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Saving Ryan’s Privates: Groin Sweat And Odor

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Excessive groin sweat can be uncomfortable and embarrassing.  But you (and those around you) don’t have to suffer in silence.  There are a number of products and strategies that can help you not only feel better but reduce the funk as well.

There’s Sweat…Then There’s Sweat

First, it may help to understand the process that’s going on down there.  There are two main types of sweat glands: eccrine and apocrine.
Eccrine glands occur over most of your body and open directly onto the surface of the skin (and particularly areas like the palm of the hand and the sole of the foot). Eccrine glands secrete fluid onto the surface of your skin when your body temperature rises, where it cools the body as it evaporates. This fluid is mainly water and salt.

Apocrine glands occur in areas with hair like your groin or armpits: they empty into the hair follicle just before it opens onto the skin surface.  Apocrine glands produce a milky fluid that most commonly is secreted when you’re under emotional stress. This fluid is odorless until it combines with bacteria found normally on your skin.

Some strong medications can result into body odor as well. Diabetic patients, for example, can smell like acetone because of the insulin medication that they take. If you drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes or cigars you may have a bad body odor as well.

Products That Can Help

intimate deodorants
Gold Bond Medicated Powder (and their generics): It’s been around for over 100 years: Brett at The Art Of Manliness comments that Gold Bond “is how Gramps powdered the balls of steel that stormed their way up Normandy.”  🙂  The active ingredients are Menthol (for anti-itch and a mild cooling sensation) and zinc oxide (for protecting the skin).  Other ingredients typically include talc (as the “carrier”) and various salicylates.

Grooming Lounge Super Powder takes a slightly different approach.  It’s made up of several zinc compounds (and fragrance) in a talc carrier for more of a moisture control application.

Powders like these can be a bit messy if you’re distracted when applying them.  You can reduce the mess by using a powder applicator (sometimes called a “powder puff”).

Comfy Boys is one of another class of products, an “intimate deodorant” cream.  In case of Comfy Boys, it’s not only easier to apply but it also comes in a couple (mild) scents, including chocolate….

I’ve tried all these products and they all seem to work well.

Some Other Strategies To Combat Groin Odor

Wash the area thoroughly.  Don’t just wipe some soap on the area.  Use some pressure and get into all those nooks and crannies. An antibacterial soap could also help too. If you’re uncircumcised, be sure to clean below your foreskin.

Gillette recently publicized a study (that they funded) that found shaving after washing (in this case, the underarm) was over twice as effective as washing alone in reducing odor:
(Click image for larger version)
In the case of the groin you don’t have to shave yourself bare (and some medical professionals say it’s actually more beneficial to have some hair rather than no hair) but “pruning the hedges” with a beard trimmer can help keep odors down. Pubic hair traps dampness and odors, and also makes it difficult for the underlying skin to stay cool and dry.

After washing, dry completely.  You’ll reduce body odor if you reduce moisture.  Dry out your junk completely before dressing—especially during the summer when you’re hot all the time.  Damp towels or washcloths also accumulate bacteria, so they could contribute to the problem too: make sure you’re using clean, dry linens when you step out of the shower.

Cotton briefs and clothing can help keep your package funk-free.

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What other products do you find work well for keeping Ryan’s privates under control?  Leave a comment!


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10 thoughts on “Saving Ryan’s Privates: Groin Sweat And Odor”

  1. I grew a beard to stop wasting money on razors, not I have to shave my pits? What about diet? Candida can flourish in high sugar diets. However, you don’t want to do a candida flush as killing it off rapidly can cause side effects. How acid is your diet?
    What about Organic apple cider vinegar as topical? Lots of men with high sugar diet tend to see sudden weight gain. This provides environment for candida bloom internally. Get tested for allergy!
    I never had issue with wheat or peanut butter but got tested and was allergy poz. Diet can cause odors

  2. Try CRYSTAL Deordorant! I found mine at CVS and on their website!
    Also, I been looking into moisture wicking underwear!
    This applies to men/women.

  3. I would recommend ToppCock if you want to get rid of genital odor. It’s active ingredients include silver nanoparticles which are known for their natural antibacterial properties. It may not help in controling sweat but works wonders getting rid of stink caused by bacteria and fungi.

  4. Mantic what if instead of shaving my armpits, I just use a beard trimmer without a guard? Wouldn’t that keep the odor away as good as shaving?

  5. I find boxer briefs (or trunk briefs) keep my boys far cooler than regular briefs. And, having used most of the products discussed (except for Comfy Boys–a great name), I find that either Gold Bond or a corn-starch based powder work best for me. I’m not a big fan of the Gold Bond scent, though. When I was younger I preferred ZBT (baby powder with oil), but it doesn’t seem to be available any more.

    1. As a matter of fact I just started wearing boxer briefs myself and I think they are cooler too. Comments I’ve read on other sites seem to trend that talc-based powders tend to last a little longer than corn starch based powders but I say if it works for you, go for it! 🙂

      1. I tend to use cornstarch based powders simply because I think they work better for me.
        But since the possible negative effects of various ingredients in persona care products gets discussed on this forum, be aware there is some concern that talc is a carcinogen. If this were an issue for me, I’d be far more concerned about putting talc on my boys (which stays there all day), then shaving with a product that contains parabens and the like, which only stays on my face for mere minutes.

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