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Review: Sharpologist's and Niven & Joshua's eShave Giveaway

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Cool eShave Stuff From Niven & Joshua!

I was lucky enough to win the first giveaway and was surprised at the value of the items listed. The prize was provided by Joshua & Niven and the products were from eShave. It consisted of:

eShave Orange Sandalwood Pre-Shave Oil
eShave Orange Sandalwood Shave Cream
eShave Orange Sandalwood Aftershave Soother
eShave Fine Badger Hair Brush
eShave Luxury 5 Blade razor
eShave T Razor Stand

I cannot say enough about the Orange Sandalwood line of products. My wife threatened to steal the cream and aftershave soother because she liked the smell so much. The smell is incredible, but the quality is fantastic. The pre-shave oil is thick and absorbs well into the skin. The cream lathers well with a very rich, bubbly foam that moisturizes well. In its container, it is very thick and not much is needed for a good lather. If I had to pick a favorite item in this giveaway, however, I would choose the Orange Sandalwood aftershave soother. This is by far the best aftershave balm I have used, as well as the best-smelling. It is thicker than every other balm I have rubbed onto my face and must be massaged in. It initially looks like a soap as you massage it into your skin because of its thickness, and it feels like it truly is moisturizing layers of skin after each shave. Some balms feel as though they are merely making your face feel cooler after shaving, but this actually feels like it is more substantive than that. I highly recommend it.
The T Razor Stand is a quality piece of work. It is smooth, sleek and sturdy and it dwarfs my old stand. It does bring an element of class to my shave den that was missing. Is it a necessity? Of course not, but, for the man who wants the finer things, it certainly qualifies. Speaking of the finer things, the Luxury 5-Blade Razor is for men who will pay extra for quality and appearance. The razor uses Gillette Fusion 5-blade razor cartridges and is made of ergonomically crafted Lucite. It definitely feels better in your hand than a normal Fusion razor, but it should only appeal to those who use cartridge razors. This razor is perfect for the man who looks at a Fusion cartridge razor and wonders how he could make it more expensive. I jokingly say that as a poor grad student, but the razor is very classy addition to any shave den, especially when paired with the eShave Fine Badger Hair Brush.
The brush includes a fairly standard badger hair knot on a long handle. That is what I like most about it. I recently purchased a small shave scuttle from Robert Becker, who advised me to use a long-handled brush for the narrow cavity in the scuttle. Once the eShave set arrived, I had the long-handled brush I needed. If anyone has had a problem with having brushes too short for the long, narrow shave scuttle crafted by Becker or others, the eShave brush (in the same finish as the razor) is a solid option.
I was ecstatic to win Sharpologist’s first giveaway, and I was not disappointed when the products arrived. The only item I am not actually using is the Fusion razor, but that is not for lack of quality. I abandoned cartridge razors when I started DE shaving, so I presented the lucite-handled razor to a friend as a gift. He loves it. The products at eShave are very high quality, and the folks at Niven & Joshua were very cordial and promptly replied to each email. Thank you to everyone involved in the giveaway.

Justin C. Cliburn

Justin C. Cliburn

6 thoughts on “Review: Sharpologist's and Niven & Joshua's eShave Giveaway”

  1. I have this cream; I’ve only shaved with it a few times, but enjoyed the lather and results each shave. I found the scent of sandalwood and orange to be very light, but pleasant, altho I personally had hoped for a bolder profile. Have any of you how have tried it agree with me? Scent is very subjective tho, and it could just be my nose (I personally wouldn’t hold my olfactory sense very high, lol).

  2. I know what your wife means. One thing that eShave do very well is their scents.
    I have some eShave White Tea – and its scent is fantastic.

  3. Justin was kind enough to allow my first passes of the new year to involve the fresh and balanced lather from his new shave cream and treated me to the fine finish of the aftershave. I agree with the review and am now even more jealous of his winnings. I will soon purchase the aftershave and look forward to winning a future give-away (wish me luck).

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