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Pre-Shave Oils?

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Hi Mantic,

Congratulation for you videos! You are really the Guru of wet shaving!!!

I notice that you are not using pre-shave treatments like oils etc
Do you have an opinion about these products?


I’m not a big fan of pre-shave oils. Some people love them but they’ve never worked particularly well for me. I do have a pre-shave routine though, either shaving immediately after I shower or washing my face with a gentle product and rinsing with copeous amounts of water. The pre-shave products I’ve used successfully include Trumper’s Skin Food (or Corn Huskers Lotion), Proraso Pre-Shave, Musgo Real Glycerin Lime Oil soap (not a shaving soap), Neutrogena Razor Defense Daily Scrub, and various gentle botanical or glycerin facial soaps. I’ve even used a bit of the shave cream or soap I’m going to shave with and use it to simply wash my face. Be sure to check my “Preparing For A Shave” video.


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1 thought on “Pre-Shave Oils?”

  1. Men Skin Care Tips

    Hi there Mantic59. Me too, I’ve never been a user of pre-shaving stuff. Althoughr ecently I did a review on a product from GESSATO that really impressed me, they work well protecting the skin. But still I find it more convenient to not use oils, because they leave your hands and razor sticky.

    Great blog!


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