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Riding with the Captain (Captain’s Choice Bay Rum Review)

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Captain’s Choice

For the past several months I have been on a dream ride with Captain’s Choice Bay Rum.* With a clear deep amber color and a fresh distinctive aroma’ one whiff when I first opened the vintage style bottle and I knew this was something I would enjoy. Captain’s Choice does have pure grain alcohol as it’s first ingredient, and we all know that alcohol’s one flaw is that it tends to dry your skin leaving your face drained and thirsting for a moisturizer. The Captain has skillfully addressed that with the addition of essential oils, Witch Hazel, and Glycerin helping create a crisp feeling that is not too harsh. I can feel my skin tightening as I let the splash do its work, and the oils and glycerin help to keep my face nourished.

If you are not a fan of alcohol let the aftershave sit in your hands for about 30 seconds, this will allow the alcohol to evaporate along with much of the bite. What is left is a rich, fresh mellow aroma that has quite the staying power. Throughout my day I occasionally get a wonderful whiff of the rum scent that is neither overpowering nor harsh, my face feels conditioned and happy,

The bottom line: There are a lot of A/S options to choose from; some of them not only pack quite a punch but also can put a dent on your wallet. Captain’s Choice Bay Rum* is a product that has tremendous bang for the buck because it not only works well in soothing my freshly shaven face, but it also has a refreshing scent with holding power. In fact it has replaced my daily cologne. So the captain has created a quality personal product that can serve double duty, and at $17.95 for a 4oz bottle, that is just fine for my pocketbook!
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Sharpologist Staff

Sharpologist Staff

8 thoughts on “Riding with the Captain (Captain’s Choice Bay Rum Review)”

  1. I also love Captain’s Choice. I’ve tried dozens of bay rums and Captains Choice, no matter the variety, is in my top three (it just might be my favorite!)

  2. I received the sample last night. Old school smell. Strong at first, but dissipates into a great scent. I’ll be picking up a bottle for myself and one as a gift for my father.

  3. Got the sample today. It is definitely official. Smells great. Etsy has surprised me as of late, as fleabay has continued to go downhill.

    1. @illadelphia
      Do you know the same of the seller? I’d like to try a sample of it but can’t seem to find the seller.

  4. Didn’t like the scent of this aftershave and don’t think $20 is a good deal for an aftershave this small.

  5. There is a store on ETSY offering samples ($3 + $1.95 for shipping). The store claims to be associated with Captain. Seems legit, but you can never be too sure. All in all a decent idea for someone wanting to sample before purchasing a full bottle.

  6. I have been using Captain’s Choice for months now and it has become my aftershave of choice. I could not disagree more with AFC12812007. In my opinion, this is a top notch aftershave. The scent is complex and very well balanced. In addition to the “burn” you get with alcohol-containing ASs, Captain’s Choice always conveys a very nice warming sensation with a scent that lingers for 4-5 hours after application. As the author of the article comments, it has the capability to replace a cologne without being overpowering. At 17.95 for a 4 ounce bottle, you get an excellent value. I challenge you to find a superior bay rum aftershave.

  7. Loyal fan of the Captain. Feeling is crisp at first but fades quickly. Oils keep my face soft all day. Very pleasant aroma. Great stuff at fair price.
    I’m on my 2nd bottle and will definitely buy more.

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