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Wet Shaving Talk For 11 April 2022

Sharpologist Wet Shave Talk Podcast Network
Sharpologist Wet Shave Talk Podcast Network
Wet Shaving Talk For 11 April 2022

You’re listening to Wet Shaving Talk powered by where we’re dedicated to preserving the art and skill of classic shaving. I’m your host Joe Borrelli and today is April 11th ,2022

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Let’s Talk Shaving T

New Launch of Brass Razors from Chiseled Face

I Used Up A Soap!

Spring Cleaning Give-A-Way

New Supply SE

New Brass Razors from Chiseled Face


Just launched.  All made to order.  Chiseled Face has been coming out with some awesome razors!

I Used Up A Soap !!!


While it doesn’t happen often, when it does it is surely a sight.  How many shaves does it take to get to the end of a soap?  I’ll tell you!

Spring Cleaning Give-A-Way

 I’ve decided to move some items that aren’t getting the love they deserve.

Email me with a great Wet Shaving Story and the winner will get a set. Best Email get’s choice, second best gets the rest!

New Supply SE Razor

Supply has a new SE razor!!! The Shark Tank vendor has launched a new razor and we’re ready for it. Pre orders start on April 17th! Advertised with Nick Stop technology.

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You’re listening to wet shaving talk powered by Sharpologist dotcom, where we’re dedicated preserving the art and skill of classic shaving. I’m your host Joe Borrelli and today is April 11th 2022,
All right, everyone, welcome back to the podcast in this beautiful April day, April 11th can’t believe it four months, and I always say that on a podcast. But it is hard to believe because you know we do this show every two weeks and time does fly. It really does, especially when you’re using shaving soap. So few things I’m going to get right into just going over the outline of the show notes of the show this week. First I want to talk a little bit about having just a little bit in general of what’s going on in the industry. I’m going to start off the show with just what’s going on and what I’ve been seeing in the forums and online and stuff like that. So it’s a brief little summary of what’s going on.
We have a new launch of brass razors from chiselled face and I have to say I am constantly impressed with the work that they’re doing over there, chiseled face, after a few years of working on them and building these razors, prototypes and stuff. They are very impressive and they cease to amaze me with new items here and there. So I’m just really enthused to see this and be able to bring this couple couple of pictures on the website now. They’re doing all their orders made to order too. So all the excuse me, the raisers made to order now, so you’ll actually be able to get a chance to get one without having the weight in the cue or anything like that. Oh yes, we’ll talk a little bit about that, that company in general.
I actually used up a whole shave soap. No, not all in one sitting. I’m talking. I used one up and I actually have an empty one and I have a picture to show you and I posted it on Facebook just to see what the reaction was. And I got a lot of comments and a lot of pretty cool information from people asking me how many shapes it took and how long it was. How long did I have the soap? And I got to be honest, I haven’t really used the soap all the way through like that, probably in like six or seven years when I used to have like five or six soaps, when I used to use them up and then buy a new one. Now, since I have a pretty sizable collection, I don’t think this happened. So I mean I’m really I’m just like in a about it. So I’ll I’ll tell you little bit more about that in detail. I’ve got a spring cleaning give away. So, yeah, you don’t want to miss that. There’s two packages at the end of this coast that you will want to listen to. That I’m giving away for free, shipped only to the Continental United States just because of legalized reasons and stuff like that.
But yeah, checked that out at the end of the show and the new supply or single edged razor that’s out. I saw the article on Sharpologist and a few few guys out there using it. There’s a preorder. Lot of people talking about this razor. I’m a fan of the company, so I want to talk a little bit about that in detail as well. So guys, and I’ve got a Jampac show for you this week.
So without further ado, let’s get on with this show. So what’s shaving 11? Just talking a little bit about what’s going on? You know I was thinking this week on how to open up the podcast and how we can just really sit there and just talk about something different every week.
And, to be honest, just talking about, I think you know just what’s going on in the industry really works. I think it keeps keep on, it keeps me in the loop and too it keeps probably everybody else in the loop and it gives us little little ice breaker to start off. So few things I’ve just noticed in the wet shaving world there’s just a lot of, you know, a lot of new releases coming out again. Now we’re starting to see a lot of new razors coming out.
We’re seeing some companies that have, you know, concepts and stuff like example, we have the new supply razor that came out that’s actually available for preorder and you know that was a company that that was on shark tank and all that stuff. You know we just saw so much come from that vendor and now they’re coming out with new items and just I saw a bunch of new releases for soaps and you know I saw some really cool concepts this year so far that I thought was just really, you know, just really innovative for the for the industry in general.
You know, for example, know talking about. I just was looking just searching through vendors and I saw that Phoenix artists and crimes have a flare tip, basically flair tip, double overhead, open come double open. Come excuse me, which is a design that was from the cave, came way back. I think in the 19 fifties or sixties or maybe even in the forties, where they used that double open. Come know concept and you know for Douglas Smith from from he’s a big fan of this concept.
You know and he he really stands by it and just to see him come out with different ideas and he took like that flair tipped style razor and then put a new head on it and put a head like I thought that was pretty innovative. I thought that was really cool. I have saved. I do own a from. You know I’ve had it since they came out. Maybe one of the first releases the nickel one. So it’s not too. I think it’s pretty much know. It’s an older one and I do bring it. I love travelling with this razor. You know I do usually travel with it and I use it here and there and put it on. You know I keep it on the original handle and stuff like that. But just to see that concept put on the flare tip. I thought it was a really nice touch.
So I thought it was cool. So I wanted to give a little bit of a shout out to for that and then just seeing that a few more different sense like the the passion fruit sense coming out from you had the shave shop. Do it and you know the the Passiflora, like homage soap. These guys, if you guys know the Passiflora story, we’ve talked about it so many times and just to see now you know, Barrister Man came out with a version of Passion Fruit and then the shave shop came out with it and and those actually bought both those releases. Just because I’m such a fan of the Passiflora style, the passion for soap, that I just thought it was really cool that that came out this year too. So I mean just right now. I think what shavings in a really good, strong are lot of great things happening and I think a lot of people get along too. So that’s really good. So you don’t see any any fees or anything going like that, especially on line.
The only thing we’re missing is those meetups, but I see that they’re starting up again. We’re going to start seeing some more. So looking forward to seeing some meetups and all that fun stuff too. So guys, that’s just a little bit of what shaving one. And on my thoughts this week, you know, I take, I really like I start on Monday, I start researching, I look and what I do is I have like a little open file on my phone on the notes. If you have an Iphone, it has like a little note option. I just put my notes in there all week-long and take pictures and I put it in there. You know what I’m going to do for the cast and for for two weeks and now this is just some of the notes. I have been thinking about just the innovation and stuff, so really exciting stuff in the wet shaving world. And just guys, keep it up, vendors keep it up, you know block riders keep it up, youtubers keep it up because it just really just helps this industry go all right.
So moving along, I want to talk about that new launch from Chiseled Face. Now Chiselled Face is a long term vendor with software. Excuse me, so they’ve been making soap. They actually make really good soap and different different types of sense. You know I do have a couple of their sense and stuff I’ve had. I’ve used their soap and thereafter shaves. I think I’ve always been a fan of that, the product. But you know the concept where they came out with the razors. It’s something that it’s been in the works for years and finally to see it come to life. It was a big deal and you know we’ve talked about these raisers in the past, but now the new brass ones just came out and I just was like okay, I saw them and I was like wow. This is this is the real deal.
Now this is a 100% made in-house I believe it’s made in safety razor, had finished and now, if you look at the picture, I put in shoots just with that design, this is really shown some nice artisan machining. I mean this, I know it’s all CNC machine, I believe, but still I mean this is a lot of time and effort put in these raisers and they are beautiful and they’re under, I believe, under $400 or under three, thin there, like 200 something. So guys, I mean honestly, you know, if you’re looking for a high-end raiser, I got my eye on one of these and as soon as I get some space in my cabinet I can justify another one. I’m getting one because I think this is really something that’s really special and I think it’s going to continue to be around for a while.
You know I do think I do think these guys, I think his face. I’m I’m not sure what the back log on the razors are. I don’t I don’t know if it’s as bad as Wolf Man yet, but this is the next. This is the new Wolfman. I mean, I’m honest, honestly, reviews have been great on it with the with the, with the shave performance from them. But I’m going to tell you guys, I now the look in the field, these raisers, I’m sure of it. I can’t wait to get my hand on one because I’m going to really try. Just it’s just there’s so many good designs, it’s hard to pick. So looking into that, guys, I think this is definitely going to be the new fad, definitely on. You know it’s going to be a fad coming up and it’s goin to be a big deal. And I think if you’re going to get it, get it on-the-ground level if you can, because they just they just look amazing there getting better and better.
So if you have one of these razors and you want to talk about it, you know, please please please send me an email, love to talk about it with you and and so you can justify my decision in getting one, because it’s taking me a lot not to love them. They look great moving along. So I talked about in the beginning of the show. I used up a soap now. To most people in the world they’re robe like. Okay, that’s not news. But to you guys that are wet shavers, there’s a bunch of you right now saying I feel I feel you, Joe, I understand where you’re coming from, because it doesn’t happen that often and when it does there’s a sense of accomplishment and a sense of sadness because the soap is gone.
But luckily the soap I used to doppleganger from is still available, I believe. But man, man that last shave. As you could see in the picture there like a little slipper, I did use one more shove out of it and barely got one out. It was. It was definitely monumental. It was one of the top because I was like wow, I just I’ve never really used too many soaps that fully before, all the way to the end. And this is the first one in a long time. I think I used to use Vanderhagen a lot back in the day, when I first started and I was in school and didn’t really have you know much much knowledge on wet shaving and just I knew why I could get, you know, Walmart and that smell, that scent of Vander Hagen still very much in my nose like, even though my smell has been muted by lot by about 75% as I had COVID last year, which is sad. You now have not regained most of my sense of smell yet, or I may never.
But I do remember that scent and I could tell you I went through a lot of those, not a lot, maybe like three or four Vanderhagen soap soap dishes, the old ones back in the day. But this is a big deal, this the first one in a very long time for me, and it was a sense of accomplishment when I and then I gave the container to my little guy who is learning how to open jars and stuff now. So it was really good kind of good timing on that. So he has that now it’s probably in his toy box or something. Who knows where it is.
But yeah, it’s definitely a sight to see. It’s something to remember and I’m sure all of you guys, when you do the same thing, you take a picture of it because it doesn’t happen like often now. The question is: how many shares did I get out of it? I got to say I used the soap a lot, probably about a few years ago when I first came out. I used it quite often and I got to say I got a probably over 60 to 70 shapes easily on this puck. Now a few things that will alter that. If you’re face later, you’re going to use more soap than a guy that uses a lather that scoops it now. If you say now, if you load directly on the puck, I do that you’re going to use up more soap. If you bloom your soap, which I’d like to do too, you’re going to use more soap and you know there’s nothing wrong with that, because that’s what this is all about: using soap.
But if you’re one of those guys that has like a little spoon, like a little ice cream sample spoon or or or a regular spoon, and you like to scoop out a piece of it and throw it in a bowl in the bowl, lather your soap will last. Maybe you might get 60, 70 shaves when you’re doing face lathering, you’ll get like 90. If you do it that way, because you’re not, you’re not getting the soap wet, you’re not getting the soap. The soap won’t start to melt a little bit. It won’t you, it won’t it won’t like disintegrate faster right it won’t it won’t melt and you send-up your using less because our control and more control. Now for me I love to lather. I love the leather heavily on myself.
So what I usually do is I bloom the soap. Yes, I do bloom, then take you know, just load my brush with it and then I put in a bowl or my scuttle. I have a big scuttle and I use that and that’s how I basically you know bowl leather, my stuff, and that’s how I have lately and I use a lot of soap and I probably go through them faster. So I would say now, if I’m shaving like that, I might get 40 to maybe 40 to 50 shaves out of a soap. If I’m not doing like that, if I’m doing it like a regular brush later, probably 60, and then I would say better than that you can bob, get 80 if you’re if you’re doin the scoop method. So that’s just what I saw on that and a lot of people were asking me that on facebook, like oh how many have do you think it was? And I said, you know I’m thinking about.
I really don’t know, because you know I’ve had the soap for several years, so it’s hard to know. It’s hard to determine how many I used. But I could definitely say vouch for at least 60, I’d say, because I used it a lot. I used it primarily for like at least three weeks. I know that for a fact and it was still pretty full and the after shave I still have a little bit left. So that’s funny how that works. Usually I have extra aftershave after I used up the soap.
So now that is my cologn for the week, until it’s gone and then I’m going to go to another set and I’m going to start using my stuff up, mainly because I just got too much stuff, guys, I really do and I just want to be able to enjoy you now. Ten to 15, maybe 20 soaps at a time, 20 razors, instead of having such a collection that I can’t even touch half of it in a year. You know. So it’s a little bit that’s for another show, but that’s kind of what I’ve been doing and and well, it’s definitely an accomplishment and it’s got some happiness and sadness too all at once. But yes, I did really use up a whole soap, so spring, clean away, give away, guys all right. So if you look at the pictures, there’s two pictures there already package these up and are ready to go.
So as soon as somebody wins, I’m going to be able to send it out. But guys, I have a lot of stuff in wet shaving and I’ve been very fortunate to be able to have, you know, a decent collection and be able to use it. But here’s the problem. I can’t use this stuff anymore and it’s going to end up going to waste, and that’s something that I really don’t want to do. So I’m going to start really. I’m going to do this here and there. I’m going to start doing some give way and just start letting some of the stuff go and, you know, make room for new stuff because honestly I was looking at my collection. I got a whole boxful of seasons and I have a whole, but my whole cabin is full of regular stuff and it’s like I can’t justify buying more stuff just to have it sit there and have this collection get massively bigger and then have it start going bad. I had a couple of soaps, oil out.
They start getting oily and stuff and I had to throw em out because I didn’t use them for like five years. So this is something I’m going to do. This is a small set up. So the first riffle, not ruffle, the first give, is going to have a little sample set of art of shaving products like the pre shave, the cream and everything. It’s got a shaving stand from West Coast shaving that can hold two brushes and two raisers. Art of shaving. Medium-size badger brush, the crown king Scuttle, the original one that came out a long time ago.
Yeah, it’s great scuttle and I really love it. I love the logo being in the front. 100 blades from Rockwell and then a double-edged safety razor from Los Angeles have company, which is actually what they based off the bone. This was the one that they got the inspiration from the article that I wrote several several years ago. So that’s one of the raisers used they got the the inspiration from, so that is available. The next one is a King Gillette razor with Vanderhagen soap, Vanderhagen mug, a vintage bad badger brush with a black badger knot and then some Gilet blades and a cover for the safety razor, leather safety razor, cover for travel and then brush stand, a little clear brush, and so these two raffles giveaways are set up, ready to go.
So guys I’m looking for is just I really would like to see some really nice wet shaving stories or reason why you would need it or or if you want to give it away to somebody or something like that. I really would like to give you know, somebody, to give us some good content for the podcast as well. So if you have something nice you want to say about the podcasts or what shaving in general have a great story. Now feel free to send it to me and I will and I will pick the winners after on the within the next two weeks and I will send this to you wherever you are in the continental US. I’m sorry, international guys, it’s just too hard with you after shaves and stuff and it’s it’s really expensive to send it out and just the risk and all that. I’m just not not something unwilling to do at this point at this moment, but there will. We might have something international coming up in the near future. So guys, yeah, email me with some great saving stories and the winner will get a set second place. We’ll we’ll get the rest. So basically the winter gets choice and the second place person we’ll get whatever is left over and then we’ll do a couple more of these throughout the throughout the summer. I’m going to start going through some more stuff now. Ive been giving away a lot of stuff and your new wet shaver and you’d like to try it out. You know, let me know I might be able to, I might be able to hook you up or to get something for you, because I do. You know I do have some stuff too. So just let me know what’s going on. You know, always email me. Joe.wetshavingnews at gmail dot com.
All right guys, and in conclusion this week we have the new Supply Raiser. You know if you guys are are familiar with supply. They were on the show. Shark Tank, believe it or not, a few years ago. I actually really love that show and I watched this episode quite often because I actually I feel kind of close to it because you know it’s it’s Wed shaving guys. I mean, come on, it’s us.
You know it’s everybody listening to this podcast that it was one of us that made it to TV basically, and even though it’s a bigger vendor, mass-produced stuff, they’re still part of the team. You know part of the group. So it was really a big deal watching that. Sorry about that, take something. I think I had a little bit of a technical issue on the laptop a few seconds ago, but I do apologize, also looking at this supply raiser, you know the original one is actually pretty, pretty nice. It’s very well built, but this new one has some different features to it now it’s a razor, an injector style raiser.
You guys, you guys, now that right, you know we’ve all watchers here, so we know what an injector razor is by now. If you don’t you know it’s one of those raisers, but you can inject the blade right into it. That’s what the style is and it has like this new system which is called it’s it’s called the Nick stop technology, which is basically saying that 75% less chances of getting a nick and less aggression but still with a clean shave. So I was really impressed when I heard that. So that’s basically like the injector point injector supply. Excuse me, like it’s very similar to the 2.1 the last rays were they came out. I actually have that one and I think it’s really nice. It is in my rotation but it looks like a little bit more guess, milder, but it’s supposedly more efficient.
And looking at the reviews I read Amantis article. He gave a really decent review, said he tried some of the prototypes and the actual final raiser was much better than the prototype. So that’s great to see that they actually listen to the feedback from the team, from the from the team. So it sound like my work from the customers. Just listen to the feedback and we’re able to fix it. But I think it was all in all it’s more of a sensitive like. Like, like he says, you had a classic style. So it’s little bit one, probably on the lighter side, with aggression but still very efficient, really interested to see what this razor does. It is on preorder. It’s got like a little. One of the other supply designs that they change is. They’ve made it like an open come or like a comb type guard instead of the regular solid guard. So yeah, it does look like it’s going to be a little bit lighter, a little bit less aggressive. Milder razor with the, with the, the blade guard, fins and the and the actual geometry of the blade were the gap and everything like that. The exposure looks like it’s a little bit muted, but this razor will be on preorder, available for Peter on the 17th.
So if you’re interested, definitely check out supply, Supply, DOC, slash products and you will be able to find it there. So yeah, good luck to supply. We salute you for being on the TV show that I really like and make some great razors too. So looking forward to see some more reviews of this razor when it gets out there and if you’re interested again, it will be available soon. All right.
So that concludes a podcast for this week. I got to say it’s been great. You know a lot of great stuff, a lot of exciting stuff going on in the wet shaving world. I remember our show is powered by sharp apologists, dot com, which your father didn’t teach you about. Shaving guy’s special thanks to all of you, the listeners and Mark, of course, for everything he does for the wet shaving community. Our next show will be on. It will be on the second of May, I believe, second of May. No, I’m sorry, it’s going to be on the 25th of April. I’m sorry, I’m already looking into the wrong counter. 25th of April. Until then have straight and shave safe by now.

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