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Question: How Many Razors Do You Have?

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Over the past few years I’ve managed to collect quite a number of razors, both DE and cartridge:
Merkur Progress
Merkur Slant

Merkur HD
Merkur Futur

Merkur Bakelite
Edwin Jagger DE87
Ming Shi

Classic Shaving Cobra
Injector (type S)
Zorrik (plastic)
Gillette Superspeed (vintage)
Gillette Aristocrat (vintage)

Feather Popular
Feather Portable
Gillette Guard (1 blade cartridge, for Indian market)
Gillette Mach3 (manual & power)
Gillette Fusion (manual, power, & Proglide)
Schick Hydro (3 & 5 blade)
Schick Quattro
King of Shaves Azor (type S & type M)
Col. Conk ‘Atra” style
Not to mention the couple straight razors I’ve been playing with.  Yes, I agree that its a completely rediculous amount of razors.  🙂  How many razors do you have, and what is your favorite?


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32 thoughts on “Question: How Many Razors Do You Have?”

  1. I have over 100 razors. I have many straight razors, including a guard razor, seven day set, 18th century, early 19th century with a long, thick, heavy wedge blade.
    Rolls razors
    various Gillette razors from the double ring to the current plastic one.
    Star razors
    Zinn Gem
    Gems, including each variety of Micromatics (OC my favorite)
    Schicks and Eversharp-Schicks, including each variety of magazine razor
    Durham Duplexes
    Schick electric (1934)
    Valet Autostrap
    Vibrating double edges
    Vibrating Techmatic
    Vibrating Atra
    And many others
    I use a straight razor (95%), Rolls (4%), Micromatic OC (1%).

  2. 28 Straights in rotation, too many to count waiting for restoration, and whatever I need to hone.

    My friend has five display cases full of DE's. And someone on craigslist is selling $25,000 worth of straight razors!

    I don't think you have a problem. 🙂

  3. A few notes…

    The Merkur "180" is actually their 23C, but with a different number designated by the US importer (I believe Col. Conk).

    bsmyn0708: indeed, one can purchase expensive "luxury" items if one so chooses to take this up as a hobby. However, this is by no means a requirement to get a good shave.

    While I have purchased a few "optional" items I could have been set for a good long time with my Lord L6 ($11), a box of 100 Derby blades ($8), Tweezerman brush ($11); and a few pucks of Van der Hagen soap ($2 ea.).

    So that's about $50 total, and I generally get 4-5 shaves per blade….

  4. I've been doing this for five years and I still only have the first razor I ever bought: the Merkur classic. Up until yesterday, I still had only the first brush I'd ever bought: the $35 Edwin Jagger badger from Crabtree & Evelyn.

    Am I the only wet shaver who's been at it for years but who still has original equipment?

  5. Well Mantic, it sure seems now it's becoming more affordable. The price of classic wet shaving has sky rocketed. The brushes and creams are absurdly overpriced. Not to mention the rising prices of vintage safety razors.

    What's cheaper? Spending $150 + on a quality brush, cream and a razor + blades or $25 for a 5-8 pack cartridge razor pack? Plus the use of coupons and other savings.

    Most can get about 4-6 shaves out of 1 cartridge razor, compared to 1-3 with one DE blade. And no, the savings don't add up over time. They'll eventually be equal or more expensive.

    Spending $50 + on a vintage razor is asinine and not worth the price. You're better off buying the cream and a $30 brush.

  6. Feather A S Straight
    Pomco Diagonal
    Ikon Bulldog O/C
    Cased 40's Thin Handle Tech (British)
    Cased 49's Fat Handle Tech (British)
    WW2 USA Tech
    British Tech made for the French Market
    2 x Presidents (1 Mint boxed the other I use)
    1916 Old Single Ring
    3 x Red Flair Tip Super Speeds
    Red Tip Rocket
    3 x Flair Tip Super Speeds
    Flair Tip Rocket
    TV Rocket
    LD Rocket (British)
    HD500 Rocket (British)
    Merkur Bakelite
    Think that is it for the moment, as to my favourite if I was forced (and I mean forced) to make a choice it would be either of the 40's Techs great razor, forgiving nimble so you can get to all the tricky bits. But very good at mowing the stubble down.Everyone should own a Tech….or
    Have I got a razor collecting problem……..nah still on the look out for more to try.

  7. Mergress
    Merkur 34c
    Fat Boy 61
    Fat Boy 60
    Art of Shaving Power Razor
    King of Shaver Azor
    Gillette Fusion (manual, and power)

  8. I leaped in traditional wet shaving last September; I'm only now starting to feel even adequate with my technique.

    But that sure doesn't stop me from buying, or coveting. However, I practice restraint.

    Edwin Jagger de89
    Merkur HD
    Merkur 180 Long Handle
    Weishi gun metal

    5 or more Fusions
    (both "power" and manual)
    1 horrific five-blade Personna monstrosity, courtesy Wal-Mart

    The Edwin Jagger is my favourite. From the moment I saw its beautiful, beautiful chrome, I fell in love — and knew someone had made it with care. I find that it is a much more comfortable, and smoother, shave than the HD — which surprised me.

    After trying Merkur, Personna, Wilkinson, and Shark blades, I've finally settled on the Feathers — and they are a joy in either the Edwin Jagger, or the Long Handle.

    To be honest, nothing seems to quite work in the HD. . . .

    The Weishi is a piece of crap. Or so I thought until reading M59's blog and links more closely. I'm interested in seeing if the non-aggressive razor blends well with Feathers. Wish me luck.

    I have eyed a number of vintage offerings, usually on EBay, but have yet to pull the trigger.

    And I dream of straight razors, but am dominated by fear. . . .

  9. Parker 96R
    69 slim adjustable
    84 adjustable black beauty
    Ball-end tech
    72 super speed
    Lord L6
    Lord Racer
    Schick Quattro

    Black Beaty is my favorite at #9 on 1st pass

    Black Beaty is my favorite @#9. 

  10. Shame on you Mark. Not a single SE on the list.

    As for me:
    Mergress XL
    Gillette Knack
    Gillette Slim
    Gillette Fat boy
    Gillette Tech
    Merkur HD
    GEM 1912
    GEM G bar
    GEM Featherweight
    GEM Micromatic Close Comb
    GEM Micromatic Clog Pruf
    GEM Micromatic Open Comb
    Various carts.

    But of them all my favorites are the Mergresses, Fat Boy, Slim, Gem 1912, GEM G bar.

  11. Started with a Parker 96R…
    then it got kinda crazy

    Gillette Super Speed x5
    Gillette Ranger Tech
    Gillette Fat Hand. Tech x2
    Gillette Aristocrat
    Gillette Super Adjustable x3
    Gillette Slim x2
    Gillette Fat Boy x2
    Gillette Blue Tip
    Gillette Black Tip
    Gillette Red Tip x2
    Gillette Diplomat
    Gillette New DeLuxe Travel Kit
    Gillette Ball End Old Type
    Gillette Ball End New x2
    Gillette Lady Gillette
    Gillette Travel Tech x2
    Travalong Safety Razor
    Schick Krona
    Schick Injector
    Gem 1912
    Gem G Bar

    RAD…nope don't got it.

  12. bsmyn0708 – so shave with the M3 when you feel like it! If you can afford the cartridge price and the shave gives you pleasure, go for it. As a matter of fact my last few shaves have been with an M3 because I'm testing a razor blade life-extending gizmo called Magna Blade and its easier to use with a cartridge razor.

    Larry – I have a Cobra Classic and an Injector, both are SE's. 🙂

  13. What…no single edge (SE) razors?

    I have six in my current armory:
    – Edwin Jagger DE89l
    – Gillette Aristocrat ('46-'47 vintage, my birth year razor!)
    – Gillette NEW (1930's, short comb, gold)
    – Gillette Aristocrat Adjustable (1961)
    – Gillette Super Adjustable (black handle, 1967)
    – Gem Junior (SE with 1912 head & fat black handle)

    All are in regular rotation, but if I could only have one, it would be the Edwin Jagger DE89L.

  14. 1 DE blade style straight razor

    1 Mach 3 Turbo manual. I miss shaving with this razor : (

    1 Schick Quattro

    1 Merkur 34C HD

    8 Gillette Fusions(Manual and 1 Power). Haha, yes I know that's a lot of razors. I had several coupons for them.

    They were selling for cheap(under $5) at Target a few years ago and I had coupons for $4 off one razor. But I really hate this razor.

  15. Mantic59: I'd love to help you identify your Superspeed and Aristocrat. If you look at the bottom of the razor's head (where the handle joins into it) you'll see a letter and a number. The letter is the year and the number is the quarter.

    I have the following Gillettes:

    Double ring 1900s (w/complete travel kit, the original Gillette razor)

    Senator 1938 (open comb, twist to open/TTO)

    Blue Tip 1956
    Flair Tip 1956
    Red Tip 1956

    Fatboy 1959
    Slim Handle 1963 (the one I shave with)
    Super Adjustable 1969 (short handle
    Super Adjustable 1971 (long handle, rare R R date code)
    Super Adjustable 1981(?) (plastic head)

    There are still a few I'd love to have. If I had a toggle-handle adjustable that would complete my adjustable collection. For example, I'd love to have a "psycho", a World War I khaki and a open-comb TTO with a bulldoged handle.

  16. The most recent (for me) and by far the best ever, without a doubt, is the POMCO SLANT.
    1 Puma straight wedge (1971)
    1 C-mon straight 5/8 (1971)
    6 Gillette Super Speeds (1947-1978)
    3 Gillette Techs
    1 Gillette Adjustable (1964)
    1 Gillette Fat Boy (1963)
    2 Shick Injectors
    3 SEs
    4 Various Cartridge type

  17. I like them all. They're all very unique. The Merkur HD is the newest one, so it looks the best. Polished, heavy, and gives a great shave. However, out of the three, it's definitely the most aggressive. I can "feel" the blade the most prominent in it. I use it for more mild razors like Derby and Red IP.

    The 1966 Travel tech is the least aggressive one I own. It's mild touch is perfect for those more aggressive blades like feathers. However, the short handle can be hard to handle and I feel like I'm always about to drop it.

    However, the 1948-50 superspeed is by far my favorite. It's not as heavy as the Merkur, but not as light as the travel tech. It's not as aggressive as the Merkur or mild as the tech. I feel its the perfect balance for my sensitive skin. Others have different views, so YMMV is in effect here.

  18. I'm only a wetshave newb only been at it about a week. I currently own a Merkur model 180 long handle as my first safety razor. I also own a Gillete Fusion, a fusion powerglide, and a mach 3. Out of my cartridge shavers the Mach 3 was my favorite, but I've been doing decently with the Merkur since I started. Still getting the hang of things.

  19. I have had several, but sold or gave most away…

    now, I have:
    AJ Jordan 5/8" Sheffield Straight
    Wagner 6/8" Solingin Straight
    "no-name" 5/8" straight

    Merkur Progress (modified by Eric into a "Mergress") – This was my RAD killer before I got into straights.

  20. Parker 91R
    1966 Gillette adjustable Thin
    1961 Gillette Fat Boy
    1956 Gillette Super speed
    1957 Gillette Red Tip Super Speed
    1968 Gillette Knack
    1930's Gillette New
    Vintage Gillette Gold Ball Tip Tech

  21. I don't really consider myself a noob at wetshaving because I've fully emersed myself in the art. However, I do have to remember that I've only been at it 6 or 7 months. So with that in mind, I've only aquired 5.

    Merkur HD
    Gillette Superspeed (vintage)
    Gillette Superspeed (Vintage-decorative purposes)
    Gillette Travel Tech (Vintage)
    Old looking straight razor (vintage-decorative)

    When I started traditional wet shaving, I threw away all my carts and handles. However, I'm hoping to aquire a Gillette Proglide soon for a blog I'd like to write.

  22. Five straights (5/8″ Robert Klaas's Prima Solingen, 5/8″ Eskilstuna Rex No. 8, 6/8″ Garantie Solingen's The Winner, 6/8″ Dovo's Renaissance, and 6/8″ Wacker Jungmeister) and eight safety razors (Gillette #58, Gillette Apparat, Gillette NEW, Gillette Slim Adjustable(1965), Gillette Super Speed(1967), Gillette Tech date code(1974), Merkur Progress, and Wilkinson Sword Classic)
    I rotate between the NEW, the Slim Adjustable, and the Apparat (German produced Gillette Rocket). If I'd to chose one it would be the Apparat.

  23. I've got five — Merkur HD, Merkur Slant, Merkur Futur, Merkur Vision and Feather Portable. They were all acquired when I was a DE newbie. Now I could happily settle on just the Slant. Works great for me.

  24. 1 straight – a Wostenholm pipe razor, I think 6/8"
    4 safety – 2 Gillette Techs, 1 Parker 22R, and 1 Gillette NEW

    My overall favorite is my '57 Tech. Beautifully simple, all-around best performer. Still getting used to the straight, but she's a looker.

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