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Razor Rinser Kickstarter

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razor rinser

As long-time readers of Sharpologist know, I like to highlight shaving-related crowdfunding projects. Here is one that really piqued my interest, particularly as a way of possibly saving a lot of water during a shave: Razor Rinser.


I talked with the creators of Razor Rinser, Matt and Andy, on a video chat recently to get more information. A lot of that information is also on their crowdfunding page:

We came up with the idea for the Razor Rinser while shaving in less-than-ideal conditions. 

We deployed together to the Red Sea in 2022 on a Guided Missile Destroyer. We have shaved A LOT during our 10 years of Naval service. Sharing a bathroom with 15 other guys, having limited access to new razors, and living on a ship that had to make its own fresh water made shaving difficult. While deployed, we brainstormed ideas for better, cleaner ways to shave and sketched out designs for what would become the Razor Rinser.

Returning from deployment, we were both stationed at Naval Base San Diego and we got to work. The San Diego Public Library’s IDEA Lab played a key role in allowing us to develop and design the prototype we had envisioned while overseas. Andy leveraged his United States Naval Academy training as a Systems Engineer to create dozens of prototypes. We tested our final design every day over the next year and found that our shaving routine was more efficient, saved water, and kept the sink clean.

The Razor Rinser shoots a targeted jet of water between your razor blades

  • The tap runs water over your razor – the Razor Rinser shoots water between the blades to actually get them clean. 
  • As you push down with your razor, the pressure builds, blasting jets of water through the blades. No cords! No batteries! You can use it anywhere!
  • Water gets recycled as you shave, flowing back into the dish and passing through 150-micron filters. With the Razor Rinser, you can shave with less than 4 oz of water.
  • When you’re done shaving, all the hair and shaving cream is contained in the dish, so you can dump it in the toilet (or on the ground; out your car window; wherever!). No messy or clogged sink!

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4 thoughts on “Razor Rinser Kickstarter”

  1. This looks like a great idea for those who shave with cartridges and can’t or won’t waste heaps of water. I’d probably use it while camping.

    Do they have any plans to create a DE version that jets the water laterally? I’d use such a thing at home

    1. Hey Ed,
      Andy from The Clean Shave here – we’re working on a modification to the design that will do exactly what you describe. Instead of making a whole new product, we’re working on new “guts” that accommodate DE razors. Later this year we’re planning to release an interchangeable component (that will work with the current Razor Rinser) for DE Razors.
      The cartridge razor version is a little simpler, so we decided to master that first – but we’ve had DE in mind since the beginning! Thanks for your question!

  2. Brian Fiori (AKA The Dean)

    One thing that perplexes me is the lack of what I consider some important information about the product. Not that I need something like this, but if I were going to support this (or purchase one later) I’d need to know at least”

    Does this fit all cartridges?

    How long do the work/how often do they need to be changed? Price? Availability?

    Also I’m not sure if pressing down with the blade edges exposed is such a great idea.

    1. Hey Brian!
      This is Andy Camp – I’m the co-inventor of the Razor Rinser. We’ll use your questions to help build out the FAQ page on our Kickstarter (, so thank you. I’ll also answer them here:
      We sized the pump to fit all cartridges, including the large women-focused cartridges. It can accept any razor head 2.5in x 3.5in
      We’ll ship in October – the best price you can get Kickstarter right now is $29+$8 shipping. There are no consumable components that need to be replaced – meant as a one-time and done purchase!
      So there is a rubber gasket around the outside edge of the spray manifold that ensures the blades aren’t the things applying the pressure. The gasket makes contact with the perimeter of the cartridge, which transmits the “push”.
      Again, thanks for your questions, they help us do a better job of explaining the product!!

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