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Prof. Regan on BBC 2

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Corporate “science.” Meh.


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6 thoughts on “Prof. Regan on BBC 2”

  1. Nice find Mark. How about trying to contact that Gillette guy and ask him a few awkward questions? Now that’s a Mantic video I’d like to see.

  2. The scientist states that”…we need to see the human side of shaving to account for the largest variable – namely the men who are shaving- so that we can cater to them with better products.” I read this as figuring out a way to attempt to sell me products I don’t need.

    Until I came across Mantic’s blog, I too suffered from the drudgery of shaving. Nothing beats a wet shave with a DE safety razor.


  3. The most fascinating item on the report is the magnified image of the multiblade razor cutting the hair. You can clearly see the “yank and hack” that multiblades are designed to produce. I am fine with one blade and a few passes, thanks.

  4. if the 5 blades cut the hair under the level of the skin that hair will grow under the skin and you will get a bump

  5. Well, one thing thing is for sure: whoever she might be, Prof. Regan is less of a scientist than any of those white overalls in the lab. She asks the good questions but contents herself with the simple answers she is provided with. And she forgets the most obvious one: if two blades are enough to cut one’s hair (as is shown in the report) why the hell do we need a five-blade razor? It’s nothing but a disguised advertisement for Gillete. And the last advises are really pitiful.
    I don’t want to sound like a macho but it’s not the first time I see women commenting on shaving as if they knew everything about the subject. I recently found in a french magazine a report about razors, and there was some dermatologist giving her directions on how to perform a good shaving. Of course, she didn’t even bother to mention DE razors or wet-shaving… You can’t speak of something you don’t know about.

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