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Winner! Harry’s Travel Kit!

Sharpologist Wet Shaving News Podcast Network
Sharpologist Wet Shaving News Podcast Network
Winner! Harry's Travel Kit!

Congratulations to Mathew from Tacoma, Washington for winning the Harry’s Travel Kit giveaway! This giveaway was brought to you by Harry’s, and if you’d still like to pick one up, remember you can get $5.00 off using the coupon code WSN, with free shipping.

Also, what’s happening with the Gillette Fatboy? Might we see a resurgence of the classic icon? Joe takes a quick look into the possibility.

Our thanks again to Harry’s for providing this weeks giveaway, and the coupon code to all of our listeners! We hope you had a great thanksgiving, and we’ll talk to you again on the 9th!


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