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Revisiting An Old Friend

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When I first started out with a DE razor I–like most others–experimented around with various blades.  I settled on an Israeli-made Personna blade (“IP”), sometimes packaged under the “Crystal” brand.  These are the blades in the blue wrapper, vs. the “other” Israeli-made blade that’s often seen in a red wrapper.  I ended up buying a box of 100 off ebay for a pittance.
A couple years ago I ended up trying some Derby blades and decided they shaved “closer” than the “IP’s”–they weren’t perhaps as “forgiving” and required me to pay attention a bit more closely, but I ended up getting a pack of 100 Derby’s as well.
Anyway, this morning I was in the process of changing blades for the week (as is my custom) and noticed the little box of IP’s languishing in the corner of my blade drawer.  On a whim I pulled one out and fed it to my Merkur Progress for my morning shave.
Comfortable, effortless BBS. 
Maybe it was an unconscious tweak of my technique.  Maybe it was just the change that made me pay attention a little more.  In any case, the result can’t be denied.
So re-visit those past-used items once in a while.  You might be pleasantly surprised.


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7 thoughts on “Revisiting An Old Friend”

  1. That's eerie that this post was put up. Just a few days ago I was thinking to myself I should try some of the old blades I haven't used since I first started. I settled on the Gillette Sharp Edge blades back then, and tomorrow I will give one of the old blades a shot!

  2. Now I'm confused. Are the Crystal blades the same blade as the Israeli Personna? I've been using Feather blades but have a package of the Crystals that I might try.

  3. Haha, good looking out, Mantic!

    I've found that the Personna reds last longer than Derby blades, and most of the time give me the better shave.

    Btw, I got a few samples of a few Trumpers samples ; )

    Fantastic scents for GFT and Almond. The Almond cream smells like air head candy mostly. And, the GFT has that awesome citursy scent to it, that even my family members love.

    unfortunately, I still wouldn't buy the tubs over the less expensive creams. I can get the same shave out for less. As I said before, GFT was all hype.

    Onto T&H and Mitchells Woolfat next…

  4. Hmmm.

    Just this Sunday, I returned to Derby blades after having made the "permanent" move to Feathers.

    Maybe it's because I've been programmed to be scared of Feathers, but

    those damned Derbys nicked me.

    Rather — I nicked myself with those Derbys.

    I need to pay more attention.

    And I'll be dead five years before I get what I consider a good, creamy soap lather. Whether I go back to earlier failures or stick with the more recent . . . . 😉

  5. What does IP stand for, Mantic? You didn't tell us the name of the full name of the blades in your article. lol

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