of their flagship stainless steel product but with different materials for a more value-focused viewpoint.  From the Rockwell website:

A fully-adjustable razor, available at the best possible price. Cast from premium chromed zinc alloys, the Rockwell 6C’s flawless finish is nearly as impressive as the incredible shave it provides.


  • Weight: 100 grams
  • Length: 3.34 inches (85mm) handle
  • Materials: White Chrome, Gunmetal Chrome

Rockwell’s “C” base plates are similar the “S” base plates but slightly tweaked for the materials used:

  • R1: 0.008″ (0.20 mm)
  • R2: 0.014” (0.35 mm)
  • R3: 0.019” (0.48 mm)
  • R4: 0.024” (0.61 mm)
  • R5: 0.027” (0.69 mm)
  • R6: 0.031” (0.79 mm)

My Experience With The Rockwell 6C (and 2C)

(Rockwell, Amazon, and West Coast Shaving links are affiliate.)

I have been using a Rockwell 6C in my rotation for a while now.  Mine is a white chrome version. I’ve read reports of spotty quality control on some manufacturing runs but the fit-and-finish of the razor I have is fine.

Like using any adjustable razor, the first few times with the Rockwell 6C is a bit of a learning process with trying to find the setting (base plate) that works best for me.  My personal preference on the stainless steel version is plate #2 but I prefer plate #1 on the 6C (I generally prefer milder razors with more efficient blades).  Rockwell sells a version of the “C” with only a single plate , the Rockwell 2C, corresponding to R1 and R3 in the previous section.  I think that’s a good compromise: the 2C’s R1/R3 plate should be fine for the majority of those using it.

The razor’s weight and balance are typical for the materials used.

For me the Rockwell 6C/2C doesn’t deliver the same “experience” as the stainless steel version: I like the weight and balance of the stainless steel version better.  However, performance-wise I think the “C” razor is certainly acceptable.


The original Rockwell razor broke new ground with it’s multiple base plate adjust-ability.  The Rockwell 6C was launched to take the concept to more of a “value” price point.  And that concept has apparently been successful, as a number of other razor manufacturers and artisans now offer some of their razors with alternate base plates (however Rockwell is still the only one with dual-sided plates).

The Rockwell 6C and 2C razors are reasonably widely available from sources including the Rockwell website, Amazon, West Coast Shaving, Maggard Razors, Italian Barber, etc.

Have you used a Rockwell 6C or 2C?  What do you think of it?  Leave a comment below.



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4 thoughts on “Rockwell 6C And 2C”

  1. The 6C is the best razor I have ever used. Coupled with a Personna Med Prep blade it gave me the best shave of my life. My collection of Gillette vintage razors is about to be sold.

  2. I have used other straight blade razors and I was ready to go back to cartridge razors (they felt rough and I would always get many nicks and cuts) but the Rockwell 2C razor was as smooth and nick free as you can get.

  3. Sensitive skin & razor bumps / ingrown hairs? This is a great razor for you. I can speak from experience. Cartridges seemed great but kept inflaming my neck. My prior razors are simply too aggressive for daily use.
    The Rockwell 6C system works really well for me and it’s only taken 3 shaves to make my skin much happier. It is now my daily driver so to speak.

    Pre-shave routine: hand rub glycerin soap into beard, bar or hand towel, damp and microwaved till very warm and apply for 4 minutes. Obviously don’t scald yourself. Yes it helps. I notice every time I don’t do this.
    Best plates: 1 & 3
    Shave soap: Pre de Provence No. 63 shave soap – love this scent, wife too!

  4. I have the 6C version and use the 4/2 and the 3/1 plates. The performance for me has been great,easy shaves,no nicks and close. Very pleased,changing the plate for the touch up is not a big deal.I use a Feather with the 3/1 and a Nacet blade with the 4/2 now for the best results.

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