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Wet Shaving Talk Podcast #1!

  • Joe 
Sharpologist Wet Shave Talk Podcast Network
Sharpologist Wet Shave Talk Podcast Network
Wet Shaving Talk Podcast #1!

You’re listening to Wet Shaving Talk powered by where we’re dedicated to preserving the art and skill of classic shaving. I’m your host Joe Borrelli and today is January 30th, 2017.


Today on the Show:

  • Allow me to introduce myself
  • Discussion of the Week:  “Getting Started…What to do??)
  • Training Tip of the Week: Choosing the right shaving brush”
  • Vendor of the Week: Shannon’s Soaps!!
  • What’s Coming Up!



  • My name is Joe and I’m a wet shaver!
  • I’m the former host of the “Wet Shaving News” podcast
  • I’m a collector and writer


Discussion of the Week: Getting Started with Traditional Wet Shaving!

  • It’s important to incorporate a brush and soap into your regular routine.
  • Learning to lather properly with your current razor will help along in the learning process,
  • Remember, it takes your face some time to adjust to new products so I recommend using fragrance free soap at first so you can focus on technique and eliminate other factors that may cause irritation.
  • If you’re currently using an electric razor, switch to a brush, soap and cartridge style razor before jumping into a classic form.


Training Tip of the Week: Choosing Your First Brush

  • There are so many options, it may be hard to make a decision regarding brushes.
  • Let’s simplify it for you:
    • Natural Brushes:
      • Contain hair from animals.
      • Badger, Hog and Horse are the most common
      • Retain heat and water well
      • Been used for over 200 years
    • Synthetic Brushes:
      • Consists of man-made material
      • Have improved greatly over the past few years
      • Require little water
    • I’ll discuss my thoughts.


Vendor of the Week: Shannon’s Soaps!

  • Last month I had the pleasure of speaking with Shannon of Shannon’s Soaps. She was kind enough to send me some samples of here new formula.
  • The soap and aftershave performed well and I really enjoyed it!
  • Check them out


What’s In Store for the Podcast?

  • Part two of “Getting Started” Choosing a razor
  • I’ll discuss “What’s Happening in the wet Shaving World”
  • Training Tip of The Week
  • Contact us [email protected]


Our show is powered by, “What Your Father Didn’t Teach You about Shaving”

Special Thanks to:

Mark aka Mantic 59

Most of All……….YOU!!!!


Don’t forget to check out my blog site for the tips and interesting wet shaving stories!


Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]


If you’re a vendor and would like to be featured on the show please contact me!!


Join us on the “Wet Shavers Round Table” every Saturday from 6:00pm-7:00pm EST.


Next Show: 2/13/17

Joe Borrelli

Joe Borrelli

Joe Borrelli is a long-time wet shaving enthusiast and collector. He hosts the Wet Shaving News/Talk Podcast, runs his own self-funded website and operates a YouTube channel to help inform the community of new information involving the wet shaving world. Joe holds a BBA from Florida Atlantic University, and currently works for the nation’s largest wine/spirits/beer retailer. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife Linda & son Anthony, reading, writing, outdoor activities and collecting wet shaving apparel. Joe has also written several dozen articles for online publications such as Sharpologist and How to Grow a Mustache.View Author posts

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