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Question: Shaving Blogs?

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I like to say to those who are new to traditional shaving that “you are not alone!”  There is all sorts of support for you…and opinions.  Thanks for visiting me here!  I try to make it a “helpful” site, a compliment to my videos, talking about tips, tricks and advice.  I guess that’s my “niche.”  But there are other shaving blogs too!  My RSS reader follows over 30 shaving-related blogs.  I’ve listed many on a separate page.  What shaving-related blogs do you enjoy reading?  Why?


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11 thoughts on “Question: Shaving Blogs?”

  1. I sometimes wonder if there are too many of the blogs or boards now. There is only so many of the truly interested and informed to keep these things going at a healthy and dynamic clip.

  2. This is my own personal one, although it’s not just about wetshaving, there are some nuggets from my own limited experiences so far. is a pretty good one

  3. I just realised you had linked to a site I run ( Many thanks for that. Bit of background: The site started as a staging tool for a completely different type of site. Then a number of people felt it was actually good as it was, so we started using its blogging feature. Which is where we are at now. It gives us the opportunity to rant and rave outside of the forums we frequent (unless we were already banned for being a bit too direct with our opinions on marketeers flooding these forums).

    My personal favourite blog is Bruce (Everiss) on Shaving. A great resource in general, and refreshingly non-PC.

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