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Dateline! 11/25/2015

Sharpologist Wet Shaving News Podcast Network
Sharpologist Wet Shaving News Podcast Network
Dateline! 11/25/2015

It’s been two weeks already, and that means it’s time for the Wet Shaving News Podcast! Time to round up all of the big news and going ons around the web, and put them into a great show!

This week we speak with Jarrod from The Superior Shave, located here in Florida! They sell everything for the discerning gentleman including starter kits for your holiday buying ease! Make sure to check them out at their website.

We also have a wonderful giveaway this week! Courtesy of Harry’s Razors, we’re giving away their travel kit dopp bag. You can view the bag here, if you’d like to see it. Harry’s is also giving our listeners $5 off their first order, so if you’re a hybrid shaver, or if you want to purchase a dopp kit, you’ll get a great deal there. Make sure to use the discount code WSN for your savings.


Show Notes

Company; Clubman Pinaud


Date: 11/15/15


After a long wait, Clubman Pinaud has finally released its new products for 2015. The release date was 11/15/15 but pre-orders were encouraged throughout the month of November.

Items include:

  • New Shave Creams featuring the classic Clubman Scent
  • “Head shave gel” made specifically for head shavers
  • Pre-shave oil
  • Shave Soap
  • Beard and Tattoo oil

To help promote these new arrivals Clubman has offered these items at a discount. Prices range from $6.95- $9.95 and are available through Clubman’s website.  Clubman Pinaud has been in business since 1810 and has served as a major player in the wet shaving world with it’s classic scents and products.



Company: Blade Life Extender Shave Cream  


Date: 11/14/15

New on kickstarter, BLE or “Blade Life Extender” has developed a patent pending formula that claims to extend the life of shaving blades.

  • BLE has been independently tested by Consumer Products Testing Company through two trials over a time period of 56 days
  • 92% of test subjects claimed their shaves were still comfortable compared to 6% using regular creams
  • At the time of this publication BLE has only raised $550 of a $200K goal so we may not see this product on store shelves any time soon.

See show notes for a link to that kickstarter page.


Company: The Italian Barber


Date: 11/14/15


The Italian Barber has announced the latest safety razor from “Fatip”. The “”Testina Gentile” which translated to English means “Gentle Head” is now available for sale.

  • Features a totally different head design than previous (more aggressive) models
  • The new head design flexes the blade more than average, similar to the “Merkur 45” and “RazoRock Baby Smooth”.
  • Retail $ for the razors range from $32.99 for the standard to $44.99 for more complex handles.
  • We look forward to seeing the reviews in the near future and will keep you updated.


Company: Star Shaving


Date: 11/15/15


Throughout the past year, there has been concerns regarding the“Star Shaving’s” services being delayed and orders being lost.  Several members of the popular wet shaving forums have come forward with their experiences and their concerns for the once popular strop maker.  


  • Joe decided to contact Star Shaving directly to see if we could find out what’s been going on with their business.
    • Unfortunately after several attempts, we have not received a response.  We will keep you updated if we do hear back from Star Shaving.
  • Currently, their website is still live and accepting payments.  
  • Please contact them directly before making any purchases.
  • If you hear back from them please reach out to us so we can get the word out


Company: Gillette


Date: 11/17/15


Gillette has launched a new product in their Fusion line titled the ProShield. This new product adds a protective strip before and after the blades. According to the article:

  • Gillette studies show men take 170 strokes every shave, with 120 being restrokes over already shaved areas.
  • This strip will help reduce irritation over areas that are shaved with multiple strokes
  • Available in two varieties, regular and mentholated.



Artisan News


Company: Abraham’s Beard Oil


Date: 11/14/15


West Coast Shaving is now carrying Abraham’s Beard Oil.  These items have been getting rave reviews on the forums and have a wide array of products for those who choose to keep facial hair.

  • Just in time for Movember
  • High quality products for those with beards all hand made.
  • Several fragrances including the popular “barbershop” scent


Company: Catie’s Bubbles


Date: 11/14/15


Catie’s bubbles has introduced nine new scents for their popular soaps this month.

While we can’t list them all here are the notables:

  • “Spanish Holiday” which is sweet with hidden notes of coriander, rosewood, and musk.
  • “Irish Coffee” which contains the scent of sweet fresh brewed coffee with some of my favorite Irish Whiskey.
  • “Ocean Grove”  which contains a delicious blend of fruits, florals, and salty marine notes.
  • The soaps retail for $20 and are available now at Catie’s website.





Company: The Sharpologist


Date: 11/14/15

The Sharpologist published a new article; “The 10 Most Popular Shaving Brushes Among Readers” this past week. The article features:

  • 10 brushes in the order from popular selling websites
  • A brief description and links to websites
  • General feedback given on popular buying websites such as Amazon.

This is the first of several  articles Mantic59 has decided publish regarding top ten items in a particular wet shaving category.  A great read and we look forward to the next one.





The Big Easy Wet Shaver Meetup is scheduled for December 21 in New Orleans.  The event will feature several artisans and members of the wet shaving community, and will serve as a gathering for those to shoot some wet shave talk and have a drink or two.


Check them out at


The South Florida Wet Shavers will be hosting their 3rd Meet-Up this March in Ft Lauderdale Florida.  The previous two meet-ups were very successful. There were  numerous raffles, giveaways, and the distribution of custom artisan soaps and aftershaves made specifically for the event.


Joe will be attending this meetup as he was the previous two and can only say the nicest things about this group of guys.  Check them out on facebook :


If you are planning or know of a meetup please reach out to us via twitter, or email and let us know.  No meetup is too small.






Shave tutor and co-founder of sharpologist. I have been advocating old-school shaving for over 20 years and have been featured in major media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and Lifehacker. Also check out my content on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!View Author posts

4 thoughts on “Dateline! 11/25/2015”

  1. In thinking about my own shaving habits (traditional DE), I’m not so sure that that 170/120 stoke statement is so far off. I think the big issue is one of style and what constitutes a stroke.

    My own style is a one-pass shave with a lot of buffing strokes, often going back over areas for further reduction. Arguably, if I “unwound” the pattern, it could be argued that my one-pass shave is actually more like a three-pass shave but without relathering. Either way, the style differs from what is often shown in videos.

    I can not tell you how I came by this style, whether it was taught to me eons ago or is an ingrained bad habit. I suspect, though, that it may more closely model the shaving in the study than the way Matt learned to shave. I only know that it works for me and my beard.

    The real question with the Fusion Proshield, though, is how long does the lubrication last anyway? My experience with carts over the years is that the lube strip gives out long before the blade does (and, no, I was not one to throw away the cart when that happened). Now, we see Gillette charging more money for more lube that will probably last just as little.

  2. I used to really like this podcast but lately it has become almost impossible to listen to it. The addition of a co-host that starts every other sentence with “Andrew, I have to agree with you” and the fact that these guys are not very well versed in the wetshaving world takes away a LOT of credibility. You haven’t heard of FaTip before..or Star? Seriously?

    Then to slam cartridge razors and to the next second offer up a Harry’s razor….ok, I’m done.

    1. Matt,

      Thank you for taking the time to provide us with some feedback. I sincerely appreciate it. I’m sorry you have found our recent show less than enjoyable.
      To be completely honest, no, I’m not very well versed in the wet shaving world. In fact, I’ve been wet shaving for just over two years. This was an important part of bringing on a co-host; I was looking for someone with more experience. I needed help finding the information from places I’ve yet to learn about, or practices to which I’m green. This is our first show together, and as I mentioned previously, it’s a learning experience for both Joe and I. It will take some time for both of us to get comfortable behind the mic with the processes needed to make these shows happen.
      It’s much more complicated for me to produce a show with a co-host. There’s a lot more editing behind the scenes that takes time and effort. My hope is, though, that we will find more of the important content listeners are interested in, such as FaTip and Star Shaving (two brands to which I had not heard of prior to Joe, and would have not been mentioned on the show otherwise).
      I’m sorry, but I don’t believe anyone ever slammed cartridge razors. In our discussion about the Gillette study, I simply questioned the math, at one point providing an alternative solution to their count of 170 passes per shave by commenting that they could be counting strokes per blade. I also supported their decision to add a lubricating strip before the blades. The discussion was about the study more than the product, true, but that makes it more challenging to “slam” a cartridge razor.
      I do acknowledge that there are hybrid shavers who listen to our show. I’ve received feedback from several of them. Because of this, I’ve committed to adding more content about cartridges to our lineup. Harry’s is a company, as I mentioned in the show, with a great social outlook. They were founded with a company charter that delegates their responsibility to provide back to their local community, which they have consistently done since their founding. This is the kind of “corporate” entity I like to work with.
      I’m not offering a Harry’s razor. Instead, we’re giving away a travel kit (dopp kit) bag that Harry’s sells. Harry’s decided to provide our listeners with a discount code in the event they wished to purchase a bag, or any other product they offer.

      Again, I’m sorry you found our show less than entertaining. I hope my explantation clears up some of the issues you’ve mentioned. I do take my shows content very seriously. It’s why I read every response to our SurveyMonkey surveys, and every comment we get here at Sharpologist.

      I hope our future shows will appeal more to you, as we continue to grow and learn our new processes and methods.

      I hope you have a great weekend,


    2. Matt,
      Thank you for the comment. I have never recorded a podcast before and was quite nervous. As Andrew mentioned we are still in the learning aspect of working together and it may take a few episodes before everything really “clicks”.

      As for being well versed in the wet shaving world, I would say that I know many vendors and artisans on a personal level and would love to share some of my experiences with you. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions and I’ll be more than happy to answer them. I’m sure once you get to know us you’ll truly understand the passion we have for the sport of wet shaving.

      Thanks again for the comment and I’m sorry you did’t enjoy the last show.

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