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Wet Shaving News Podcast Dateline 11/11/15

Sharpologist Wet Shaving News Podcast Network
Sharpologist Wet Shaving News Podcast Network
Wet Shaving News Podcast Dateline 11/11/15

Industry News
Company: Procter & Gamble Art of Shaving

Procter and Gamble’s Art Of Shaving has introduced their latest seasonal product just in time for the holiday season.
“Peppermint Shaving Cream” has flooded store shelves and will be available for a limited time only.
The product features a unique “peppermint scent”that is quite pleasant . (Joe checked it out at the local AOS)
This latest release is a another sign that AOS is feeling the heat from small production artisans who have began to flood the market with their limited run products.
Company: Gillette(Procter & Gamble)
Date: 11/5/15

Last month Gillette announced a new ad campaign engineered toward the release of the 24th James Bond movie with the slogan “Gillette Brings the 007 in Every Man”
The campaign includes high-definition commercials or “Bond Moments” promoting the new movie and Gillette’s Fusion Ball line,
Gillette is still an industry leader in men’s grooming products but has become more aggressive with both advertising and selling practices proving that the artisan movement has created a threat for the conglomerate.

Company: The Superior Shave
Date: 11/5/15
The popular online wet shaving retailer “The Superior Shave” has opened a retail shop located in Jacksonville Florida.
The Superior Shave offers a wide array of both artisan and production line products as well as an diverse selection of wet shaving hardware and a large section of the infamous “Belgian Coticules” that have become popular with the straight razor crowd.
The opening of this “brick and mortar” shop is just another sign that wet shaving is growing and here to stay.


Artisan News
‘Tis the Season for Seasonal Wet Shaving Products!!
As the seasons change, seasonal products have been in high demand and artisans have taken notice.

Company: PAA
Date: 11/5/15

“Harvest Moon” soap and aftershave (scents of Oud (Agarwood), Green Tobacco, Black Currant, Tobacco Absolute, Hay Absolute, Peru Balsam, Smoke, Spanish Moss, White Sage.)
“Pumpk’n 3.14” soaps and aftershave (hints of sugar, buttered crust and roasted pecans)


Company: Mike’s Natural Soaps
Date: 11/5/15

MIke is at it again with making another high quality limited edition shave soap
“Sweet Pumpkin Spice (FO)”- offers a combination of pumpkin, vanilla, ginger, and brown sugar, reminiscent of pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream.

Company: Soap Commander
Date: 11/4/15
Soap Commander has announced their “Thanksliving” scent just in time for holidays.
The scent of warm apples combined with orange, clove and just a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg will instantly remind you of the love centered around Grandma’s kitchen in the fall. Thanksliving (which was our Fall scent for 2014) has been brought back as our November Limited Edition.

Company: Stirling Soap Company:
Date: 11/6/15
“Hot Apple Cider” Scented with apples, cinnamon, and clove for an apple cider aroma
“Autumn Glory” Imagine walking through the damp woods on a brisk fall morning with the falling leave in all their autumn glory. (Fragrance Oil)

Company/Publisher: Forbes
Date: Oct 13, 2015

Last month Forbes magazine published an article regarding the art of using the straight razor.
The article answers several common questions those may have regarding straight razor and exposes the myths behind it.
It also explains how to properly purchase, shave and maintain a straight razor.
This is just one of the few articles Forbes has published in the last year regarding the increased attention traditional wetshaving has received and we look forward to seeing more and more press releases regarding our pastime.


This past weekend The SOCAL Wet Shavers Collective presented the “Grand Shave Lodge” Meet-up in Pasadena California. The meet-up had a terrific turnout where members found themselves leaving full of giveaways and more importantly an experience that will be talked about for weeks ahead.

If you know of a meet-up or are thinking of hosting one please reach out to us either via email or twitter so we can let your event be known on the podcast.
Guest Interview:

Joe Borrelli our new contributor. Joe will assist our team in writing and possible co-hosting the podcast in the near future.

Here are some questions you can ask me:
How long have you been wet shaving?
What brought you to wet shaving?
What form of wet shaving do you prefer?
How can our listeners contact you?
Few interesting facts about me:
I have shaved with virtually every form of razor. (From electric to straight)
I use a straight razor most of the time but use other forms to stay in “the loop”
I currently own razors from the 1700’s to today.
I just recently made a straight razor shaving video on youtube.
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