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How to Properly Shave Your Face for the Business World

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First impressions matter in the business world. It is no wonder many professionals do their best to look good when meeting a client or making a presentation at a board meeting put together by a prestigious organization. It may seem trivial, but a man’s facial hair plays a major role in the way they are perceived, thereby making it important to have it shaved properly at all times.

You may decide to buy your own razor and shave in the comfort of your home or have a professional barber trim it as often as possible to achieve your desired look. Whichever option you decide to take, it is advisable that it remains easy to maintain and stylish for the various interactions you will be part of.
Although growing a beard is considered stylish and has been adopted by a number of celebrities, in the business world it is quite the opposite. In many business circles, getting rid of facial hair is the trend with a number of people opting to shave for the sake of their trade.  So, how do you ensure that your chosen style is appropriate for the business environment but still looks good for non-office functions? Below are a few tips.

Clean Shaven Look

This look involves the removal of all facial hair except the eyebrows, revealing a clean face that highlights a man’s facial features. It requires a bold person with excellent facial structure to pull off this look thus making it appropriate for men that want to capture the attention of others whenever they walk into a business meeting.
Usually, a clean-shaven look has the ability to make a man look much younger and can be paired with different hairstyles to ensure that the final look is satisfactory. In most cases, short hairstyles for men are the best and there are quite a number of them that can be adopted to ensure that you find one that fits your personal style.

Clean Shaven and Moustache

Some men believe that shaving all their facial hair makes them look too young, which sometimes may stand in the way of them clinching a business deal that requires people with experience in the industry. If you are of the same belief, then having a moustache will be a perfect look for you in the business world.
However, it is important that the moustache be well trimmed at all times because it will be the focal point of the face since all other facial hair has been removed. For some men, shaving the hair bald and having a moustache is part of their signature business look that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Have A Chin Beard

If your office environment is not too strict, then having a chin beard is a professional look if it is well cut and trimmed. Ensure that the sides of the beard are not unkempt and they frame the lower part of the face well.
This type of beard can also be paired with a moustache to give it a stylish look that attracts the right attention when networking with other business professionals. Nevertheless, it is good to note that maintaining a chin beard can be a bit time consuming whether at home or when done by a barber.
All in all, having your face properly shaven is the best way to win over clients and other business professionals in your industry without having to put in much effort. Also, it greatly enhances whichever hairstyle you decide to adopt as part of your overall look on a daily basis.

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3 thoughts on “How to Properly Shave Your Face for the Business World”

  1. I think it depends what business you work in. In the more traditional business environment (banking/finance etc) I think clean shaven is the right way to go.
    However, I think in the ultra-modern corporate world and especially in more creative industries, designer stubble is acceptable and even stylish – depending on whether you can pull it off.

  2. Great post. We have one friend who is involved in international relations and is quite a often guest in political parties and once he was not shaving for over a half year. My suggestion to anyone who is involved in business – shave your beards and don’t let them look unorganized. Once again good post!

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