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Waterfield Razor Travel Case

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sf bags razor case
Waterfield Designs in San Fransisco recently contacted me to ask if I was interested in looking at their razor case.  A razor case?  I was kind of skeptical but I decided to check it out.  What I got pleasantly surprised me.

Razor Case Or Mini Dopp Kit?

They offer two different types of razor case, one of ballistic nylon (in black) and the other in “grizzly brown” leather.  I admit I was intrigued by the leather version, and it did not disappoint.  This is one finely crafted leather pouch!  It reminded me of a well-made leather Dopp kit.  The leather is substantial and just feels sexy to the touch.  It is lined and stitched throughout.  The zipper is self-locking and large enough to accomodate meaty fingers.  And as you can see, a DE razor (and perhaps a few blades) will fit quite well:
bag with razor
Long-handled cartridge razors fit in the pouch too, as long as you pop off the cartridge (they’ll both fit in the pouch fine).  But this looks and feels like an appropriate vintage-style luxury accessory for a vintage-style luxury razor.
As a practical matter something like this would be great to throw into a suitecase (or Dopp kit): no worrying about grabbing something you shouldn’t as you’re rummaging around.
If you want something special for your shave den this is something you should take a look at Waterfield Design’s Razor Case.


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  1. That’s a nice looking razor case. And I can’t believe it’s only $30 (for the leather). My birthday is next month, and I think this case would make a nice preset to myself. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Mark.

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