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Wet Shaving Talk For March 27, 2017

Sharpologist Wet Shave Talk Podcast Network
Sharpologist Wet Shave Talk Podcast Network
Wet Shaving Talk For March 27, 2017

You’re listening to Wet Shaving Talk powered by where we’re dedicated to preserving the art and skill of classic shaving. I’m your host Joe Borrelli and today is March 27, 2017.


Today on the Show:

  • What’s happening in The Wet Shaving World!
  • Discussion of the Week:  “Let’s Talk Slants”
  • Training Tip of the Week: How to Effectively Lather a Shaving Soap!
  • Vendor of the Week: Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements
  • What’s Coming Up!


What’s happening in The Wet Shaving World?

      • I am pleased to announce I will be attending the Big Shave West 3
      • The event is taking place at The Old Town Shaving Company in Pasadena California
      • This is the biggest meet-up of the year.  I look forward to meeting all of you
      • If you have any questions or would like to see something featured let me know!
    • These shaving brushes are hot right now in the community
    • April 15th is the next pre-order
    • Get there early because spots fill fast


Discussion of the Week: Let’s Talk Slants

What is a Slant Safety Razor?

  • No, there’s nothing wrong with the razor
  • A slant-bar razor is designed with the head of a razor slightly slanted in order to give the user a different approach to combating stubble. These razors tend to be work better this way.
  • The flexed blade requires a different approach providing a slightly different shave.
  • Use light pressure and above all do not try to correct the cutting angle.
  • Sharp Blades are a must
  • Check out this article for more information.


Training Tip of the Week: How to Properly Lather a Shaving Soap 

  • Lathering your soap is not as easy as it sounds.
  • Using too much water can lead to a diluted lather that does not hold up. Using too little water will result in an overly thick lather that will inhibit the razor.
  • The knot on your brush says a lot. Different knots have different results.
    • Natural hair brushes retain more water and often require to be soaked thoroughly
    • Synthetic hair brushes do not retain as much water and do not require to be soaked.
  • Try some different scenarios and experiment with lathering.
  • Practice makes perfect!


Vendor of the Week: Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements

  • PAA has been a spotlight for wet shavers and collectors alike
  • Owners Doug and Fran are always on the move with new ideas and bring back wet shaving classics.
  • The company produces a multitude of products and online content.
  • If you’re looking for that scent of a product from the past that is no longer produced chanced are PAA makes a similar version.
  • Thank you for what you do and good luck!!


What’s In Store for the Podcast?

  • What’s happening in the Wet Shaving World!
  • To Face or Bowl Lather? The differences.
  • Antique Stores. Are they Tapped Out?
  • May is Straight Razor Month!
  • Contact us [email protected]


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Joe Borrelli

Joe Borrelli

Joe Borrelli is a long-time wet shaving enthusiast and collector. He hosts the Wet Shaving News/Talk Podcast, runs his own self-funded website and operates a YouTube channel to help inform the community of new information involving the wet shaving world. Joe holds a BBA from Florida Atlantic University, and currently works for the nation’s largest wine/spirits/beer retailer. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife Linda & son Anthony, reading, writing, outdoor activities and collecting wet shaving apparel. Joe has also written several dozen articles for online publications such as Sharpologist and How to Grow a Mustache.View Author posts

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  1. I don’t agree that PAA have been a spotlight in the wet shaving fact they have been a blight. The have been less than honest in the past and don’t deserve any recognition.

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