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How To Be A Positive Male Role Model And Mentor For Boys

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How To Be A Positive Male Role Model And Mentor For Boys

A while back I wrote about the role of nostalgia and shaving.  Part of that nostalgia included “The Dad Effect:”

“Fathers often factor into nostalgia as they tend to have a special place in our hearts and memories. Fathers can be the source of fond memories, especially during childhood and adolescence. Fathers may also be remembered for providing guidance, protection, and support during difficult times. The presence of a father may also bring a sense of stability to the family unit, providing a sense of security and belonging. So it is not surprising that fathers often factor into nostalgia, evoking feelings of warmth and connection.”

Since most readers of Sharpologist are male, I want to follow-up by focusing on how men can be positive role models and mentors for the younger generations. It’s important to set a good example for boys, as they will likely reflect their behavior after what they see in their male role models. 

Being a positive role model doesn’t mean being perfect – no one is perfect – but it does mean making an effort to be the best man you can be. Showing respect, honor, and integrity are essential qualities of a good role model. Boys need strong men in their lives to look up to, especially if you’re a father (or uncle, grandfather, etc.).  Make sure you’re setting a good example!

What Is The Difference Between A Role Model And A Mentor?

A role model is someone who serves as a positive example for others to admire and emulate, often in terms of their achievements, personality traits, or behavior. 

A mentor, on the other hand, is someone who provides guidance, advice, and support to help someone grow and develop in their personal and professional life. While a mentor may also be a role model, the two concepts are distinct, with mentorship involving a more direct, personalized relationship and focus on supporting someone’s growth and development.

What Are The Qualities Of A Great Male Role Model?

Being a great role model for young boys and men can be an incredibly important responsibility. It’s the duty of fathers, mentors and influential figures in society to demonstrate desirable qualities that are necessary for successful manhood. When a male can effectively embody the traits of a good role model, it can have both immediate and long-term positive impacts on the people he influences. So what exactly makes a great male role model?

A great role model is someone who communicates honestly, openly and is not afraid to ask questions or admit mistakes. They should also be empathetic and respectful towards others, setting a good example of positive behavior.

A great role model should embrace emotional authenticity. This means being comfortable with expressing both positive and negative emotions, without having to adhere to societal pressures or gender stereotypes.

A great role model challenges stereotypes. This means encouraging a more equal division of labor in the household and setting a good example for young men and boys to follow.  This person respects differences and doesn’t blindly follow the crowd. They are willing to listen to others’ viewpoints, even if they don’t agree with them.

A great role model is someone who actively supports their community.  He dedicates his time and effort to causes he believes in, whether that be his job or a hobby.  By being an active member of the community, you can help create a safe environment where everyone can thrive. There are many ways to be a positive influence in your community as a male role model such as volunteering, participating in activities that benefit the community, and supporting local businesses. 

A great male role model has a sense of humor. This person can see the lighter side of life and doesn’t take everything too seriously.

A great male role model is loyal and supportive.  Show loyalty and support to your friends and family.

A great male role model is someone who can provide inspiration to young boys and other men. He should have qualities such as being a good listener, having strong values, and being compassionate. These are some of the qualities that make a great male role model in today’s society.

When all of these traits are combined, one can embody the values of a great male role model and provide a positive example for young men and adults alike.

Think About How You Got There and What It Takes to Stay

It is important for male role models to understand how they got to where they are today and what it takes to stay there. It requires passion, dedication, and the ability to inspire others. Male role models must take a step back and analyze their journey. What choices did you make that lead to success? What were the defining moments that enabled you to keep going? What advice do you have for others who aspire to be like you? 

A great role model takes the time to care for themselves, so they can care for the people they love. This includes engaging in activities such as self-reflection, meditation, or prayer. Not only does this allow them to lead a healthy lifestyle, like eating well, it also encourages those around them to do the same.

By taking a moment to reflect on your past, you can learn from your mistakes and use them as a source of motivation. Moreover, it also serves as a reminder to stay humble and not take your accomplishments for granted. As male role models, it is our duty to share our stories and experiences in order to inspire the next generation of men.

How Can A Male Role Model Be A Great Mentor, Too?

As I mentioned earlier, a role model can also be a mentor.  This means taking a more direct supportive role with others. 

Show Them the Concept of Vision

A positive mentor should be able to show young people the concept of vision and how to develop it. Having a clear vision of what one wants to achieve in life is essential in order to focus one’s energy towards achieving that goal. By instilling this concept in children, they will learn that they have control over their future and can create the life they want for themselves. 

A mentor can help children understand that setting goals, creating plans and taking action are the keys to success. He can also show them how to break down big goals into smaller steps and how to stay motivated and focused on their visions. 

Show Them How To Be Assertive Without Being Aggressive

Becoming a positive male mentor for boys requires assertive leadership rather than aggressive control. Showing boys how to be assertive means teaching them to take ownership of their choices, stand up for themselves and others, and communicate their feelings with respect. This can also include teaching them that it is okay to disagree with people while still showing respect and dignity. 

This kind of behavior develops trust between mentors and the boys they lead, creating a space where individuals can make well-informed decisions with confidence in themselves. Positive assertiveness sets an example that empowers boys to become responsible adults who are devoted to making the right choices.

My own father had his own version of this concept: “If what you have to say is not necessary, helpful, or positive…then don’t say it.”

Help Them Develop A Strong Work Ethic And Teach Them The Value Of Hard Work

As a mentor it is important to not only demonstrate the value of hard work through your own example but also to teach the importance of working hard. Through thoughtful instruction and guidance, boys can learn how to develop a strong work ethic that will serve them well as adults. 

Introduce them to the idea that with effort comes reward, and by having dedication and discipline, anything is achievable. Show them that progress accelerates when goals have been set and effort made with time and resources managed in an organized manner. Then watch their transformation as they take pride in doing what must be done with a sense of purpose and dedication.

Teach Them How To Handle Money Responsibly And Make Wise Financial Decisions

Teaching boys about financial responsibility can be an important part of being a mentor. Teaching them how to make wise decisions when it comes to money can help set a foundation for future financial success and grant access to the security and stability that come with fiscal responsibility. It’s important to nurture in boys an understanding for budgeting, saving, and investing as well as teaching them about the importance of tracking and monitoring their finances. 

Setting a good example by showing them how you handle your own finances is important too – let them know that you save and invest, but don’t forget to also tell them why saving and investing are important.

Talk To Them About The Importance Of Respect For Women And Girls.

Talking to boys about respecting women and girls is an invaluable life lesson that all men can impart. Teaching respect for women starts out as a simple conversation, where men can explain why it is important to treat others with kindness, no matter what their gender identity is. 

Respect for women should be presented not just as words, but also as demonstration in everyday life through the way that men interact with the people around them. Instilling the belief in boys that respect for others should always be the primary consideration when interacting with society helps to create a culture of understanding and equality from an early age that lasts their whole lives.

Help Them Understand That It’s Okay To Fail As Long As They Learn From Their Mistakes

Being a positive mentor means it is important to teach them that it is okay to make mistakes, and that these errors can be valuable learning experiences. If a boy is feeling down after failure or defeat, remind him that failure has been experienced by people of greatness and that each smile of success starts with a thousand stories of loss and hard work. 

Encourage them to use the knowledge they have gained to get back up when they’ve felt knocked down, which will help them live more confidently and courageously. With our support and lovingly given advice, the boys of today can become the men of tomorrow with an unshakable belief in themselves regardless of how challenging things may be.

Encourage Them To Express Their Feelings Instead Of Bottling Them Up

Being a positive mentor goes beyond offering guidance and advice; it involves being supportive of them in both good times and bad. Encouraging boys to express their feelings is an important step in helping them to become resilient, confident and self-assured. It also builds trust between parent or mentor and child, allowing the boy to learn that they can feel safe discussing what upsets them. 

Showing compassion, understanding and respect towards a boy’s emotions teaches him that there’s nothing wrong with letting out his emotions, no matter what they may be. Taking the time to listen goes a long way when it comes to helping a boy work through difficult times.


By being a positive male role model and mentor, men can help younger generations grow into responsible, respectable young men. Dads can talk to their sons about the importance of respect for women and girls, encourage them to express their feelings, and help them develop a strong work ethic. They can also show their sons how to be assertive without being aggressive and teach them how to handle money responsibly. 

About The Author: Otto Wright is a wet shaver and freelance author.

Otto Wright

Otto Wright

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2 thoughts on “How To Be A Positive Male Role Model And Mentor For Boys”

  1. Thank you, Otto, for bringing up this important topic! You really put very important things like being respectful, humble, resilient yet with a sense of humor.
    As a father of a daughter, I should say that I see these advices as applicable to girls as to boys. The male role model they (girls) see in their family would also affect their decisions in the future, including their choice of a person to live their life with.

  2. Great write up! My father was not around much while I was growing up due to his job. Thankfully, during my whole life, I’ve had plenty of men to see and understand these concepts. Now that I’m the patriarch of my family I have been able to share this wisdom with many younger family members which is very satisfying. Unfortunately, I feel there are many men in society today that have not seen these concepts to learn from.

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