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Wet Shaving Talk For 4 July 2022

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Sharpologist Wet Shave Talk Podcast Network
Sharpologist Wet Shave Talk Podcast Network
Wet Shaving Talk For 4 July 2022

You’re listening to Wet Shaving Talk powered by where we’re dedicated to preserving the art and skill of classic shaving. I’m your host Joe Borrelli and today is July 4th,2022

Today on the Show

Happy Independence Day USA 

Wet Shaving Talk is now on Amazon Music & Audible

Give-A-Way Winners 

First Thoughts High Noon Razor 

How Important is Prep…Really 

Wet Shaving Stories: Abhi’s Story 

Wet Shaving Talk is now on Amazon Music 

You can now listen to our podcast on Amazon Music!

Give-A-Way Winners 

I’m happy to say we had the most participation in a give-a-way yet! We have 4 winners! 

Grand Prize Winner: Abhi S.

Runner-Up: Bryan H.

Runner-Up: Bill S

Runner-Up: Chris B

I know I said the winner would get a Medium Flat Rate Box filled with Wet Shaving stuff. But with all these great stories I decided to send the runner ups some wet shaving gear as well! 

For the next few podcasts I will feature each of their wet shaving stories!  

Western High Noon Razor: 1st Thoughts  

Just received the High Noon Razor.  I’ll tell you my initial thoughts. 

Send me an email of your best wet shaving story and you will be entered to win!!  

Email me at [email protected] !!

How Important is Prep….Really 

So how important is prep?  It’s very important!!!  Probably more important than the razor you’re using!!!  Are you new to wet shaving?  Don’t miss this segment!! 

Wet Shaving Stories: Abhi’s Story 

Abhi shared his wet shaving story and won the grand prize!!  I’ll tell you all about it!

Our show is powered by, “What Your Father Didn’t Teach You about Shaving” 

Special Thanks to:

Mark aka Mantic 59

Most of All……….YOU!!!!

Don’t forget to check out my blog site  for the tips and interesting wet shaving stories!

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]  

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for videos regarding some interesting wet shaving content.

Our next show will be 7/18/22 

Until then….

Shave straight and Shave Safe!


Podcast 7-4-22.mp3

Three, two, one. You’re listening to Wet Shaving talk powered by Sharpologist, where we’re dedicated to preserving the art and skill of classic shaving. I’m your host, Joe Borrelli. And today is July 4th, 2022. Hello everyone. Welcome back to the Wet Shaving Talk podcast on this beautiful summer day. That’s right. Happy Independence Day, USA, guys. For you. For all of you out there celebrating. I hope you have a great having a great holiday with your families and and having a good barbecue and all all the above and having just a blast today. So happy Independence Day, USA. So today on the show, guys, we do have a lot of new information coming out and some really good news that I’d love to share with you. First off, the Wet Shaving Talk podcast is now available on Amazon music. So that’s a big step there. If you guys have Amazon or most of us do, if you have Amazon music, you can now find your our your favorite podcast, hopefully one of your favorite podcasts on Amazon music. I do want to talk about the giveaway winners. We had the most participation out of any giveaway I’ve ever done with this podcast this last week. It made it so I had to add winners, so we had more than one. I’ll talk a little bit about that and we’ll start talk going over. We’re actually going to talk about one of their stories as well.

First thoughts in the high noon razor. So I was telling you guys I was going to pick up a new razor. I’m going to tell you of the first thoughts and we’ll have a full out, full scale review coming up in the near future. And how important is Prep really? Is prep that important with what shaving. This has been coming up and I did have an email about this last week. That’s why I wanted to talk a little bit more about it, about how important shaving prep is and how it might be even more important than the razor that you’re holding in your hand. And what shaving stories. Abby story. So Abby is one of the winners from the from the contest. And we’re going to feature their stories in a segment on the podcast for the next few weeks. So we’ll talk about his story in which shaving world. So without further ado, guys, let’s get on with the show. All right. So if you’re scrolling through the show notes on the podcast this week on either on your phone or on your on your desktop computer or wherever, whatever unit, even if you’re using iPod, still, whatever. However, you’re listening to us on the What’s Shaving Talk is is now available on Amazon music. I did leave a link in the show notes. You can click right on to it and get to it if you have Amazon music.

And this is a really, a really awesome thing to happen because I didn’t realize until speaking to Mark this week how this is like kind of like an invite only type thing. You can’t really just get into it, I guess. So I don’t know much about Amazon music, but I do know that this will make it maybe a little bit easier for those of you out there who want to listen to the podcast. And also we’ll open up the the audience a little broaden the broaden the horizon with the audience. So really happy about this guy. So if you do have Amazon and if you want to switch over to that as your listening platform or if you know somebody that doesn’t have iTunes or whatever or whatever you’re listening to it on, you can you can send them this link. I’ll take you directly to the shop. I’ll just what shaving podcast network on Amazon. So a big step there guys. Thank you all for everything. If it wasn’t wasn’t for you listeners, none of this would be possible. I mean, to be completely honest. So big deal. A lot of fun here. We’re having a shaving talk podcast for and we’re going to keep going. So, I mean, thank you, Amazon. If anybody from Amazon is listening for for putting us on their on their platform. And yeah, just another step into what shaving talk podcast and really proud of it too.

So thank you all for everything. I definitely wanted to share that with you because you know, honestly, again, you listeners are the ones that should be celebrating this because you’re the ones that made this happen, not me. All right. So thanks again, guys. And the link is in the show notes. So the giveaway last week I did a giveaway for a medium flat rate box. Right. Well, I got so many people that sent in submissions, I actually made four winners, so I had a grand prize winner. And then we had a runner, two and three runner ups. So for that, guys, I just want to let you all know that we did I was able to send something to every single one of them. So the grand prize winner got the medium, a flat rate box full of wet shaving stuff. And I was able to send boxes to the next runners up as well. So I am tapped out right now, guys. I think I’m a good level in my wet shaving products now and my my inventory that I’m good and I’m exactly where I want to be. So I’m pretty happy about that. I got I got the collection down to a manageable level of stuff that I use. So thank you all for participating in the last several giveaways that we’ve had in the last few months.

But this one was great because a lot of I got a lot of entries and it was really hard to pick a winner. So the grand prize winner was Abby. He sent a great a really good story, but also the runner up Brian, runner up Bill and runner up Chris all sent out great stories as well. So I definitely want to showcase their stories in future episodes. So we have Abby is going to be this week at the end of the show, we’ll talk about his story and then we’ll feature the other three in the next few weeks. So thank you, everybody, for all of the submissions to it to this. You know, one thing is I do really enjoy reading about your watch, saving stories and just learning more about you guys out there and what you’ve gone through and what’s shaving and how you’ve gotten to that spot to this point, how you made it to this podcast, right? How do you listen to what shaving and how did you get into, you know, all this all this this world of of that we’re into today? So thank you all for for participating. And you always can continue to send me your stories or if you’re your questions or anything like that, please let me know. If I don’t know the answer, I will find it. Also, if you if I have some more giveaway stuff, I definitely will be able to send you something or or try to.

And yeah, I mean, it was just a lot of fun. So I really enjoyed reading the stories, a lot of participation. I was able to respond to everybody that participated so great. And if you didn’t win, you know, it’s nothing against you. It’s just honestly, I got a lot of I got a lot of I try to, like, really send everybody something I love. I love to send it even. Even if you don’t win, I want to send something. But I mean, I just I’m kind of running out of stuff. So I did, I did my best on that, but I really appreciate all the participation. It was really fun. And, you know, always send me something if you have it, you know, just send anything you want to share, anything, any questions you have. And I will answer it as soon as I can. And if I don’t know the answer, I will find the answer for you. So, guys, thank you again for the participation and and keep on shaving. So I recently I just picked up the Western High Noon razor, which is by it’s actually I talked about it in the previous shows. It’s an it’s a made in USA razor that’s priced under $50 or around 50 or $60. I’m sorry. And I just received it.

And I’ll tell you my initial thoughts. I got a few shaves in it. The build quality is is what is to be expected. I think around that price point it is not staying. At least I couldn’t tell if it was stainless steel look like Islamic covered metal but but the polish was nice and even it is a big razor. So it’s probably about, I’d say almost five or six inches long. It’s probably maybe about a close to 100 grams. So it’s heavy. It’s a solid razor, really good razor for beginners. It’s very mild and is be a great razor for beginners. So if you’re looking for something that’s made in the USA and and uses all biodegradable packaging and all that stuff, you look for something like that. This is a good razor to set you up with a beginner. Now, for you guys out there that are pros, I’ve been doing this for a long time. Want something a little bit more aggressive? Something that’s going to take a little bit more thought and using probably want to pass over this. You probably don’t want to get this razor. This is not really for you this is not for the person that’s using a point h six gap wolfman razor open comb razor right this is for the or Tradare open comb original first gen right. You know those raises are very aggressive that’s probably this razor wouldn’t make.

Wouldn’t make you really smile or anything like that. I mean, they said it would probably be more for the beginner. Good head shaving razor. Very, very, very mild. So I’m still learning it. So learning how to use this razor. Have you only use it a few times. So I don’t really have that big of a take on it yet. You know, I like to use it for a few weeks, primarily before I can come up with, you know, a good review for it. And I have some more information coming out on this razor in the near future. But I mean, if you’re looking for a razor for under 60 bucks, you know, this is probably one of the the better ones out there to get quality wise. It’s definitely a good razor. But I mean, also, if you’re it is mild. So it is a very mild razor, too. So it’s a lot of fun using this. I love it when new stuff comes out and I get to try it. And yeah, I mean, it’s just something that I’ll have a little bit more information, just my initial thoughts because I just haven’t used it long enough with the, you know, different scenarios yet. More for that. More. Excuse me. More on that in the near future. Any questions on it? You know, always email me at send me a or anything like that.

I could give you some more information in the future, but we’ll definitely have a full scale review coming out to it. All right. How important is shaving prep? Really? Okay. So we’ve talked about this on several occasions, right. How important is shaving? Shaving prep is extremely important. And I was talking to a couple of guys online recently, actually got an email about prep and I’m like, what’s the FA advice? A lot of a lot of new wedge chasers. There’s a lot of believe it or not, COVID created a lot of new wet shavers out there. There’s a ton of them, right? Everybody started it. You know, when we’re sitting around doing nothing, we’re emailing stuff. Hey, look, what about wet shaving or straight razors or something like that? You know, just listening to a few videos and stuff. A lot of people talking about how much the the I think it was sharp. I’ll just said that the straight razor search was up like. Felt like so many thousands of percent like it was up a percent during during COVID, because everybody’s just I mean, you’re sitting there doing nothing, sitting at home bored. So a lot of guys have started shaving and a lot of them have jumped in, got to got some gear and they haven’t really perfected their prep yet. And the picture in the show notes shows you terrible prep this guy is how happy using and I picked this picture for a reason and this dude on on the show notes here and I don’t know him personally I never met him it looks like just it’s just a stock photo is lathering up his face and probably the worst way you can it’s not done right.

He doesn’t have enough lather, not enough water. And his brush, you can definitely tell, is not loaded up. So this is just a stock photo for somebody to take a picture. But this is what not to do when you lather. You know, we talked about this in the past a few years. You lather with a bowl, you lather with the, you know, base lather. Whatever you’re doing, you got to get it. Really, really. You got to spend a little bit extra time with it. So my advice out there when you when you’re new to what shaving is, first off and everybody, a lot of guys will agree with me. A lot of the old timers and I say old timers because some of us have been doing this for years now is prep is key. So add prep to your shaving routine with your current form of shaving. If you’re using a cartridge style razor, add a brush and soap to it for at least I’d say 50 shaves two months maybe before you even venture out. And I’m telling you, this will benefit you tremendously when you’re lathering, use more water and more and lather longer than you think you should.

And I’ll say it one more time. Use more water and lather longer than you think you should. When you’re starting to lather in a bowl and you think you’ve got a good you think you have a good lather. Go another minute. If you think that you have enough water in there or if you’re brush is soaked enough, just dip it in water a little bit more. I learned this from an old time wet shaver a long time ago when he noticed how my prep was like our friend here in the picture. And if sorry guys, if this is one of you guys out there, I apologize if you’re listening to this and this is your picture, but this is a this is a I have the rights to use it. It was a free stock photo on online. And you could definitely use you could definitely use some help with this anyway. So I hope you’re listening. Anyway, sorry about that. And he showed me when I was blathering, he was like, Dude, your, your lather is bad. Like, you’re not prepping your face, right? Get your face. Of course. Hot water, of course. Did that, right? We had that done. When you’re prepping, it’s like I started lathering my face and it was like very dry. So get it wet or sit there and take your time with it.

Spend another minute. You know you’re going through this, the motions of wet shaving, enjoy it. And I did that and my lather came out with my soap and my face. I came out the best it’s ever come. I couldn’t believe it. And all I did was sit there and add a little bit more water and spend another minute longer than I usually would. Maybe, maybe, maybe 2 minutes. And I just sat there and lathering it in there and really spent a lot of time. I used more soap than I usually use as well, which is fine. You have enough soap in there? Trust me. Don’t worry about being conservative of soap. A lot of guys like to scoop their soap. I’m not into that. And this gentleman showed me, he said, don’t do that. He said, pour little water in there like bloom the soap out and just really go to town on the on the brush, load the brush, load the bowl a couple of times and then go at it. And the lather is so much better. It’s such a better shave. I’m telling you guys is a night and day difference. I do it now. I really beat up the soap when I get one, you know, I probably go through three or four times the amount of soap I used to use back when I first started, when I when I actually learned how to do it.

And the prep comes out better and you will get zero irritation, if not less, and no cuts, no nicks or anything like that, because your face is really prepped up, right? Really lather your face and lather it more than once. Like get a really good lather all over your face and then stop again, look at yourself and then do it again. Right? Go in there. And consistently when you’re if you have a bowl or if you’re using a puck or if you, you know, loading right off the soap, add a little bit of water to it and get that the brush tips it wet again. Right. You know, feel it, get the feeling, get it really creamy. So where it looks like a cream, right? Not just just a little bit to wear a little bit on your face to where it’s like, okay, it feels like a soap. Make it look like a cream when you do it, even with soap or creams and then make sure you’re covering up all the stubble, you shouldn’t be able to see the stubble on your face when you’re lathering up like this gentleman here in the picture. If you look at it, he could see the stubble. It’s just a very dry lather. It’s not going to be a good shape. You can just tell right now.

It’s going to be a terrible one. It’s going to be very dry and it’s going to hurt. That’s why you want to get nice, wet, so hot and also very rich lather on your face in a workout perfectly. You’ll be so much happier, I telling you so for for those out there that we’re asking about prep in the last few few shows and I did get two emails on this you know on this new wet shaving my my recommendation is spend the time on your prep and really practice on that before you get into the razor. It is 75% of the technique I think is in that when you use a safety razor or a straight razor, prep is very important because you need to get that glide with the razor. If you’re using a cartridge razor, it’s not that important because hence why you can use a KANGOO That’s that’s not really that good, right? And what it does is that dries up your face and just makes it easy just to glide right through it. It doesn’t look at, you know, honestly, the the later on effects, right? Later on when you go out, when your face starts breaking out and stuff because you get too close to the shave. So my advice, get a good prep spend and all I can say is knock it out in a few words, spend an extra minute longer than you think you should whenever you’re doing anything.

And what shaving always when that when you’re loading your brush spend an extra extra couple us swirls on the on the soap and if you’re lathering your face spend an extra minute doing it and I guarantee you you’ll get better results. So if anybody tries us, let me know your results. Send me an email and I’ll be more than happy to share it on the show. And I’m going to continue to do this myself for the rest of the time. Even though I, I do a long prep, I’m going to add another minute to my review, my excuse me, my prep and I’ll let you know on the next show how it worked out if even if, if I can get even better results than I’m getting now. All right, everybody moving on. We have Abby story. Abby is is a wet shaver that won the grand prize of the last of the last contest. The giveaway he got the medium or flat rate box. And in the show notes here we have a picture of his father’s brush and shaving bowl or shaving mug and Abby story. I have it right here. I’m just scrolling through it right now. It’s over with. All right. So Abby wrote and said he’s been listening for over two years, which is. Thank you very much, sir. And he’s got very great stories.

He’s converted new and old friends. He’s been he took his father for his first straight razor shave. And he’s traveled on great things and touched in the past. However, his favorite what shaving story is when recent, when he helped his folks down downsize and move them into a retirement and retirement community recently. And he found his father’s 1963 shave bowl and shave brush. His mother gave it to him, and he was just ecstatic to have that being in the wet, shaving, wet shaving world, to have his father’s vintage shaving bowl and brush. Now, if you see in the pictures, it’s a it’s actually he said he actually said that it may be junk to some people, but it’s a valuable heroin to him, which I really agree with, because that is one beautiful shave ball. I mean, I’d never seen one like that before and the brush too. So definitely keep that as a heirloom. That is a beautiful bowl. You don’t want to to lose that. And that is a priceless piece of what? Shaving cream, of course. Shaving, excuse me. Collection. So I agree with him. I’d say that’s a I think it’s beautiful. So I don’t think it’s junk. I think it’s really nice. So he decided to keep transitioning his to his children. So he’s got his kids in the in the to a handsome, mild razor. So he bought his teenage sons Henson razors.

And I’m sorry, teenage kids. He had his daughter. He gave the red for his daughter and blue for his son. So they both have one and they seem to love it. And even and it looks like his whole family’s been getting involved into it, too. And even his wife has been borrowing one of his razors as well. So, I mean, this is a whole family doing what, shaving. So I don’t know if he can get much better than that when you start, what, shaving, converting friends and now you have the whole family in it with some classic gear and some new stuff as well. So, Abby, thank you for the story. It was great. And and enjoy your grand prize. And next week we’ll we’ll feature another one of the of the winners of the runner ups. Their stories, too, because there were so many good stories. It was really enjoyable reading them. And it was like I said, it was one of the best weeks we’ve had with participation. All right, everyone, that concludes the show for this week.Don’t forget, our site is powered by What’s your father didn’t teach you about shaving? Special thanks to you guys, the listeners. And, of course, Mark. Take 59 for everything that he does with the what? Shaving community. All right, guys. So until the next show, which will be on the 18th of July. Shave straight and shave safe. Bye bye now.

Joe Borrelli

Joe Borrelli

Joe Borrelli is a long-time wet shaving enthusiast and collector. He hosts the Wet Shaving News/Talk Podcast, runs his own self-funded website and operates a YouTube channel to help inform the community of new information involving the wet shaving world. Joe holds a BBA from Florida Atlantic University, and currently works for the nation’s largest wine/spirits/beer retailer. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife Linda & son Anthony, reading, writing, outdoor activities and collecting wet shaving apparel. Joe has also written several dozen articles for online publications such as Sharpologist and How to Grow a Mustache.View Author posts

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