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This article is not a sponsored post.  I am just a fan of Proraso–both the products and the company.

Proraso’s Motto: “Shaving is an art and a pleasure.”

The beginning’s of Proraso seems to be a little “mystical,” with different timelines coming from different sources.  Unfortunately Proraso has not answered my emails so I can’t get an authoritative timeline, but this is what I have been able to put together.
Although the company began “over 100 years ago” their first shaving product, the Pre-shave Cream, was not developed until 1948 by Piero Martelli.  That was the first product of what eventually became their “green” line, including their famous Shaving Soap with Eucalyptus and Menthol (a best seller on Amazon), followed later with a Shaving Cream, Shave Foam, Aftershave Lotion and balm (since discontinued).
Their next shaving-related line was a “red” label shave cream with oat meal, meant for those with more sensitive skin.  This original “red” line was discontinued several years ago.
More recently several new shaving product lines have been developed, also known by their color.
The “White” line takes its pedigree from the “old” red line, aimed at those with more sensitive skin.  It not only contains oatmeal but also extracts of thyme and green tea.  It also has lime and apple fragrance notes (though very subtle to me: I get mostly the tea scent).  The line includes a Pre-shaving Cream, Shave Soap, and Liquid After Shave Cream.
The new “Red” line is made for heavier beards, with Karite (Shea) Butter and a Sandalwood(-ish) scent.  The line includes a Shaving Soap and a Shaving Cream.
Finally, the “Blue” line is meant to be particularly skin-friendly, with Aloe, liquorice extract, and vitamin E.  The scent is described as “A modern fragrance with scents of fern and spicy base notes of amber and musk.”  There is a Shaving Cream and an After Shave Balm.
I have tried almost everything in the inventory and I have enjoyed almost everything.  And the bonus is that Proraso is generally an excellent value: it is available at prices lower (in some cases much lower) than competing products.

Proraso’s “Attitude”

Although they make great products, Proraso presents itself as an “every man” company that in some ways does not take itself too seriously.  Consider the television commercials that have run:






More recently they did change up the advertising a bit, but it still appeals to the average guy looking for a classic barber experience:
What do you think of the various Proraso products you have tried?


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47 thoughts on “Proraso”

  1. Proraso is my go to for my daily shaving. It works well with a good boar brush and I LOVE the cooling effect when I splash cool water on my face. So far Proraso has given me consistant, enjoyable shaves and you can’t beat the price. If there is only one complaint it would be I really wish they would offer a pre and post shave sandalwood to complement their great sandalwood cream.

  2. I’ve been wet shaving now for just about a year (10 months to be exact) and I’ve been using Van Der Hagen shave soaps. I was given a large batch of the their soaps as a Christmas gift last year so I’ve been trying to get through them before trying another product. To be honest, I haven’t been overly impressed with the Van Der Hagen line even though I’ve really enjoyed learning the traditional wet shave process. Well, I couldn’t wait any longer so I ordered a tube of the green Proraso menthol, eucalyptus shave cream. Unbelievable! Now I understand what it means to get a truly great shave. Although my shaves have gotten much better as my technique has become better, I can say without a doubt that since I started using Proraso the quality and closeness of my shaves have quadrupled! Now I absolutley look forward to shaving. I love traditional wet shaving and I love Proraso shave cream! Highly recommended!

  3. Came and I bought in ebay, soap * proraso * menthol. Shave them for a couple of months. I am delighted !! I’ve never had anything like that! For summer it’s probably best that you can find! Within two months of using the products of this company I was not at all disappointed! Booked and looking forward aftershave cream from * proraso *! The plans still buy green Lotion after shaving.

  4. I work part-time at a family-owned gourmet olive oil and balsamic vinegar store in Colorado while going to college full-time. They also have women’s skin care products from Italy. I convinced them to try some men’s skin care products from Italy as well. They let me choose the brand so I told them Proraso of course! We will soon be receiving hundreds of samples to give out to customers, family, and friends. If all goes well, we will be selling the full products. Here’s hoping this is a way for me to bring more people to the world of wet shaving.

  5. I have been stationed in Italy for the past 3 years….I got turned on to Proraso products by chance. The good thing is I can buy the tubs and tubes for the equivalent of less than $2. Needless to say I am stocking up! I love the Red, White, Blue, and Green….I rotate between all 4.

  6. Why can’t they make commercials like that for US television today. Back in the day, shaving companies hired celebrities, and competed with each other with entertaining ads. I can still remember the Noxzema shave cream ad jingle, can you?

  7. The red was my introduction to the wet shaving world. I love it. I also have the green. I prefer to use that one during the warmer days. If I was to narrow down what I use I would narrow it down to the red with the green pre/post shave. Solid performer.

  8. Тоже очень хочу попробовать Proraso. Вот только еще никак не определился, что именно.
    Бреюсь уже более 20 лет, но благодаря вашему сайту узнаю много нового. Спасибо вам.
    Жаль, что у нас почти ничего не купить, приходится заказывать в зарубежных интернет-магазинах.

    1. (Google Translate: Also really want to try Proraso. That’s just not yet decided what.
      Shave more than 20 years, but thanks to your site to find out a lot. Thank you.
      It is a pity that we have almost nothing to buy, you have to order foreign online stores.)

  9. I quite like the green after shave spalsh, though something in it occasionally gives me a slight headache. Inspired by this post, I just gave myself a splash, and it worked out fine.

    1. I was intrigued by the green AS splash. What does it smell like? Is it long-lasting or does it fade quickly?

  10. I tried the pre-shave cream, but it didn’t do anything for my shave. I love the green, and have also tried both the red and the white as well. I found that the sandalwood, while smelling great, got limited usage depending on my mood. There are just so many other soaps and creams out there I want to try! However, on mornings when I’m running late and need a quick shave, nothing beats squeezing a dab of Proraso green out of the tube directly onto my brush and taking it right to my face.

  11. I have Proraso Green (Pre, Soap and Aftershave Splash) and probably do not use it enough. While humble in its common roots, Proraso really is a fine line and when I use it, I always get a great shave. I recently had the chance to sample the Blue Shave Cream and Balm and will most likely add it to my collection. The new Proraso line up definitely offers something for everyone and should only ensure it is even more widely enjoyed by all wet shavers.

  12. I tried Proraso Green croap and AS balm a couple of years ago. They performed well but irritated by skin. I haven’t tried any of the new lines.
    I’ve been using Edwin Jagger preshave lotion for about a year. It feels good and lubricates well (much more than any oil) and . Is any of the Proraso preshaves a good alternative?

      1. For Valentine’s Day my girlfriend bought me the white Proraso line. I love the pre/post shave cream which I use as a post shave and the soap. The aftershave is amazing at protecting my skin, but the smell is a little medicinal. The white soap and pre/post shave cream, on the other hand, has an amazing scent. I use it almost every day and I am in love with it. I can’t wait to try the other scents in the Proraso line. If your skin is prone to breakouts this a go-to soap to clean and prevent breakouts.

  13. I’ve been using the C.O.Bigelow version of Proraso since 2009. I finally finished my stock of the old stuff and recently cracked open the reformulated version. I find it to be quite lacking. It takes more product to get the same amount of lather as the previous version. The smell is more stringent. Most irritating is that the new version seems a lot more sticky and tacky than before. I’ve told my wife not to bother buying anymore C.O. Bigelow for me.
    I assume that Proraso has had the same reformulation. Is that correct? What was once my favorite cream is now about my least favorite.

    1. There has been a reformulation but the CO Bigelow product is not exactly the same as the Proraso product. Very close, but not identical. Tell you what, send me an email at mantic59[at]sharpologist[dot]com and I will send you a sample of the reformulated Proraso cream for you to try.

        1. Well, Mark kindly sent some samples to me. I was VERY skeptical, given my disappointment with the change in C.O. Bigelow. Wow, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I was so wrong that I’m now the owner of tubes of Proraso green AND red 🙂 Many thanks to Mark for helping me out. I am a fan reborn! 😉

  14. I use the red and green creams. The red feels like it works better with my beard, but on a hot day, the green is so refreshing to use. I have a deep affection for them both. Plus, my wife loves the smell as much as I do.

  15. Proraso Blue (Cream and Soap) is what I use when I need that near perfect shave with little irritation. There isn’t anything exciting about it, but it just works excellently on my skin.

  16. I love the Proraso product. I also use the CO Bigelow shave cream from B&BW. I wait until it goes on sale – three 5.2 oz tubes for $20. When using the cream tub, I find that the entire product is not used. I see un-mixed pieces at the bottom of my shaving mug.
    Any suggestions?

  17. Recently I tried the blue cream (aloe & vit E) and it gave perfect lather and an overall good shave. The parfum is impresive but a little “heavy” (but I like it).
    My only problem is that, although proraso products are really cheap, I can’t find any online store with reasonable shipping to Greece. I can find italian sellers on ebay that sell the cream for $4, but the shipment to Greece is from $15 to $40! (unfortunately, wet shaving market in Greece isn’t big enough, so I haven’t find proraso products anywhere)
    Are you aware of any e-shops with reasonable shipment costs to Greece?

  18. I originally tried the C.O. Bigelow cream from B&BW as my first ever cream as my introduction to traditional wet shaving. So that menthol scent has a special place in my heart. I’ve since owned the actual Proraso green cream and aftershave splash. I too, like it for hot humid southern weather here in Arkansas. I also have about a quarter of my tub left of the white soap. It’s by far the most sensitive of products I own. The later is fairly good, while the scent leaves me wanting more. Price is great for all their products. Overall, I give what I’ve tried a 9/10. Receives high marks in my book!

  19. I am, in general, a fan of Proraso products. They’re dependable, consistent performers, and a good value. While other soaps or creams outperform it in certain individual characteristics, I find myself reaching for the tube of classic Proraso Green often. With less water, it’s thick and cushiony. Add a bit more moisture and it’s slick enough for close polishing. And on a hot day, Proraso green followed by Osage Rub or Alt Innsbruck is a refreshing pick-me-up.

    1. I have only recently discovered the joy of Proraso green followed by Osage Rub. With the hot Texas summer coming it may well be a frequent combo.

      1. Throw in some Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap for the shower, and you can stay frosty on those hot August days. ‘Round here, it’s more about the humidity.

        1. Oh wow, great idea, I will definitely try that. I understand about humidity…I lived about 100 miles east of Houston for a few years. Going outside during the summer felt like getting hit with a big, hot, wet towel. 🙁

          1. I’ve tried the Green and the White lines from Poraso and I found both of them to be light on the lather for me. I’ve had a great experience with Mitchell’s Woolfat shave soap (13.00 and the puck has lasted almost a year at 4x shaves per week).

  20. Love Proraso. Especially the price of it in Italian supermarkets!
    Daily user of the Green pre shave and shave cream, always been super consistent.

  21. Proraso green was my first shaving cream and, as a result, has a strong olfactory association with me for my first efforts at wet shaving. On top of that, it is a very competent product – with decent glide and protection. Although I have sampled the other scents, it’s the green cream and preshave that I have bought time and again. I’m glad you highlighted it in this post, as this product seems to get short shrift in a market dominated by artisan soap makers.

  22. I started wet shaving with the white soap. Had great success with it, and it is ridiculously cheap (not to mention it’s readily available in a lot of pharmacies/grocery stores, which makes it a great option for traveling, or to pick up while on the road). Ultimately my day to day choice is the coconut oil cream from Trumper’s, but the Proraso white soap is a great back up, and also great for creating a superlather.

  23. Ie only tried their green shaving cream/”croap” (in a tub), and I was very unimpressed. Not particularly ease to lather – at least with the water I have at home – and the lather it produced wasn’t anything special. The smell is great, though!

    1. I have the green and it lathers pretty easy, but it just doesn’t excite me.It is probably that I mostly started out with artisan stuff and higher end commercial soaps, and only came to proraso later.If you’ve already been regularly using Barrister & Mann, Mike’s, DR Harris, etc. it sets the bar pretty high. It is probably better than most of what you’d get at the same price point.

  24. I like the white (sensitive) cream, haven’t had a chance to try the red and blue ones yet. The classic (green) shaving cream and soft soap is way too heavy on menthol for me and I find it mildly irritating on my skin. Otherwise all of their products are excellent, give nice lather.

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