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RIP Coates (Again)

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RIP Coates

Like a terminally ill patient who recovers only to be hit by a train, venerable British shaving cream maker Coates has had to call it quits…again.  Once part of Simpsons (pre-Vulfix merger), Coates had died a painful death, only to be resurrected in mid-2010 with an updated version of their classic Tea Tree shave cream, a small inventory of new-old-stock shaving brushes, and high hopes for the future.  They had plans additional shaving creams, shaving soaps, aftershave balm, etc.
But it is not to be.  A recent message on twitter indicated that the company is almost broke and will be put up for sale very soon.  Perhaps it will be acquired by someone who can carry on but in the meantime if you like Coates products, now is the time to stock up.


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3 thoughts on “RIP Coates (Again)”

  1. a true shame…. I had hoped Coates would fly like the resurrected Phenix, but alas I guess not. Which is odd, i considered it one of the best creams out there. Will definitely try and stock up a tub or two.

  2. I agree with mayhillBoi, it’s a good cream, but there are better out there. Perhaps a competitive market with not not enough users at the moment.
    Bluebeards Revenge was launch at a similar time and seemed to have a much better marketing strategy. Including recently selling smaller sizes. Oh and Bluebeards is a good cream. It will be interesting to see how they continue in the near future.
    It’s sad to see any UK business close.

  3. Shame… But the shaving cream market is VERY competitive, and having used Coates, it looks like most wet shavers would agree with me when I say it’s just not that good.

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