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Wet Shaving Talk For 13 Sep 21

  • Joe 
Sharpologist Wet Shaving Podcast Network
Sharpologist Wet Shaving Podcast Network
Wet Shaving Talk For 13 Sep 21

You’re listening to Wet Shaving Talk powered by where we’re dedicated to preserving the art and skill of classic shaving. I’m your host Joe Borrelli and today is September 13th 2021

Today on the Show:

Wet Shaving Apps (There’s More Than You Think)

New Soap from Shaving Shop Club 

Dopp Kits 

New Razor from Rex

Collector’s Corner: Passiflora Soap 

Wet Shaving Apps  

  • The Classic Shaving App
  • Shaving Buddy 
  • My Shave Den
  • Phoenix Shaving 
  • Detroit Grooming 

New Soap from The Club 

We are proud to introduce Fruit del la Passion, our latest offering in our Kaizen 2 base. The scent on this is a contradiction of scents… bitter & sweet, earth & florals, complex yet subtle. My guess is much will be discussed and comparisons made. Four years ago a controversial and short lived soap by another prolific artisan was introduced with much fanfare.  Fruit de la Passion is not a dupe of that mysterious soap…the ultimate in unobtainium. However there are notes which are somewhat similar and familiar to those fortunate to have that amazing soap. I hope you enjoy it.

Dopp Kits  

Check this out:

New Razor from Rex

Collector’s Corner: Passifora Shave Soap 

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Until then….

Shave straight and Shave Safe!


You’re listening to Wet Shaving Talk, powered by sharpologist.

Com, where we’re dedicated preserving the art and skill of

classic shaving.

I’m your host, Joe Borrelli today is September 13, 2021.

All right, everyone, welcome back to the podcast on this

beautiful September day, fall is around the corner.

This is technically our last summer podcast.

I cannot believe falls are right around the corner.

And you know what that means?

Fall seasonal stuff is coming out.

It’s already starting.

I’ve already been doing my research for the Fall Seasonal

special. I cannot believe how many items are actually out

there right now and all the releases coming out.

I think this is going to be the biggest year yet, so I’m

really excited about that.

But before we get into the fall stuff, we still got about

another month before that show, we’re going to talk about

a few things today that really got my attention.

One was Wet Shaving apps, applications for your phone and

for ipad and Android and all that stuff.

There’s actually more of them than you think.

I was just looking around just searching on a couple of the

forums and I saw a couple of people talking about apps.

Now I knew of one or two, but I didn’t know that there was

like five or six of them out actually out there with two

of them being for actual, for shopping and stuff to make

it easier from major artisans.

So I was really interested in that.

I talk about a few of those what I think about them.

I do have a couple of them myself.

I just downloaded one extra one the other day and I do use

one of them, so I’m really interested to see what your guys’

thoughts on that are two.

So don’t forget to email me if you have any comments or anything

like that.

A new soap from the Shaving Shop Club.

From the club.

That is something from a blast from a pass of one of them

based on like a homage to one of the most unobtainable soaps

out there.

We’ll talk a little bit about that I actually purchased I

made of what have purchased this week, so I’m very proud

of myself and haven’t gotten a chance to try it just got

it. But I think it’s a chance to smell it or had somebody.

My smell is starting to come back after having COVID, so

I’m starting to get a few of the hints.

So I’m going to wait a little while on that.

I had a listener, which I’m going to keep anonymous because

I didn’t get the approval if I could say, hey, this is you

or not regarding DOP kits.

That’s right.

Dop kits and what goes in a DOP kit talking different types

of DOP kits should you have adopt kit is we’ll talk a little

bit about that.

A new razor from Rec Supply Company or Razor Emporium.

They have a new version of one of their major razors coming

out now.

So that’s really, really cool.

We’ll be looking forward to that with End on Collectors Corner.

We’re going to talk about that soap that’s homage to Passive

Flora, probably one of the most valuable shape soaps of all

time. Definitely in the top three passive or shape.

So we are going to give you a Wet Shaving podcast at Shaving

Talk Podcast salute.

So guys, without further Ado, let’s get on with the shell

wet Shaving apps.

So looking at the wet shaving acts and seeing that this stuff

is very kind of new to me, I’m not really sure what to say

about it, because I’m not really into the I try to understand

social media.

You guys, if you see me or if you know me, I don’t really

post on Facebook or Instagram.

I do have accounts there, and I do look at stuff there and

really what I look at there is honestly, it’s just to see

new stuff, really and the season stuff that I like and see

what the artisans are coming out with.

I really don’t converse too much, and I probably should more,

but it’s just not my style.

But there are actually two, four, five shaving apps out there

that I did not know of.

That’s pretty cool, three of them being from vendors and

two being kind of like a shave and type type app, the first

one being Shaving Buddy, which is one that I’ve mentioned

in the past.

It’s a very basic app.

You could put your soaps and stuff and randomly do it.

I’ve had that one for several years, is pretty cool.

It does take a little time to input all your collection,

depending on how big it is.

It could take you maybe a day or two if you just play around

with it.

The My Shaved In app, which is a little bit of that kind

of similar Shaving Buddy app, but it’s a little bit more

modern with a little bit easier to use and a little better

images and graphics and stuff.

Very cool.

Phoenix Shaving has an app.

Detroit Grooming has an app and the classic Shaving app.

So from those vendors, they also have apps too.

So when I was just searching around, I saw somebody talk

about my Shaved in app on Bedroom Blade just recently and

I was just like, wow, you know what?

I wonder if there’s any more because I knew about the Shaving

buddy. I didn’t know about the shaved in one.

So I looked around and I saw these other ones too.

So I’m very surprised because years ago it was no apps, nothing.

We really didn’t have much for the Wet shaving world.

Now we have this so cool the Shaving Buddy up and I do use

it kind of like you look in there.

You can pick out your shave or that they do a random select.

They’ll take a razor, so open a brush.

The only thing with that is time consuming to get it all

set up.


The Phoenix Shaving Detroit grooming into my classic Shaving

app have some basic stuff on them.

Also, it’s easy for shopping, so those are really cool apps

if you’re looking for like new items from them or if you

want to place in the order.

If you just like following those vendors, that’s awesome

as well.

And then my shaved in app.

I haven’t gotten a chance to mess around that.

Just download it and I’m going to mess around with it and

have more to bring to the next show because it looks like

a little bit more of the shaving buddy, but it’s enhanced

a little bit, so I’m going to try that and play around with

that. One thing I do like is I love those random shave of

the days where it actually picks out a shave brush, it’ll

pick out a razor and a soap or whatever or after shave.

I do like that aspect sometimes when you have a lot collection.

I know you guys out there and there’s definitely a listener

out there.

It’s got over 100 and 5200 soaps, maybe 50 razors and 30

40 brushes or whatever or vice versa or whatever you have.

It does get difficult to start using them.

I’m a firm believer of the stuff that you have.

It gets used.

I use every single one of my razors.

Nothing really sits to run on a shelf.

I might use it, use them as often.

I like to do her stuff better, but the vintage, but I’ve

used my bottom dial, my toggle double ring all my really

important like classic Gillette razors.

They’ve all been used more than one time and I think that’s

what really that’s all about.

So I don’t mind having my collectible stuff in there as well.

And no trailer Queens at my house.

Trailer Queen would be like a car that you would just bring

the car shows and wax out and not drive.

We drive everything here.

I drive everything, use everything, all my soap, everything

to. So check goes out out those apps when you get a chance.

If you do have one of them even messing around with it, let

me know what your thoughts are.

All of them have pretty good reviews.

So I would say that they’re very user friendly and I can’t

wait to start messing around with them more than I have been

in the past.

I’m looking forward to that.

So check out those apps when you do get a chance and see

if there’s any more coming out or if you have an idea for

an app, let me know and I’ll see if I can help you out with

it. Alright.

So the new soap from the club, the club.

It came out this new soap based on a previous release that

was from about almost five years ago to the day.

Fruit dealer Passion Shaving soap came out and it’s like

a Passion fruit based, but it’s also based on possibly it’s

a home age or based on or very similar to Passiflora that

came out five years ago to the date.

And this was a soap that had a lot of controversy.

We’ll talk a little bit about this at the end of the show

with the Collectors Corner.

That’s why I chose that.

And it was really nice sent good performance, but really

everybody wanted it because it wasn’t.

Stop being made and this soap is similar.

It doesn’t have all the notes that you would see in Paso

Flora, so it doesn’t have the exact notes on it.

But just in the description itself on the website it does

say that controversial shortlived soap by another artisan

much fanfare fruit dealer Passion.

It’s not a dupe, but it’s there might be something similar

to it.

So yeah, we’ll see what happens with that now.

I don’t know how long ago this soap was made.

I don’t know if this is new, but I just recently discovered

it, so I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been around that long again.

If it’s not that new, I do apologize.

It is new to me.

So really interested in seeing and trying to once my sense

of smell comes back a little bit better.

It’s starting to come back now so I can really smell it and

be able to compare because I have tried Pass the floor before.

So another one of these.

Now, if you want to know, but other similar soaps like this.

This is actually from the Shaving Shop or Shaving the club

also from Barrister Man.

They did a couple of similar soaps like the Citronelle or

something that’s called and they also had awesome Town too,

which are very similar to Passiflora as well.

Those are also not being made anymore, but cool sense and

close to it.

I love the Passion Fruit idea and a scent profile and everything,

so it’s really nice.

So this is available only as a soap.

From what I’ve seen, I did not see the after shave yet, so

it’s available on their website there on the club Essence

itself. So talking about DOP kits kits are well, let’s say

they’re different for just about everyone.

I mean, do kits can represent basically represents a travel

kit of what you bring stuff, personal items, toiletry items

that you bring with you on a trip or if you’re away for school

or something like that and you just need to being a portable

basically kit with you for grooming.

Now, there are a lot of DOP kits out there that are brought

up by different vendors and sometimes they say put different

things on it.

But I can tell you right now the best thing that I’ve seen,

the best article, the easiest way to understand what goes

into adopt kit is on the Art of Manliness website.

Now this is back from way back in.

I think it was 2012 when he came out with this one of the

first one of the original articles on The Art Manliness.

Now, if you’re not familiar with that site, the Art Manly.

It’s basically just that it’s a men’s only website that talks

about basically being a man, how to become an adult, teaches

you how to take care of yourself, how to think better, not

only by grooming and stuff like that.

It’s more about really cool readings from other great men

in the past.

And it’s one of those few websites that doesn’t accept email.

I think he still does as Brett McKay.

He’s the actual owner of the site, the guy that created sites.

I think he’s in his late 30s now.

He has a family and everything like that.

And he’s really into that into the lifestyle.

Has several writers write from him, but he requires you to

send him a letter.

I think when it is with just, hey, you want to talk?

We want to talk about this or that you have a question, write

me a letter and send it to me in the mail.

Old school stuff like that just to keep that going.

He’s had articles on how to from anywhere and how to shoot

a gun to how to iron a shirt, how to wet Shave Mantis been

on his podcast before.

He has a great podcast as well.

And right on this web page, the first the picture shows you

what he suggests going into an old fashioned DOP kit.

Now the DOP kit was brought to me by a listener who said,

hey, I want to talk more about DOP kits or what would you

recommend? And I think he was thinking more about branch

and all that.

And to me, a brand of a DOP kit bag.

Really, it’s just irrelevance what really goes in the DOP

kit that’s important.

So what do I put in my dot kit now?

I’ve traveled a lot and I put basically everything that’s

said on this website and The Art Of Man.

Last I replicated it for myself.

I put a few things of medicine in there.

One thing I do bring with me, especially when I go to overseas,

is I bring water pills with me.

And the reason why I bring water pills is because sometimes

when you eat a lot of salty food and stuff like that, you

end up retaining a lot of water and can make you very sick.

That happened to me once before, and the actual opposite

has happened where I got dehydrated time, but as well.

So it’s really important to make sure you’re taking care

of yourself.

So bring some basic medicine, you know, like it could be

like Toms and stuff like that.

Also always bring adville with you and stuff and stuff that

you want me.

You may not be able to get at wherever you are.

So depending on where you’re traveling, if I’m traveling

locally in States and just doing a road trip.

I usually bring a safety razor with me.

I bring a basic brush of travel soap, my toothbrush, of course,

and then a couple of other things in there as well, and I

won’t really go too crazy.

But if I’m going overseas, I usually bring two DOP kits.

I bring like a couple of things that I need that I know I’m

going to need from here.

That just in case I need it.

I do bring a halfway decent safety razor and soap and I always

bring my blades and I make sure that I bring something I

could wrap the blades in because I usually toss them before

I go back, like I bring the blades and I don’t come back

with any blades and whatever I can bring that that’s disposal.

If I’m going overseas on.

I got a small toothbrush.

I toss it when I get there.

A lot of the times I’ll wear old just to let you guys know

a few things.

When I travel, I’ll wear old white heat under shirts.

I do wear undershirts.

I’ll wear older ones and I’ll buy new ones for home.

And when I wear the old one, I just toss it so I get less

luggage so I can bring more stuff back with me.

I bring clothes that are disposable.

They don’t need stuff that’s disposable I may not need, but

when it comes to my shave, I always travel with one or two

razors. The razor that I travel travel with primarily.

I’ve traveled with a Gillette blue tip.

I’ve gone overseas with that before on a very long trip,

and I love bringing the blue tip with me.

And I’ve also brought a razor rock, not the mom but the other

one. One of their safety razors too.

I’m sorry the name is just slipping me right now that the

razors are similar to that I brought with me as well, and

the shade is very nice to Point 67.

Sorry, I can’t believe I’m having such a block right here.

I thought I remembered it.

It’s the one 6.7, like the one that’s the made in Canada.

It’s very good razor.

I brought that with me too.

Nice and mild.

You know, one thing I do is I usually head shape, but I haven’t

had shaped a lot later.

I’m kind of going back to the buzzer and keeping it like

a one.

I would always bring my my cordless like battery operated

Clippers as well, just so I can cut my hair a couple of times

while I’m out and all the game changer razor.

Sorry, guys.

I knew I was coming up with it.

I really apologize, but the game changer razor is what I

bring with me.

Point 67.

Solid bar.

Great razor to use, especially when you’re on the go and

you got to go quickly.

You got shave every day.

It’s nice and mild and something that if I lost it.

I can replace it.

It’s only about 60 $70.

A lot of people like, oh, why you bring such a good razor

with you?

And it’s either the blue tip or that.

And the reason is I want a nice, easy shape.

I don’t want to have to think about it too much and too.

I actually want a nice shape while I’m out.

I don’t need to bring disposables with me.

I have in the past, and I know it’s easy to shave with a

couple of times to throw them out, but I just really sometimes

when I’m away and I’m away from my family and I’m away from

my friends, I just want to have something that makes me feel

like I’m more at home or just gives me a little bit, you

know. Hey, I feel better about myself.

I guess I feel happier just using a better razor and I feel

good about it.

So that bring the odorant and all that stuff, and I actually

fill it up pretty well, and I try to get rid of as much of

it as I can before I leave, so I don’t bring anything crazy

with me.

I bring a good quality name brand, so decent brush usually

synthetic brush.

The reason why I bring synthetic brushes is because they

dry out faster, so you don’t have to worry about them soaking

with water and holding water.

So synthetic brush usually is the way to go.

But on this Art of Manliness website put a link to the show

notes on there, and I usually don’t do that with items, but

I thought this article is great, really basic.

And it’s also I think he has an art podcast on it as well

and really puts in there.

A lot of people put some money in there.

They put a $20 bill or something just in case.

I’m a big believer of that to keep a little bit of cash in

there, just in case.

You never know and always have some medicine, bandage and

stuff and whatever else you need that you usually use on

a daily basis.

Also, guys, if you are diabetic, I would definitely bring

extra strips with you or extra testers or whatever you need.

Always bring an extra stash of that, because in certain countries

you may not be able to find it that easily and it might be

expensive. But for the most part, he’s traveling in the United

States. You don’t need to bring too much of that because

you can go to a drug store and you can find it.

But for overseas stuff, I definitely bring stuff that you

can’t find that easily or you may not know.

You can find easily and you never know.

Also, another good thing to bring is if you’re doing a road

trip and you’re going depending on where you’re traveling

to, it’s always a good idea to bring some canned items to

eat, just in case and something to drink bottles of water

and put in the trunk in a bag because you never know if something

happens. You might be driving on a road and you might have

be in a rural area and you might not be able to stop or something

happens. You never know you have something to eat, so always

bring a mess kit with you or something.

Just basic, just in case I do that too, just in case you

break down or something happens and you’re all by yourself

and you’re having a hard time getting somebody there.

You’re going to have to wait a long time.

You never know what’s going to happen.

A couple of things in regards to that is if you might get

stuck in traffic one day and you might be stuck for hours.

I had a relative to get stuck in a snowstorm one time for

four. I think it was like six or 7 hours where she actually

stuck in the car, couldn’t leave, couldn’t move.

And everybody’s just standing outside and you’re like, really,

if you gotta go to the bathroom or something like that.

But I would say a good snack or something to eat would be

great too.

And that’s kind of a situation.

You have it in your DOP kit or whatever or backpack in the

back of the car just in case for emergencies.

You got water, you got something to eat so you can get through

a few hours and at least get through without your stomach

grumbling. So with the DOP kit, though, guys, I always put

a couple of granola bars in there as well, just in case.

And then I usually eat them before.

If I don’t use them during my trip on the way home, I just

keep it nice and pack.

Keep it as light as possible.

Keep whatever you need, make sure you have all those necessities

and get a good quality bag.

Now there’s some bags.

You can get them anywhere you can get them at.

I think Walmart even carries them.

Small grocery stores carry them.

Designer stores carry them a lot of places.

I have one that was gifted to me by Range Leather.

That’s amazing.

I mean, this is something that I’ll keep for the rest of

my life.

I have that.

And I also have one from Harry Shaving that I got when I

first started podcasting.

Both of those usually go with me on the overseas trips and

then usually just take the Range Leather one on them in the

United States, like I haven’t traveled in a couple of years

with this cool thing, and I don’t plan on it for a while,

so I think it’s just good items to keep a great topic.

I do appreciate you the listener calling it in and letting

me know to talk about this, and we’re going to get more involved

in this too, and let me know what’s in yours.

Let me know what’s in your kit if you have something really

interesting in your kit or if you have something that you

travel with that you think nobody else does.

Let us know what you have because it’s really cool, really

good concept as well.

Alright guys.

So Rex supply company coming out with Yep, the Ambassador

with a long handle, the new handle is going to be about three

quarters of an inch longer and still going to be the same

kind of concept.

Everything like that for the for the team, for the people

looking for the longer handled adjustable razors.

This is pretty exciting.

I’m really excited about this.

I do like long handled razors as well, especially for head

shaving. It makes it easier.

So really looking forward to seeing the release.

I don’t know if they’re going to go with the zero serial

number and that’s something that I think is really I love

when the razors a serial number.

And another thing I love is the low serial numbers.

And I got called out on this on Instagram because actually

again, the few times that I do comment and say, oh, wow,

I want a low serial number.


The guy’s like, oh, does a shave any better?

No, it doesn’t shave anybody.

We know that, but it’s cool to get something lower.

It gets closer to the beginning of the production.

I don’t know.

It’s just something personal preference for me and it doesn’t

make a shave any better.

No, but it’s just something that I like.

I do like low serial number, everything cars as well.

Too low Vin number.

If the card just comes out, it’s pretty awesome.

So looking forward to seeing this razor come out.

No doubt my mind Rex Or supply company is going to do great

job razor and or always make they stand by their stuff.

And I do quality 100% made in USA.

So that’s pretty cool.

So looking for that the long handled Rex ambassador.

Alright guys, collect this corner.

We’re going to talk.

That’s right.

We’re talking about passive Flora soap.

If you’ve been in the wet shaving game for several years,

you’ll know that Pasa Flora is probably one of the most controversial

shaving products we’ve ever seen in modern times.

This could be the most valuable soap of all time.

Next to there’s a couple of the soaps that are really valuable

out there, but this one, I think, is going to bring the most

to the table when it comes to auction.

I’ve seen them go for up to $300 a pack.

There’s about four or five collectors that have maybe three

quarters of what’s out there and they don’t plan on selling

it or getting rid of it.

I know one or two people that have over $10 themselves, so

I mean, really, that’s where we stand on that now.

That doesn’t mean that it’s you’ll never get a chance to

use it, but it’s good chance that you probably won’t, but

it’s a good chance that most of these are still out there.

So pass the floor.

So what makes it so so exciting and so collectible is that

it was one of the first, if not the first release of Barrister

Man and the Shaving Shop Club when the club membership came

out. Now the club is is a shaving shop and awesome vendor.

The soaps.

Have they’ve been around for a long time?

Peter is the head of that company, and he’s been doing soaps

and after Shades for at least six, seven, eight years.


I met him a few times.

Great guy.

But he came out with his membership like a private membership

that you actually had to pay, I believe, was monthly or quarterly

or something like that.

And what happened with that is a lot of people like, why

do I have to have a saving membership?

We don’t have that membership to get the soap.

I want the soap.

I don’t want the membership.

I just want the soap.

And you know what, all this stuff came out.

So this soap came out exclusively to members on the of November.

I believe this is in 2016 or 2016.

So five years ago, most of the day and a lot of people are

just looking at that $40, like yearly membership.

And they didn’t want to do that to buy the soap.

And it was just whatever, whatever canceling.

I don’t know, a bunch of stuff, but it’s just one of those

things to where the soap came out.

And there was a kind of thing between the vendors and didn’t

work out.

So they just stopped making the soap, right?

They stopped.

Hey, we’re not going to do this anymore.

We’re not going to make it public.

We don’t want to do this.

We don’t want to do that.

So they mutually decided several days after the release that

it was done.

We’re not doing it anymore.

And they only sold 150 soaps.

They had 108 at the time and they liquidated at $12 on the

BNM site.

So on Bar Sterman site.

So they just said, hey, forget it.

We’re going to sell this out and selling that cost.

And they sold it out in less than a 20 to 30 minutes.

It was gone.

So that’s the end of that 150 of these soaps were made.

I know about the three collectors that probably have at least

50 or 60 of these soaps in their collection.

I know one guy probably has at least ten or twelve and it

came out and that’s what everybody wanted it.

Everybody’s talking about it.

Their membership dues were being refunded from the Shaving

Shop Club, the liquidation, he just wanted it will just wanted

it out of his bastard man warehouse.

That’s it.

So some people were able to get it for $12, and they have

an unobtainable piece of what Shaving history.

So is it so that great.

I have tried it once or twice.

It is a great scent.

I do like the scent.

It’s a little bit more like if you’ve tried awesome Town.

It’s a little powdery.

Er, like a little bit more musky, a little bit more on the

barbershop side of that.

It’s very, very unique.

I’ve seen a lot of soaps come out that are similar to this,

but the one that just came out now, the fruit dealer passion

is probably the closest I’ve noticed that.

I can tell it smells almost the same as it now.

It’s been a while, and just by me, with my light sense of

smell, it has not 100 yet, so I can’t tell you I can’t vouch

for it, but I can tell that it’s got similar notes, so that’s

it for passive flora.

Probably one of the most controversial collectible soaps

of all time.

I really wish I had a puck.

I never got one.

I’ve only had samples of it and smelled it with friends,

and I kind of really kicking myself for not buying it at

the time.

I just didn’t even think about it.

I knew about that whole club thing during it, and I didn’t

buy into the club at the moment.

I probably would have now, if I knew what this soap would

have been to Passiflora from Barrister Man in the club.

That soap.

We do salute you as being one of the most collectible shape

soaps of all time.

All right, guys.

And that concludes our show for the week.

Remember, our show is powered by Sharp oligit.

Com, which your father didn’t teach you about.

Shaving special thanks to you guys, a listener.

And, of course, Mark AK, Mantic, 59 for everything he does

with the wet shaving world and AC, celebrating ten years

on sharp ologist.


All right, guys.

So our next show will be on the 27 September, and until then,

shave straight and shave safe.

Bye bye now.


Joe Borrelli

Joe Borrelli

Joe Borrelli is a long-time wet shaving enthusiast and collector. He hosts the Wet Shaving News/Talk Podcast, runs his own self-funded website and operates a YouTube channel to help inform the community of new information involving the wet shaving world. Joe holds a BBA from Florida Atlantic University, and currently works for the nation’s largest wine/spirits/beer retailer. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife Linda & son Anthony, reading, writing, outdoor activities and collecting wet shaving apparel. Joe has also written several dozen articles for online publications such as Sharpologist and How to Grow a Mustache.View Author posts

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